Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - needed mistake

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~~…………..Everything in the camp was busy as we returned with people packing things up men were singing and it felt good to know we would be heading back to Athens and then to Naxos the only place that ever felt like home to me. Achilles caught up to me and caught my hand

“Are you sure you are not ill?”

“I’m just tired” I squeezed his arm “I should be helping to get the camp dismantled to leave

“No you should rest… it’s a long journey home… the camp can wait till later” he kissed my forehead “Gt some sleep” I nodded and watched as he walked away chatting and laughing with the soldiers as he walked by them. I tuned on my heel and moved aside the flaps of my tent Melina was packing my things into trunks

“Mistress: she got to her feet “Is it true we’re leaving tomorrow” I smiled at her and nodded “We will get to see Athens again”

‘Yes we will” I sat down on a chair “Melina”

“Mistress” she tipped her head in my direction

“Do you have a sweetheart?” she seemed a little taken aback at the question and then her cheeks flamed red before she nodded

“He is a soldier one of the General Eudorus next in command” she fidgeted “When we return to Athens he wants to ask my father for permission for us to marry”

“If your father permits it then I would like to offer you the use of the Villa on Naxos for the wedding celebration…” she looked at me wide eyed “Melina for your service to me for all this time it is just a small token of my love and appreciation for you” She dropped to her knees in front of me and held my hands

“I could never thank you enough the villa is beautiful” I patted her hand

“It’s nothing… now go find your man and tell him of my offer… I’m going to sleep so you do not need to tend to me until night fall” she got to her feet and hurried from the tent with a smile spread from ear to ear on her face.  I got up and poured a cup of wine. The sound of the cicadas in the trees was something I hadn’t heard for a long time; I was so used to the sound of war that it had become second nature.

“Aleks” I looked over my shoulder as Constantine stood in the doorway

“Yes General” he walked in and came over to the table “Wine?”

“Please” he nodded “Where is your maid?”

“I sent her to see her lover… she deserves to be happy” I poured him a drink “I was half expecting for my father to put in a appearance to revel in the glory of the battle” I rubbed the back of my neck

“He wouldn’t appear with all of us there” he smiled “On the beach… Aleks” he put his cup down and turned me to face him he put a hand in the small of my back and one upping the side of my neck. Constantine pulled me to him his kiss was soft and tentative before it deepened.

My body responded, no man had touched me since he had… Since he had left I had closed off from any man and their advances. My arms pulled him closer as he lifted me and walked with me over to the bed both of us falling on to it our clothes falling away as some desperate desire over took all rational thinking.

My back arched off the bed as he pushed himself in to me my legs wrapped around his thighs my nails clawed at his back. I knew it wouldn’t last long Constantine dropped his head to the crook of my neck as he moaned out his release shortly before my entire body climaxed around him milking him till we were both gasping for air. Constantine moved to the side and looked at the billowing fabric of the tent. I sat up and pulled the silk sheet around me.

“Aleksandrya” I felt this hand on my back

“We should not have done that” I put my head in my hands “seven years and three of those with you at my side as my General and I have resisted”

“I should not have came at you the way I did…” he moved behind me and pressed his lips against my shoulder

“It will never happen again” I looked at him as I fought the urge to kiss him “It cannot happen again… you broke my heart once Constantine… but you proved yourself as my general … I need a General more than a lover” he pushed his hand through his hair

“I will always be your loyal general… I wish things had been different…” he trailed his fingers down my arm “I would give up everything to have been yours… but if I can be close to you as your general then that is how I will live with it” I closed my eyes

“Constantine I’m the bastard child of Zeus… I’m never going to be a normal woman… you have a beautiful wife and children… we wouldn’t ever have that life” he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me “I’m not going to be your mistress” I touched his face

“Then let us say this was something we needed to free ourselves from the stresses of the last three years… and I’m sorry for…” I shook my head

“Don’t apologize I could have stopped you” I watched as he left my bed and picked up his things and re dressed himself

“Aleks, just because you are the daughter of a God doesn’t mean you cannot be happy” he looked at me. Constantine walked out, I got out of my bed and walked to the flaps of my tent and looked out at the hustle and bustle. Achilles was sitting outside of his tent. He looked at me and narrowed his eyes, I suddenly felt like that sixteen year old girl again under the scrutiny of my brother. I walked back inside my tent and sat down.

“How long?” I looked over my shoulder at Achilles “you and your General?”…….

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