Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - out in the open

Submitted: April 20, 2015

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Submitted: April 20, 2015



~~…………. “Aleksandrya… how long?” Achilles demanded

“It’s not what you think” I looked at him and looked away almost as quickly. I sat down and picked up my drink Achilles walked around and sat on the other chair

“If it’s not what I think then why won’t you look at me”

“Because it was a mistake… and I don’t like to admit my mistakes” I sighed looking at the wine in my cup

“He’s married to the daughter of one of the men that wields the most power in Athens” Achilles snapped I looked at him

“You think I don’t know that… you think I’ve found it easy for all these years…” I stopped and groaned at my mouth running away with me. Achilles frowned and tipped his head “Forget I said anything” I moved to get up, Achilles grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down

“He’s married and he’s your general…”

“Don’t you think I’m aware of all of that” I snapped “It’s alright for you to fuck every whore in the camp to let off steam but…”

“But you are the head of the Greek army and you are a woman and you…” my hand connected with Achilles face silencing him

“And you are also head of the Greek army but because of what’s between your legs it makes a difference… I am good enough to slaughter on the battle field and work decisive battle plans… but the moment I want to feel like a woman, like someone sees me as more than and Soldier its wrong” I shook my  head

“But Constantine is…”

“He is my general, he was…” I hung my head and got up from the chair and pulled the sheet tighter around me

“Aleks… have you and Constantine been together all the while we have…?”  Achilles asked nervously. I slowly shook my head and messed with the drapes around my bed and looked at the messy tangle of sheets from where Constantine and I been

“It was a long time ago”

“What was” Achilles had got up and come over he put his hand on my shoulder and turned me to face him “Do you and he have…”

“you were in Athens, we were sixteen and we had a storm and he came over to help close up the house and we were caught in the gazebo” I glanced up at a frowning Achilles “that was the night I gave myself to him…” I watched the jaw of my brother clench tighter to the point I thought it was going to snap

“He forced you?”

“No, I wanted him to touch me as soon as he had kissed me… if things had been different maybe my life would have been one as his wife” I looked down “The next day was the day he was sent to Athens to marry Diana and it hurt both of us” Achilles held my face in his hands

“Do you still love him… he is still married”

“I know he is and what happened between us just was a moment of weakness for both of us… I have never been with another man from the time I gave myself to Constantine when I was sixteen until now and I vow I will not let it happen to me again”

“You will find the right man for you, the trouble it could bring to you if you become Constantine’s mistress” the worry furrowed Achilles brow

“Don’t worry I’m not going to be the Mistress to anyone” Achilles hugged me to him

“I worry less about you when are on the battle field” he sighed  “I will let you rest… the sooner we are back home the better” he sighed “I feel like I have aged forty years since the end of this war” he let go of me I sat on my bed but I was sure I wasn’t going to get any rest….

……… Achilles walked across the camp Constantine was talking to Eudorus. Achilles squared up to Constantine

“She was a girl and you took her… and you left her… She is my Sister” Achilles glared at him

“Achilles stop” Eudorus Put his hand on Achilles chest

“I love… Loved your sister for most of my life growing up, I had no idea I was to be married… and I did not force myself on her” Achilles ground his teeth “Have I been anything but loyal to Aleksandrya… to you?” Constantine took a deep breath “I will be loyal to her until the day I die”

“You better had” Achilles took a step back “You broke her heart once… I will not allow her to be broken again”

“She wasn’t’ the only one affected Achilles...” Constantine snapped a little “You do what you have to do when your father tells you too… I married a woman I had never met; you and Aleks went to war” Achilles walked away

“They are Demi-Gods… Achilles and Aleks are not like us” Eudorus sighed clapping his hand on Constantine’s shoulder “She could never be mistress to anyone”

“I know and I have gone over it all for years my friend… my loves boundary is as her General, and I love my children”

“Hold on to the children General they will be your everything… and respect the gods” A smirk spread over Eudorus’s face “and that does not mean you bed the daughter of one”………..

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