Demi-Gods still bleed

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - another battle

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Submitted: April 21, 2015



…………. I ate with Melina that night I didn’t feel like eating with everyone else. The first fingers of Dawn were licking the sky as I stepped out of the tent dressed to ride. I spoke to soldiers as I walked toward where my horse was.

“You told your brother about us” I jumped  at the sound of Constantine’s voice

“He saw you leave my tent… and yes I finally told him the history between the two of us General” I stopped as I took the reins of my horse in my hand “He’s my brother, he’s looking out for me that is all and if he came after you I can only apologize”

“Thank you” he took the reins from me as I swung myself up into the saddle “I don’t want you to hate me” I frowned at him
“I don’t… I did but I love you” I smiled at him “You are the closest to me after Achilles… and until you tell me otherwise you are my General” Constantine smiled at me and nodded as Achilles came over with Eudorus

“You’re awake early Aleks” Eudorus smiled at me

“I’m ready to ride home; I was awake before the larks this morning… I’m waiting for you three to get into your saddles” Achilles pulled himself into his saddle on his horse next to mine. I looked at him “You went to my general after you left me?”

“I did… I wanted his side of things… he needs to be thankful that Father doesn’t strike him down for touching you”

“Hmmm… I will say this only once to you and I will tell father if he decides to show his presence… Do not go after my General again, or we will take it to the arena and I will show you up” Achilles smiled at me and held up his hands

“I promise” he nodded. We all rode for most of the day. It was like a snake of human beings as the army marched its way back through the countryside. Achilles and I talked about what may happen in Athens, neither of us like the city for much longer than a few days so it was a matter of face the wart council and give then the report of the victory and then get out of there.

We reached the edge of the mountains by evening fires were set up as food was cooked and men talked. I stretched and felt every inch of me ache from the ride.

“Wine?” Eudorus stood next to me and held out a cup to me “We made good time today… I think the army wants to get home” I looked at him and smiled

“And you don’t… you have a wife, a mistress and six children waiting for you General” he smiled and nodded

“I do… I have a son that is fifteen and wants to be in your private guard… I have to remind him you saw him naked as a child and he becomes as red as the setting sun” he chuckled

“If he is half the soldier his father is I would be honored to have in my private guard” I nodded “Eudorus ?”

“Yes” he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand

“What would that be?” I pointed to where the crows were circling over head

“Something dead they are circling ready to eat whatever it is…” he shrugged “it could be just an animal”

“Will you ride with me to see what it is?”

“Have you not  had enough time in the saddle today?” he groaned “We will get there and find it to be a goat or a  sheep”

“Well if it is then you get to make fun of me for the rest of the evening and I have heard enough of my brothers voice for one day… and Constantine….” I hesitated Eudorus took my cup from me and smiled

“You know my own daughters do not have me as tightly around their little fingers as you do” I hugged him

“Thank you” he nodded at me I walked over to my Horse and climbed back into the saddle and waited for Eudorus.

“Where are you going?” Achilles walked over

“Eudorus and I are taking a ride to see why the birds are circling” he frowned “We won’t be long and I will take my private guard along with us”

“It’s just something dead that those birds will feast on’ he stroked the neck of my horse

“Something makes me thing it’s not just a dead animal” I shrugged “Humor me dear brother” He looked at his General as he walked over to us

“Babysit my sister for me”

“I will do” Eudorus laughed as I rolled my eyes at the two of them. I turned my horse around as my private guard rode up. We headed away from the encampment riding toward a ridge of hills. Two of my guards rode in front of us as wisps of smoke rose in the air. I looked at Eudorus. “Animals don’t smoke unless they are being cooked” We all kicked our horses into a gallop as we rode up the first ridge.

The two out riders had already stopped on the top of the ridge. As we got level with them we could see down below a caravan of merchants that had been attacked horses were slain, the sand and dirt was already stained red Eudorus pointed as the thieves moved around packing up the things they had stolen. He drew his sword along with the rest of us

“I think we should put pay to the stealing” He said glancing at me

“I agree general” I kicked my horse all of us rode like the wind down the hill toward the carnage.

The thieves didn’t realize we were there until we were upon them. In three years of war I had learned to dismount from my horse at almost a full gallop my sword cut through the air felling the closest thief to me. The sound of screams and clashing of swords filled the air as the thieves tried to defend themselves but they were fighting against men that were my private guard for a reason fifteen of them were all killed within minutes. I walked over to Eudorus as I sheathed my sword my white clothes covered in blood.

“Check for survivors” Eudorus called out we looked at the cart that was on fire. “They must have been desparate knowing the entire Greek army was not far away”

“Well they will never have the chance to do it again” I shook my head as we walked around there were two older men with their throats slit one of my guards was already closing their open eyes and offering prayer to the gods for their safe transportation to the next world. I ground my teeth as an old woman was lay with a knife in her back.

“Make sure you bury the bodies of the merchants” I instructed leave the thieves to the mercy of the wild animals”

“GENERAL” one of my guard called out from next to a rocky outcrop Eudorus and I ran over to where he was there was two people staked out on the hot dirt stripped almost naked covered in blood and dirt”

“Damn the gods” I muttered as Eudorus cut free a girl of about twelve her face bloodied and battered her clothes ripped exposing her to the world. Eudorus pulled off his cloak and wrapped it around her.

He looked over his shoulder at me. He knew about my night terrors about seeing a young girl killed and mistreated. I fought with my inner demons and I hurried over to where my guard was cutting the tight rope bindings on a man that looked like he should have been in the private guard of me or Achilles. His eyes were swollen and there was a deep cut across his chest. The sound of thundering hooves filled the air making me look around. Achilles and at least thirty riders were with him.

“We saw the smoke and thought you might need help” I tore off part of my skirt and I pressed it to the open wound on the mans chest

“Send some men back for a cart we have two barley alive” I looked up at him Achilles nodded and sent three riders back to the encampment

“I swear you like the blood sister” Achilles laughed as he crouched down by me

“I do not like to see injustice” I sighed

“This man is a merchant?” Achilles frowned at the man lay on the ground “he has the build…”

“He’s got larger arms than even you Achilles” I smirked my brother popped his eye brows at me “But it does seem strange he is not in the army”………….


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