Don't Ask

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Lyra Isis Croft born into a mob type of underworld... fighting to get from under the smoothering protection of "The family" without a Mother sister or even a Close girl friend to fall back on is there anyone that can make her not feel trapped................

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Don't Ask

Submitted: March 18, 2011

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Submitted: March 18, 2011



……………. Everybody has a story… Good, bad and indifferent. We all have things that to some people it’s like what the hell! Where as to the ones of us living day to day with secrets and lies, well it’s just life.
I’ll introduce myself I’m Lyra Isis Croft… weird name I know but hey I have an older brother named Dante and a younger one named Orion. Yes my mother was on drugs when she had all of us but that’s a whole other story. I live with my Dad and both of my brothers in a house that frankly looks like the Adams family summer house. People come and go at all times of the day and the night, well when I say people they are guys, Dad’s “friends”. I’ve learnt over the years not to ask questions not to walk into rooms when the door is closed without knocking and never, never go out without Dante to have my back.
I love my family but things are a little different for me. The first time I got my period at 12 I was taken to the drugstore by a guy that I swear could sneeze and move a mountain. I was taught the birds and the bees by listening to the crude conversations through a crack in the door on poker night when I was 13… The only woman in my life was my Grandmother and she had died 2 months ago in a car wreck that had sent my Dad “off working” ever since. So right now I was trying to keep the house which was tough as nails when you have to get a sloth up and out of the house for school by 6.30 feed and look after Dante and the four other guys that Dad had left in the house to “Take care of his world” as he put it before he dropped a kiss on my forehead and walked out. I was always classed as the princess in this little world well bubble. The guys that came in and out were respectful when they spoke to me but I’d heard then talk about the women that they had in clubs that Dad owned and personally I’d upside them with a 2x4, and since I’d turned 18 I’d heard the warning Dad had issued for them not to even breath to hard in my direction. So that was a brief description of the life of me and I know things can turn bad at the drop of a hat…………………
“Hey Sis” I looked up from the pan of 10 eggs that was in front of me in the stove “You see my Grey T-shirt” Dante walked into the room a gun tucked into the waist band of his jeans.
“On your dresser where I put it yesterday” I sighed shaking my head “and seriously you bring that to the breakfast table” I pulled the gun from him and put it on the counter “what you think the bacon’s under cooked and still oinking and you have to shoot it”
“No… but…” he started to bitch as the door opened and Orion walked in and dropped his bag on the floor
“Oh you so didn’t miss that damn bus” I put my hands n=on my hips and looked at him “I dropped you off myself”
“You went out” Dante dropped the hot piece of bacon that burnt his fingers
“Yes I had to drop dumbass off for the school bus”
“Did someone go with you?” He put his hands on his hips
“Yes Orion did” I turned back to the eggs and fetched then out of the pan and put the plate in the middle of the huge kitchen table
“Seriously are you trying to get Dad pissed with me” Dante threw out his arms
“I took him a mile to the bus stop” I groaned “and don’t try pulling the I’m in charge thing with me” I put the pancakes on the table as the door opened and the other guys walked in still half asleep “because we all know damn well Dad’s not been in touch”
“Hey I haven’t had coffee yet and you two are fighting already” Jorge one of Dad’s oldest “friends Sighed taking the coffee pot and filling it
“She went out with out one of us” Dante looked at him
“Oh… Lyra you know…” I held up my hands
“Jorge put food in your Mouth and shut up” I shrugged “I’m a big girl and I can drive the whole mile to the bus stop… If Dad ever comes back or gets in touch I’ll take full responsibility” I pushed Dante down into a seat All of you eat stop playing body guard while I go call the damn school and tell them about Him” I pointed to Orion.
“Tell them I’m sick” He pouted
“Like hell I will you have a Basket ball game tomorrow night and you want Coach to bench you?” He hung his head “Right I’ll call the school and then I’ll take you in” I walked out of the kitchen before anyone could say anything else great it was 7.15 and my day was already sucking……………………….

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