Falling into Place

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Life catches up with you and all you can do is get the hell out of Dodge before all hell breaks loose... Well all hell had broken lose and Megan Miller was swept up and dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Never been one to back down from anything maybe this time it might be her only choice, small towns don't let Outsiders in very easily... this may be her hardest task getting people to see her as something other than the girl from the city can she keep her past in the past or will she always be on the outside

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Falling into Place

Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012



............. How does a girl end up feeling like cattle going to market? Well you sit her on a Greyhound Bus for 30 hours 34 minutes that’s how, listening to life stories of people you didn’t know and really didn’t care about, while being trapped in your own thoughts. San Antonio was the last city I saw the heat was like the devil was getting his bake on and it was after midnight. I stretched hearing every muscle in my body scream in pain at the stretching and twisting. I looked round and smiled at the hum of the city. But this wasn’t my final destination… No I was now heading for a cab to some place called Wimberley. I picked up my bag and walked over to a row of cabs.

“Where’d you like to go Miss” one of the driver smiled a broad smile his cowboy hat tipped back on his head.

“Wimberley” I pulled a face

“Well Missy you know that’s over forty miles from here don’tcha?”

‘No I didn’t but it’s almost one am and I ain’t slept for shit and I want to get to the place I’m staying before dawn” I hated being tired it wore at my last nerve

‘well you go the money to pay for it?” I pulled $100 bill from my pocket and waved it at him

‘I have the money and don’t think about trying to rob me it’s all I have got for now” I pulled open the cab door and threw in my bags and got in after them. The driver got in and turned the key in the ignition and pulled away.

‘So you don’t sound like you’re from here?”

“I’m not” I looked out of the window and wound it down letting the breeze blow over me

“So where you coming from and you got family out here?” he looked atme through the mirror

“I’m a mid west girl and Nope just me”

“You do know Wimberley is back of beyond and then some right?”

‘Nope I didn’t’ but I do now” I pinched the bridge of my nose, all I wanted was a hot shower and a bed right now and all of those were waiting at the end of this cab ride.

“My Grandpa was from a place not far from Wimberley…blah… blah… blah…” his voice droned and melded with the country music that seemed to ooze from everywhere in the car. I must have drifted off to sleep because next thing I knew was “Miss hey honey we’re here” The driver had turned round in his seat and was looking at me “We’re here” I rubbed my eyes and sat up I could see a few bars dotted down the main street. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the folded paper I’d gotten with my ‘instructions” as to where I was going.

“Can you drop me off at the Wimberley Inn I guess I’m staying there for tonight” I yawned

‘Yes Miss” he nodded and pulled back onto the street taking me to the inn Ihanded him the hundred and got out. I pulled out my bags


‘Need help with the bags?”

“No thank you I got it” I slung my back pack on to my shoulder and grabbed the other bag and walked up the steps and walked inside the coolness of the air-conditioning a welcome relief from the heat outside.

“Well Howdy” and woman walked out of a room on the left “You must be Megan”

“Yes Ma’am” I nodded trying to stifle a yawn

“Well honey, your room is ready for you and a package came here for you today as well I put it on the bed”

“For me?”

Yes” she nodded and grabbed a key from the rack on the wall “this way” she started up the stairs, it felt like the longest walk ever, she opened the door at the end of the hall to a chintz pretty room with floral over kill there was a large envelope on top of the bed “well sleep well honey breakfast is from seven till nine in the dining room downstairs. Oh and welcome to Wimberley” she walked out and closed the door I put my bags down and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped it on the floor the rest of my clothes soon following it. The hot water was like heaven releasing the knotted muscles and washing away the grime from over a day of traveling. I shut off the water and wrapped in a towel and headed for the bed. I sat down and curled up my legs and reached for the envelope with my name printed on the front of it. I tipped out the contents, a set of car keys fell out and a stack of papers. I yawned as I picked up the top paper

Miss. Miller,

Everything you need is in here, there is a mustang in the parking lot of the Inn for you and as off tomorrow you will be starting a job that was gained for you at Onion creek horse ranch… See Mrs. Joanne Walker she will be your boss, she knows nothing about the reasoning behind you’re arrival in Texas so that back story is all yours to develop. A bank account has been set up and funds transferred into it to the valued of $10,000… NO CREDIT CARDS. You have a new social security number; we wish you would change your name but that we cannot force you to do.

Make this new life work, and do not draw undue attention to yourself………

I flopped back against the pillows and draped my arm over my eyes. My Life had sucked for the past eighteen months and right now I was almost 1300 miles from everything I’d ever known and everyone I’d ever known but this was how things had to be for the rest of my life………………

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