Fighting the demons

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SEQUEL TO THE ONLY WAY I CAN GO IS UP NOW *** .................. With a history like the one Autumn has and a husband that is playing in the NFL things can never go as easy as you’d hope. Autumn has to fight hard to stay away from the demons in her past and remember the people that love her will always love her when others want to tear her down……………

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fighting the demons

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Submitted: June 01, 2010



…………… I was typing with one hand texting with the other and had a phone under my ear. I looked up to see my business partner standing smiling at me I rolled my eyes as she put a coffee down on my desk. I pushed back in the chair and put down my cell.
“No I’m sorry… but my husband has nothing to do with any of the events I organize” I said into the phone “Sorry you’ll have to talk to his agent… Well I’m sorry to but I don’t mix my home life with work… you have a good day as well” I dropped the phone on to the receiver
“Okay you take multi tasking to a whole other level” Cassie smiled handing me a book of fabric samples.
“This weekend’s wedding the bride I swear is trying to kill me” I groaned wrapping my hands round the coffee cup.
“She still trying for you to get Drew to show up as a surprise for her husband”
“Oh yeah… and now she’s getting pissy with me because I keep routing her through his agent”
“Well my nephew is a hot commodity” Cassie smirked
“I know the youngest ever to get drafted into the NFL” I nodded.
Life had down a real 180 for me in the past 18 months. I’d gone from a broken shell of a girl trying to get through each day after having to watch my Mom and my little sister die in front of my eyes in a car accident, and then have to deal with the rejection of the one person a girl should always be able to rely upon her Dad. My Dad had torn me apart blaming me for the accident and the fact he never got to say his goodbyes, he made my twin brother pull away from me for a long time leaving me without anyone, I did the only thing that I thought would make me feel better, I hooked up with a guy that pretended to love me only to use me to get what he wanted paying me in ecstasy and vodka and when I didn’t want to play for him anymore he raped me and left me in an alley  like some discarded animal. Drew was the guy to pick me up and pull my life out of the gutter till My Dad was killed while he was trying to stop a fight. Leaving me and my brother to pick up the broken pieces, We moved from Wisconsin to Florida where Drew had gotten a full football scholarship and after half a season playing for his college he was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and had become a fast overnight sensation. But at the end of the day he was still the same grounded guy I’d fallen for and the same guy that had fooled me into truly believing that the wedding I was organizing was for his Aunt and Uncle Cassie and Joe when the whole time it was for us.
“Earth to Autumn” Cassie balled up a piece of paper and bounced it off my head as I thought of Drew.
‘Sorry” I looked at her. “Head in the clouds”
“No I could see your head was in the bedroom… you get the same look on your face that Leah does when Trent’s away” Cassie picked up the phone and started to text “When does he get in from camp?” I looked at my watch
“4 hours” I rubbed the back of my neck Drew had been away in Texas at a training camp for 2 weeks and it was driving me insane living with my Brother and me best friend who was now waddling round like a Weeble already 6 days overdue with their little boy.
“You meeting him at the stadium?” I nodded “You know you could have gone to Texas with him?”
“I know but there was a no wag policy” I got up and filed some papers.
“A what?” she chuckled.
“Sorry it’s an English soccer thing” I laughed sitting on the end of her desk “I’m a WAG it stands for wives and girlfriends”
“Oh I like that does Drew know”
“It was him that told me” I sighed as my phone rang “Oh its B” I picked it up
Me * I know I need to pick up ice cream because Matt eats it by the time he gets home
B * where the hell is your brother?
Me * whoa… I’m working so I have no idea
B * I’m going to kill him and then rip off his… oh my god it hurts…
Me * B…
B * Oh hell I’ve either just pee’d or my waters broke… where the hell’s Matt?
Me * I’m coming and I’ll try to get Matt… hold on
B* you’d better hurry up….
Me * I will 5 minutes I promise
I hung up Cassie looked at me
“I think B’s in labor” I said grabbing my things “Where was Joe taking Matt and Trent?”
“They we’re going to Miami looking at a construction site they won’t b e back till late” She said getting up and grabbing her purse “I’ll come with you” we raced down the stairs and out to my car. Cassie leaving messages on Joe’s cell while I was leaving them on Matt’s
***Hey Bro I don’t mean to panic you but your baby’s on his way so you’d better pick up this message quick***
That was all I needed my crazy best friend who had no tolerance for pain was in labor and the guy that got her that way was 300 miles away. Oh well all the guys were gone so it was going to have to be a girl thing………………...

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