Foreign Exchange

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Isabel Ross is on the trip of a lifetime a year of school in America. Playing soccer. Is she going to be the talk of the school or is the school going to make it hard for her to be there.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Foreign Exchange

Submitted: August 23, 2010

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Submitted: August 23, 2010



………………… I hate crowded airports almost as much as being shoved in between a guy that weighed at least 300lbs and a leech with bad breath for the past 8 hours in cattle class on a transatlantic flight, add in the delay getting off the plane due to the weather and I was ready to put my head in the plane toilet and flush. I zipped up my Hoodie Jacket to stop the Leech that was now trying to tell me the rules of American football from looking down my tank.
“I can help you with your Bags” He grinned “I mean what would you think of us Americans if we didn’t offer to help you?” he put his hand on my arm I pulled it away
“Oh I could think of a few things” I tried to sound polite. Thirty minutes on US soil and I could get deported for thinking the things I was to do to this guy if he leered at me once more “But I can manage my stuff” I reached for the first of my cases and pulled it off the luggage carousel.
“I know but we wouldn’t want you breaking a nail” his hand closed over mine is I reached for my second case.
“I’ll break your damn balls in a minute” I muttered under my breath making sure I dropped my heavy case on to his flip flop wearing foot.
“Ow Jeez I think I bust my foot” He yelped I bit down on my lip and tried not to laugh.
“oh I’m so sorry it’ just sort of slipped from my grip” I batted my eyelashes and grabbed the two handles of my cases and walked away laughing. I followed the crowds through custom my red passport clutched in my teeth as a Fat woman tried to push by me. “Hey”
“I need to get a cab I have an appointment” she snapped.
“And I need pee so get in the line and wait like the rest of us” I hissed back blocking her way with my cases.
“I was in Business class” she stomped her feet.
“Means nothing once you get her Love” I grinned “now you can wait patiently and stop pissing me and everyone else of or you can go ask that guy over there” I pointed to the bored and extremely bored Customs Guy watching the crowds. “If you can go first” she muttered something under her breath and walked to the back of the line.
“Next” The woman behind the desk called I walked over and handed over my passport “So what’s the reason for your stay here?” she asked in a bored tone.
“I’m an exchange student”
“From England” She scoffed “What are you going to learn you already speak English”
“Football” I was irritated as hell and just wanted to go find the Family I was supposed to be staying with.
“You play Football?” she choked as she stamped my passport.
“Er… I’m English it’s the National game” I pulled a face as I pushed my passport into my pocket.
“Oh you mean Soccer…” she chuckled
“Oh yeah” I groaned don’t even get me started on the whole football/soccer name thing I grabbed my bags and walked away to the arrival hall. I spotted the Union Jack and the Stars and stripes on Balloons and a sign that said WELCOME TO THE USA.
“There she is” A voice called out “Isabel” a short woman was jumping up and down I smiled I’d talked to Michelle a few times on the phone as well as Travis her husband. “Oh honey you look beat” she pulled me into a huge hug. “How was the flight? Did you get any sleep?, Are you hungry?”
“Michelle take a Breath and give the girl a minute” A guy with w weather beaten face stepped forward his voice I recognized as Travis. “Nice to finally meet you in person Isabel” He gave me a broad smile “Boys take the bags” he called over his shoulder where two guys were standing with a girl who was smiling at me. The two guys stepped forward. Hmmm if all American guys were this cute then the year I’m here for is going to be an eventful on.
“I’m Jenna” The girl bounded forward “I never got to talk to you but you’ll be sharing y room” she gabbled “We’re in the same grade, so I get to show you around and help you get to know people”
“Jenna you’re just like your Damn mother” Travis laughed “Let Isabel get a word in”
“It’s Izzy” I smiled “I hate Isabel”
“Okay well the cars this way Izzy” Michelle linked my arm……………………

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