Is the snow whiter?

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What would you do to have your dream job? Give up everything and everyone or just let the dream fall away. I’d done that let the dream fall away to make people happy and I’d been miserable as all hell. So what do you do…? You run, you run and you don’t look back and hope to God the grass is way greener or the snow much whiter
Michelle Deering or Celle to her friends,Covers it well hides the truth and gets on with it until somethings can't be hidden for much longer.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Is the snow whiter?

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



………… I wrapped hands around the steaming cup of Coffee and inhaled deeply, the only thing to get me through the next few hours until the caffeine kicked in and I got my second wind. Working until three am getting two hours sleep and having to be ready to be picked up at seven was a killer but I loved it.

“Chelle… Hey girl come on you need to shake your ass you’ve got class in thirty” I jumped and looked round at my still half asleep housemate Hadley” she stretched and looked out of the window “Oooo new powder” she rolled her eyes “Must be insane living here this time of year” she pulled the blanket off the couch I walked into the small galley kitchen and washed out my cup putting it on the drainer. I grabbed my jacket and put it on.

“Well you could have found a bar job south of the border I’m sure” I laughed “and please can you do some laundry today I’m sick of tripping over your dirty stuff and you’re not wearing anything else of mine” I poked her arm making her groan.

“I don’t know how you do it” She peered from under the blanket at me “two jobs and partying and you still look good”

“It’s called doing what you have to do have fun” I pulled on my hat “Come to the mountain today and I’ll give you a lesson”

“Like hell the closest I’ll get to that is ogling some of those rich boys” she wiggled her eye brows at me as a car horn sounded outside “And there’s your ride”

“No I think you’ll find he was your ride the night before last” I teased “And Snowy keeps asking about you”

Oh god was I that drunk” She pulled the covers over her head

“Yes you were and you wondered why the mud room looks like a bomb went off you and he bounced off all the walls and broke one of my boards” she sat up wide eyed

“Chelle I didn’t… I mean”

“It’s okay he’s fixing it, just watch where you bring home and do your next conquest … See you later Hads” I ran down the steps and grabbed my Snowboard and went out to the waiting truck putting my board in the back . I opened the door to some loud Techno music making me scrunch up my nose.

“Is Hadley there?” I smiled as Snowy bent his head and tried to look up at the house as if trying to see her

“Morning Snow, I’m fine thank you for asking” I laughed, Snowy was twenty five the same as I was with long blond haired and big built body that sometimes looked odd when he was doing tricks on his board, his eyes were ice blue and always twinkled, He’d lived round here all his life and lived for winter when he worked the mountain giving lessons on snow boards and taking Snow mobile tours of the area. Snowy wasn’t his real name but it fitted him better than the Reginald winter that was his real name.

“What…Oh hey Chellepop” he beamed a smiled at me and then went back to looking at the house I groaned

“Snow we need to get to work Hadley is sleeping” He sighed and took a deep breath before putting the truck into drive

“I’m in love with her you know that right”

“Dude you met her a week ago” I looked at him

“She’s the woman of my dreams”

“Really and I thought that was me… I’m hurt Snowy hurt to the bone” I tried not to laugh

“You had your chance with this fine specimen, but Oooo Noooooooooooo, you didn’t want to take a ride on the snow boat” I scrunched up my face “This is the second year you’ve been here Chelle and you’ve been hit on so many times and you never take anyone up on their offer” I chewed my lip and looked out toward the mountain the fresh powder glistening in the early sunlight “Girl you’re so much fun and you’ve got a ton of friends and a ton of guys that want to be un-friend-zoned… you need to get those pipes serviced girl or you’ll dry up and it’ll turn to dust” I looked at him and had to laugh at the smirk on his lips

‘You’re a jack ass you know that” I swatted him and took his coffee “I’m fine with having friends” he looked at me as he pulled into a parking space and gave me a ‘whatever’ shrug he jumped out and shut the door. I got out and reached for my board “Snow” he stopped walking from me “I mean it… I really am fine I don’t need the hassle of a relationship… I’m not good with them friends I can handle” I caught up to him and hip checked him “and I think you are getting my share of the sex” I teased him

“Hey I’m a one woman man”

“Yeah he’s a one woman man that’s one at a time” We both looked round toward the voice “Snow you’ve always been a ski slut and you know it” Niall laughed he was another of the instructors and had grown up with Snowy “Chelle it’s you and me and a bunch of rich kids this morning so saddle up girl” he tossed his arm over my shoulder. I loved my job here and I loved my friends that I’d made as there were just like a family a dysfunctional family but the best I’d known in a long time……………..


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