Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Persistant bugger

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013



…………. The office door knocked making me jump and come back down to earth


“Hey Chelle, Had asked if you can grab a bottle of Jack” Layton’s voice called through the door


“Sure” I opened the liquor locker and pulled out a bottle and headed out of the office Layton was leaning against the door frame


“You okay you look a little flushed” He took the bottle from me as I locked the door “That was one hell of a shot, I’m damn sure Cupcake…” I turned round and looked at him and pinched his lips together


“It was just a body shot like the one Niall did and the one Snow did off of Hadley and I’m pretty sure you’ll do off me at some point tonight?” I let go of his lips and took the bottle from him “You’re pupils dilated when Cupcake took the shot they didn’t when Niall did it” He whispered in my ear “I might be just a snow jock but I know the signs of a woman wanting something” he kissed my cheek and walked back to the bar. I took a deep breath and went back to Hadley who was laughing and talking with some guys who were trying their damndest to get her number.


“Got the Jack” I hip checked her as I tossed the empty and replaced it with the full and put the change in the drawer


“Thank you” she smiled at me “you okay if I got take a break?”


“Sure” I nodded “I think Snowy I waiting for some company” she flushed and poured a soda into a glass and walked round the bar and into the middle of our friends which no seemed to include the three guys Niall and I had taken for a lesson that morning. Beckett said something to Dane and peeled away from them coming over to where I was wiping the bar over as it got a little quieter. “You need another beer?” I put the bar towel aside


“I’m good” he lent on the bar “Did I do something to offend you?” Damn he had amazing eyes I swallowed hard and looked down at the bar “I mean the shot…”


‘It’s okay… I just had a long rough day” I put the smile on my face “And you were good at taking the shot and Boy believe me It makes a really sweet change to have a cute guy doing it rather than my best friends and people that I’ve known for a while”.


“Thank you” she took a drink and watched me as I took the order of the girl next to him and put her drinks down “Do you do everything so well?”


“S’cuse me?” I took the money and handed her the change and looked back at Beckett


“Well the way you’re working the bar making it look so easy and then seeing how good you are on the mountain on a snowboard” He took the stool that the girl next to him had just vacated.


“Oh it takes years of practice and falling on your ass to do things right” I shrugged “Now I try to do it right the first time”


“How about going for dinner?” I frowned at him “I know what you said on the mountain about not wanting… but come on live dangerously and let me take you for dinner”


“Persistent SOB aren’t you?” I smiled as Hadley came back behind the bar


“Yes I am?” he nodded “Don’t you think?” he looked at Hadley


“Think what” She looked from Beckett to me and then back again


“That maybe Chelle here should give this cupcake a smile and go for dinner with him”


“All I’m going to say to my best friend is that Snow mans nose sure looks good” I felt my cheeks flame red as Beckett looked totally lost “And hell yes I’d go for dinner with him if I was you” she slapped my ass and walked by to where  Tate had come to the bar with Niall


“See I have your best friend giving me the thumbs up” he rubbed his thumb over the neck of the bottle


“I don’t know… I don’t have a whole lot of time off and when I do I like to make it mean something” I Looked at him


“Wow, that sort of stings a little” he chuckled


“Oh God I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to sound like that” I clamped my hand over my mouth “I mean I have to basically get things done when I’m not here or on the mountain”


“Mouth working independently of your brain again Chelle” Snowy took the stool next to Beckett


“Yes” I sighed


“You’ll get used to Chelle she doesn’t tend to think much before she says things” He laughed


“Shut up” I smiled “hey will you stay and help us lock up tonight?”


“Sure” Snowy nodded “You still coming back to ours”


“Yep I don’t have a lesson until two tomorrow so I have the morning off so I’m sleeping there as well”


“So breakfast if not dinner” Beckett jumped in


“Oh for god sake  will you just let him take you out” Hadley put her arm round me “I mean look at those eyes, look at those pecs through his shirt, he’s got some nice arms and  that ass is fit to have your nails digging into it”


“Well thank you Ma’am” Beckett laughed


“You’re welcome and You can meet Chelle at nine am across the street” she pointed to the restaurant across from the bar “they make incredible breakfasts”


“Had’s” I looked at her


“Sounds good to me” Beckett nodded


“You want to play Pool” Niall pushed in between Beckett and Snowy “Chelle’s looking a little uncomfortable” I mouthed a thank you at him and watched  as the three of them moved away


“Don’t you dare stand him up” Hadley looked at me and poured two shoots and pushed one in my direction “You’re going to start living a little and hell if you have a string of one night stands who gives a damn we don’t judge” she knocked back the shot “If you don’t like him see it as just a free breakfast and you’ve lost nothing”


I couldn’t argue with that logic, he didn’t seem like a mass murderer and I guess breakfast across from what could only really be considered total eye candy and I’d have my own car so I could leave when I needed to. I looked at Beckett as he bent over to take a shot and I felt my head tilt to watch how his jeans pulled across his butt


“See he’s hot and he wants you” Hadley laughed “Now lets start shutting down because I want to get in to the tub at the guys house and then crawl under a large hunk of Snow” Hadley looked toward Snowy who was watching her and her cheeks flushed red, there were two friends about to cross that line for not the first time..........




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