Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - I've gone blind

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



…………. We closed up the bar Hadley left with Snowy while I put the money in the safe Niall leant on the office door.

“Layton is checking there isn’t anyone in the bathrooms” I looked round at him and kicked off my heels and put my feet into my winter boots he stepped forward and held my jacket out to me

“Thank you” I zipped up my jacket and faced him “So I guess I’m going out for breakfast in the morning”

“I heard” he smirked “he seems a nice enough kinda guy and we wouldn’t let just anyone take out either you or Hadley” I looked the office door and linked his arm

“Yeah right you’ve let Had leave with Snowy to get things sorted at your place and you know damn well his bed is being tested right now”

“Or the couch” Niall pulled a face

“See and that is why I don’t even like sitting on the couch at your place, I’ve witnessed to many random sex acts performed on it” I shuddered

“And that’s why we like to come over to your place to sit and watch TV” Layton walked round the far side of the bar from the bathrooms

“We’re all good to go no ones left”

“Good I’m aching I can’t wait to get in the tub” I rubbed the back of my neck

“See you need a man to help loosen you up” Layton and Niall high fived each other “and if you’re not going to let one of us be that man then for god sake let it be Cupcake”

“Will you guys knock it off” I pulled my keys from my jacket and unlocked the jeep “Get your asses in the car I’ve had a long day and just want to kick back” I pouted at both of them

“Oh she’s doing the face…” Niall dropped to his knees “NOOOOOOOO save us before she trips on the bottom lip”

“Oh I’m going to run your damn ass over get up” I swatted him before climbing into the jeep “And we’re not doing Bohemian Rhapsody again It’s only good when Snowy does it with you” Layton and Niall got in and I pulled out and headed for their house the three of us falling in to the comfortable silence that only good friends know.

“I’ll get the beers” Layton got out

“I’m going to hog the bathroom and get changed”

“And I guess I’ll just make sure dumb and Hadley opened up the hot tub” Niall walked round the side of the house as Layton and I went inside their house was laid out just like mine and Hadley’s only theirs was three bed roomed and ours was two Layton took the stairs two at a time.

“DUDE BEAR ASS COVER IT” I stopped half way up the stairs Layton looked at me “Not a pretty sight”

“Snowy?” he nodded as a half naked Hadley appeared at the top of the stairs grinning and looking like she’d been dragged through a forest backwards. “Girl he had a bedroom couldn’t you wait”

“Nope” she giggled “We thought you’d be a while longer”

“yeah well at least my retinas are still intact I think Layton will need therapy” I pushed passed Layton “Now I need to go change and OH MY GOD SNOWY THAT’S CROCHETED THROW YOU’RE POKING THROUGH THE…” Layton’s hand wrapper over my eeys

‘She’s innocent and you do that” he teased

“Hey I was looking” I Moved his hand “Hads, how the hell are you walking? Damn Snowy that’s one hell of a Snowman’s nose you’ve got there” Hadley started laughing and high fived me

“Thank you I think” Snowy looked at Layton who just shrugged at him and they both looked at Hadley and I who were now holding each other up laughing

“Hey you guys coming out or… What are they laughing at?” Niall came in through the kitchen door “DUDE cover up” he pulled a face at Snowy

“I’m changing” I wiped my eyes and walked toward the bathroom “and I am sooooo not sleeping on the couch tonight I’m in with one of you guys”

“You want us to call Beckett and ask if there is room in his bed” Niall laughed, I gave him the finger before I closed the bathroom door……..

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