Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Out of Practice and a fastback

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



…………. I walked out of the house Niall and Layton were already in the Hot tub, the snow had started to fall lightly making it all look like a picture postcard.


“Looking hot Chelle” Layton reached out of the hot tub to the cooler and snagged me a beer popping the lid as I stepped down into the Steaming water


“Thank you and this feels amazing” I closed my eyes and lent my head back


‘Have a drink” I looked at Layton and took the bottle he was swinging in front of my face “We need to get you guys girlfriends” I took a drink They looked at each other and then at me


“We get our fair share of girls when we want then” Niall grinned getting up and reaching for a fresh beer for himself


“And you know who we both would love to take out” Layton kicked me under the water “But we know” he started to stop me from jumping in “We’re all friend zoned” I smiled at both of them


“I love you guys as my best friends” I put my head on his shoulder “I have extreamely good looking friends” I laughed


“Talking about me?’ Snowy climbed in to the water with us


“Amongst others yes” I looked over to the house “so where’s Had’s?”


“She fell asleep on my bed” Snowy took a beer


“Great she leaves me with the three of you” I squealed as they all splashed me. The chatter between us was easy and fun the beer and the hot water definitely making things feel better the letter was all but forgotten about I got up and got out of the tub “Sorry guys I’m going to crash… considering apparently I have a breakfast date in about six hours” I pulled on my boots and wrapped the towel round me


“Use Nialls room. I sort of didn’t change the sheets after I took those two sisters home the night before last” Layton grinned


“Yeah Chelle you know where my shirts are and I changed my sheets before work this morning?” Niall Looked at me


“Thank you Night guys”




I walked into the house and got in the shower before going into Nialls room and grabbing one of his t-shirts from the drawer I crawled in to bed and snuggled down under the covers.


“Hey” I looked round as Niall walked in a towel slung round his waist “You mind if id get into bed”


“As long as you’re not wet” I yawned


“I’m grabbing a shower first” I nodded he pulled shorts from one of his drawers and walked out of the room. He came back in and got under the covers and snuggled into me “You nervous about meeting him?”


“Yes” I sighed “It’s been a while since I went out on a date”


“Well I’ve never known you date in the two years I’ve known you… when was the last date you went on?”


“A long time ago” I squeezed my eyes closed and prayed he wouldn’t push it


“You do know we’d never touch you or hurt you right?” I turned over to face him


“I know that but that hasn’t got anything to do with, I wasn’t abused or used… well not in a bad…” I frowned “Niall I just…”


“It’s okay I shouldn’t keep pushing you” he tucked a piece of hair back behind my ear “But if ever you need to talk I’ll listen” I moved forward and kissed his cheek


“One day maybe” I put my head on his chest “But right now I’m tired and I want to go to sleep”


“Alright shutting up” he chuckled the rumble vibrated through his chest, my eyes drifted closed and a dead sleep…..





………….. I groaned as my alarm went off on my cell phone I rolled over Niall was up and gone I knew he had an early lesson with a group of kids. I got up and stretched and looked out of the window a fresh blanket of snow coated everything apart from the cars in the driveway Niall had cleaned them all off. I had to smile for all the drinking and partying he was a good guy.


I pulled my clean comfortable clothes from my bag and went into the bathroom and got ready.


“Nervous?” I looked round as Hadley lent on the doorframe a steaming mug of coffee in her hands “and you look cute byt the way” she smiled at me


“I guess I’m nervous” I put on a light base of makeup “But it’s just breakfast”


“Breakfast with a really hot looking man that isn’t a friend” she held up her hand keeping me quiet “So you have no excuse like you do with these guys”


“Okay I know” I put my hands on the vanity and hung my head “and if I want to and I get on with him who knows”


“Screw that just drag him home and make use out of the rug in front of the fireplace”


“You’re sex mad” I shot her a look “It’s not everything”


“It helps with frustration” she hugged me “Call me when you’re done with him, I want to know how it goes”


“I will” I pulled my keys from my bag “I’ll call you when I get to the mountain I have a lesson at two”


“Deal” she nodded I grabbed my jacket and put it on and headed down and out to my Jeep, I tried not to think about the butterflies having a party in my stomach and how sweaty my palms were, the trip into town seemed to take minutes rather than the ten it normally took. There was a sweet 66’ Black mustang parked right out front of the restaurant I pulled my jeep in front of it and got out to admire as I was at least twenty minutes early.


“You like it?” I jumped and looked round and was face to face with Beckett


“Hell yeah a 66’ fastback is one nice car”


“Thank you?” I felt my eyes get wide and my jaw go a little slack


“It’s yours?” Beckett nodded and smiled at me “Damn”


“I wasn’t sure you were going to turn up?” he pushed hs hands into his pockets and rocked on his feet


“Well believe me I would have been hog tied and dragged here by my friends if I tried to back out” I shrugged


“That sounds like you really don’t want to be here?” he frowned a little


“No… sorry that does sound wrong” I hung my head a little “I’m just out of dating practice shall we say”


“Me too” he seemed to blush a little “So shall we go grab breakfast?”……….


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