Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - My Mind has fallen in the gutter and can't get up

Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



………… Beckett held the door open for me letting me walk in.


“Good morning” the woman behind the counter smiled “Just the two of you?”


“Yes Ma’am” I felt Becketts hand in the small of my back “Can we take that booth back there please” he pointed to the far end of the restaurant where the booth overlooking the mountain was just being cleaned


“Sure even for breakfast it’s a romantic table and you are such a cute couple” she bustled round from behind the counter with two menus


“See she thinks we look good together” Beckett whispered in my ear his warm breath making a shiver run up and down my spine I felt a smile  spread across my face as I slid into the booth and he sat across from me


“Coffee?” a young pretty girl I’d seen around town came over with a coffee pot in each hand


“Please” I turned my  over and watched her pour it


“What about you?” she batted her eye lashes at Beckett


“Sure” he kept his eyes on me as she filled his cup “and can you give us a few minutes while we decide what we want”


“Of course” she put the coffee pot down and walked away


“Oh that little girl was hoping just for you to look at her and smile you know” I wrapped my hands round my cup as Beckett put creamer and sugar in his coffee before sliding them at me over the table “No I take my straight black and hot” I took a sip “So that’s one hell of a nice car you’ve got out there” I was babbling


“I’ve had it for a while, my Brother and I restored it”


“And he lets you have it?” I put my cup down


“Well we restored two of them so we sort of have one each”


“You have two in the family?”


“Well we have three my Dad has one as well I guess we have a thing for them” He eased back in the seat “You have amazing eyes you know that”


“Well that’s one way to change the subject” I tipped my head and looked at him. He was movie star handsome a strong set jaw with eyes that literally looked like they were about to hypnotize you and drag you off to the bedroom and seduce you. He shrugged out of his jacket the t-shirt he was wearing clung to the hard set muscle contours of his body. I squeezed my thighs together trying to stop the sudden tingle and burn that ran between my legs


“You okay you… well you look a little flushed” Beckett frowned at me and lent on the table


“I’m… I… will you excuse me a minute” I got out of the booth and went to the bathroom pulling my phone from my7 pocket and hit Dial



Hadley * What the hell you only left here half an hour ago?

Me * Oh god Hadley I don’t know what the hells going on

Hadley * He stand you up

Me * no he was here early… oh god he’s good looking

Hadley * well DUH hello he’s really good looking we were trying toget you to see that last night

Me * No as in he’s hot and he’s got me all…
Hadley * what are you doing to him

Me * nothing he’s just… Urghhh

Hadley * okay you really aren’t making sense

Me * all I can think about is getting naked with him


There was a whole lot of laughing and whooping coming from the other end of the phone


Me * oh damn you had me on speaker… SNOWY STOP LAUGHING

Snowy * well you’re house is empty right now take him there for breakfast

Me * shut up… Hadley what do I do

Hadley * sorry I’m with Snowy I’d take him home and tie him to your bed and take everything he’s got to offer before you go boarding

Me * I just met him

Layton * technically you met him yesterday on the mountain which can be considered your first date. Then the guy took a body shot off you in the bar last night which constitutes date number two to this is date number three and you need to put out for the poor guy keeping him hanging just ain’t right girl.

Me * Damn it you are no help

Hadley * hey go with the flow no one will judge you and when was the last time you got down and hot and heavy with someone…?

Me * over two years

Hadley * oh damn no you go out to that man throw him down on the floor and ride him like a stallion

Me * So hanging up right now, I’ll talk to you later


I hung up and turned the ringer off on the phone and walked out of the bathroom Beckett was sitting talking on his phone he smiled as he saw me his eyes looking me up and down, okay so not helping with the sudden desire to lick him all over. I stopped walking and took a deep breath damn it was hot in this place. I opened my eyes and looked at him again he bit down on his bottom lip. I sat back down


“Everything okay?”


“Yeah I just had to talk to Hadley I forgot to do something at the bar” I felt my cheeks burn red and I swear to god my nose was going to grow like Pinocchio’s.


“Do I make you nervous?”


“Hot not nervous…. Shit” I groaned suddenly realizing that had been said out loud and not in my head. Beckett’s smile lit up the room “Okay I didn’t say that forget I said that” I gabbled as the waitress came over


“You both ready?”


“More than ready… but I’m not sure we’re thinking food” Well didn’t that make my head whip up and give me a case of whiplash.


“I agree” where the hell did that come from half of my brain was screaming what the hell and the other half of me was already stripped naked and splayed out on the tab le for him………..

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