Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Like a Porn Star

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



…………… I held on to Beckett as my body tried to get back on track I felt my face was beet red


“Well damn” he chuckled “That was…”


“I couldn’t hold back”


“That’s fine” he nuzzled in to the side of my neck his hips pressed mine back against the wall


“You want to take it in there?” I pushed open my bedroom door; He smiled and nodded before backing me to the bed


 I sat down my hands going for his belt I tugged it free. I bit down on my lip as I popped the button and slid down the zipper mu hand moved round his hips and pushed down the denim and set him free, I felt a smile play across my lips as his erection bobbed in front of me, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get my hand wrapped round the beast in front of me I wrapped My hand as far round him as I could before taking him in my mouth, grinning inwardly at the hiss that escaped his lips.


I hadn’t done something like this for so long but it was like riding a bike you just don’t forget how. Beckett’s hands gripped the back of my head as his hips surged forward. Something almost animalistic seemed to take over as I licked and sucked hungrily at him. I glanced up his head was thrown back his eyes tightly closed and his mouth slightly open, I felt empowered and like this was the most natural think for me to be doing with Beckett right now. He looked down at me and pulled his hips back pulling me to my feet.


“Well that took me by surprise” he bunched my hair in his hand and pulled my head back to expose my throat, he nipped at the soft spot below my ear then blew across the wet skin his hands pushed down my pants and underwear and he eased me back on to the comforter his knee splitting my thighs “You’ve got one hell of an amazing body” he pushed his hips forward and my back arched off the bed as it felt like I was stuffed to breaking point.


“Oh damn” we both seemed to roll round on the bed each of us taking it in turn to drive the other to the brink


“I’m not going to… I hell yes” He gripped my hips as I straddled  him, he thrust up his head back as I felt him coming, the sexy look in his face sent me reeling and spiraling in to my own sheer bliss. My head fell forward resting on his chest I listened to the thundering rhythm of his heartbeat he lifted a hand and stroked up and down my spine as I lay on him.


“I need to” I sat up and got off the top of him and lay next to him he  turned on his side and looked at me before he pulled the blanket from the crumpled heap it had fallen into on the floor and put it over the two of us.


“You okay?” he chewed his lip nervously “I want to say sorry but it would be a lie”


“I should be the one that says sorry I have never ever done something like this?” I ran my hand through my hair, my body ached in a good way, in a way that I’d never really felt even after the years I’d been with…” I shook my head


“Chelle?” He frowned at me “You look like you’re worried”


“Memories of not so good times” I sat up and hugged my half of the blanket to my chest. He traced his fingers down the tattoo on my side


“Can I ask you something?” I looked round at him the ring in his nipple caught my eye making me want him all over again “You Seem a little lost, I know how much your friends love you that is more than obvious just seeing them with you and the guys damn I think they would kill to be with you like I have just been”


“That was a statement not a question” I pointed out


“Okay… why aren’t you with any one?” he sat forward and looked at me “You have a wall up we saw it the day on the mountain and in the bar you’re comfortable with the friends you have and all the other guys in the bar that were trying to hit on you, you kept a distance from”


“I’ve had a roughtime with trusting people and it takes a lot normally and I’ve never wanted to jump into bed with anyone until I touched his arm “I’ve never ever been with a guys after a day of knowing him… That’s Hadley’s department… well till Snowy staked his claim on her anyway”


“So why did you let me…” he pressed his lips to my shoulder “Why was I the lucky one?’……….

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