Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Full on Cupcake

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



…………. I eased off the side of the bed and grabbed my PJ’s from the chair in the corner and put them on keeping my back to him.


“You said something about Omelets?” I walked toward the door


“Michelle” I stopped and looked round at him “Is it too much to ask why you just took me in your bed?”


“Because I like you and I felt comfortable enough in a way I haven’t with anyone… well ever” I opened the door and walked into the kitchen and reached for the coffee pot I rubbed my hand on the back of my neck as I watched the dark brown liquid plop into the pot. Hands slid round my waist and I was pulled back against Beckett.


“Well I’m glad I made you feel like that” he rubbed the back of my neck with his nose “Even if there is more to the story”


“I don’t share about my past Beckett… ask any of my friends they will tell you that they don’t know anything about my life before I came here two years ago” I chewed my lip “I left my old life behind and what you see now is what you get”


“Well I like what I see and I loved what I got” he turned me around “I know there is so much more to you and I want to know I’m nosey by nature, and I’m going to make you trust me enough that you will open up and you will tell me where you came from” I frowned at him “What you think I’m too fast?”


“Well I met you yesterday and today I just rolled round in my bed with you so yeah it’s fast”


“Okay I’ll open up to you about something” he let go of me and pulled two mugs from the shelf and filled the cups I sat on one of the stools at the breakfast bar and he pushed the coffee over the counter at me. “Where do you keep your pans?”


“In the cupboard next to the stove” I watched as he took out a small frying pan and went to the fridge and fetched out eggs cheese and ham.


“Forks, knives and bowls?” I got off the stool and got out the things he wanted as well as two plates. He started cracking eggs and cutting the  ham. He started to heat the pan and dropped the first of the egg mixtures into the pan and moved it around


“You said you were going to tell me something?” I pushed as the silence seemed to become deafening he tipped out the first  omelet on to the plate and handed it to me with a fork and went back to making a second one


“I’m lousy with relationships, I mean I’m really bad” I frowned at him “I’ve dated women since I was in high school and I’ve done it because it’s what is expected I guess the all American guy needs to have that girl on his arm that everyone thinks is who it should be”


“Well that makes me feel wonderful” I took a drink off the coffee


“I don’t’ want a girl that is just a window dressing, a damn Stepford wife, I grew up seeing Men having the women that looked good and that did what was expected as a wife shelling out the usual kids running them around to soccer games, while the guy worked fifteen hours a day and then banged his mistress before coming home” he seemed to get a little lost and angry in his thoughts “My Brother and I are the black sheep in a family of fifteen cousins, they all do what is expected often but we while we both work damn hard we like to play harder and while Tate likes to have a different girl in his bed every night I’m looking for the girl that intrigues me and you did that within minutes of meeting you and seeing how protective Niall was when we were boarding and you weren’t dating it intrigued me all the more” he took my now empty plate and put it along with his in the dishwasher he moved round the counter and pulled me off the stool and too my feet. “I want a girl that is and can be my everything and have her own mind”


“You make it sound like you’re about to declare that you love me”


“Not yet. Love takes a lot; I do want more of you it’s like a damn drug I want to take you to dinner and just spend the night talking to you. I want to go to the mountain and watch you on a snowboard, and I want to strip you naked and take you all over the house until neither of us can walk, talk and hardly breathe” he’s lowered his voice and became almost a sultry growl, he fixed me with a stare that held me on the brink of forgetting my own name.


“Hey CHELLE” Hadley’s voice called up the stairs “Snow got sick so I came home to make him some…” her head popped round the door at the top of the stairs “Oh Shit, Sorry I’ll… wow” she caught sight of Beckett without his shirt one


“Had can you give us a few minutes…” I started


“It’s okay we’ll go in your room” Beckett smiled warmly at Hadley and took my hand and pulled me with him back to my room and closed the door behind us “Am I freaking you out?”…………

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