Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Fucked over and a call

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



…………. I sat on the end of my bed and smiled at the state it was in


“You’re not freaking me out you’re surprising me, it takes a lot to freak me out” He paced a little in front of me “seems like you might be freaking yourself out more than me”


“I’ve never admitted it to anyone before” he stopped and looked at me “I look at you and since seeing you I’v e wanting to get inside of you sexually and mentally” he popped the top  button of his jeans


“Okay now that’s a little creepy” I smiled amazed how much he relaxed me


“Sorry” he came over to me “You might have to call in sick at work?” he tipped me back on the mattress and pulled off the plaid PJ pants I was wearing and he dropped to his knees pushing my thighs apart with his shoulder and dropping his head between my legs


“Oh God lord” I grasped the sheets under my hands and arched my back off the bed as he held my stomach down with one hand while his free hand pushed fingers into me while his tongue lapped and swirled. Sparks seemed to go off behind my eyes as I gripped the back of his head holding him in place while I rode out the orgasm that rocked through me. “Damn it” I groaned letting go of him he licked his lips as he hovered over me


“You taste good” he smirked


“What the hell are you doing to me?” I put my arm up over my eyes


“Making you smile and trying to make you feel like you’ve never felt before” he ran his fingers over the inside of my thigh making me moan in response.


“Well you did that in that first kiss alone” I moved my arm and looked at him “Shouldn’t you be working?”


“I should” he nodded “But I gave myself the day off, I found something that caught my attention more than construction” he pushed up my shirt and played with the charm in my belly ring.


“You’re the boss?” he looked at me and nodded


“You need to stay here with me today” he kicked off his jeans my eyes went right to what I knew I wanted again


“I can’t I have a class in two hours” I glanced at the clock


“Call in sick” he pulled me on top of him “See I’m not the only one that wants you to stay” he pushed his hips up slipping inside me


“I can’t” I put my hands on his chest “I have to make rent and I love my job”


“I’ll pay your rent” I stopped moving on him


“S’cuse me”


“I’ll write you a check right now to cover your rent” I got off him irritated beyond irritated “Chelle”


“Get out” I grabbed my pants and pulled them back on “Get the hell out” he sat up and looked at me like I’d slapped him “Do I look like a whore you can pay for” I snapped “What get me on my back and you get what you want… well guess what I can’t be brought, I work for me I don’t want to be reliant on any one especially a man again it sucks… so get the hell out you want a plaything at your beck and call you’re pissing up the wrong fire hydrant boy” I walked out of my room Hadley looked at me wide eyed from where she stood in the kitchen “I’m going to work if he’s not out of the house in five minutes call the cops and have them throw him out” I stormed down the stairs pushing my feet into my boots at the bottom and grabbing my keys board and Jacket. I went out to my jeep throwing my board in the back as the door opened and Beckett appeared




“Fuck you” I got in my jeep and locked the doors and backed out spraying him from head to foot in slush I headed for the mountain cursing myself for listening to my friends and to my body instead of my mind” I pulled into the parking lot and got out as Layton walked out of the office


“Early aren’t you and why are you in Pajamas?”


“Long story, I need a shower and to get ready for work” I walked over to him


“Nice hickey” he poked the side of my neck


“What” I put my hand up


“Hickey I’m taking that’s got nothing to do with you and Niall sharing a bed” I swatted him and pulled open the door and walked inside Niall was leaning on the desk talking to Tore they both looked at me. Niall smirked at me


“Not a damn word okay… either of you not a damn word” I went into the locker room and started a shower running before going to my locker. I was thankful for the fact I kept spare snow gear in my locker as well as toiletries I grabbed my shower gel and stripped off wrapping a towel around me I went into the shower stall and let the hot water pound down on my head and body.


“You threw him out” I jumped and looked over the stall door Niall was sitting on the bench ion the middle of the room his phone in h is hand


“Yes and who told you?”


Hadley just sent me a text and to let you know Cupcake is on his way here” he looked at me “what the hell happened?”


“I got fucked basically and he wanted to pay my rent” Niall raised his eye brows “you see this is why the hell I stay away from relationships and even one night stands” I shut off the water and wrapped a towel round me and stepped out “I hoped he was different but who am I kidding” I walked out into the locker room Niall followed me looking away as I dropped the towel  and pulled on my underwear and clean clothes “I know you guys meant well but I’m going to carry on just being me” I looked over my shoulder at him


“Chelle you know if you talked to us we might have more of an idea what is going on in your head?” he held my hands “for god sake girl we love you and we’re worried about you and Tore got a call this morning from a guy in Wisconsin asking about if we had a Michelle Deering working here?” I gripped onto his hands as the blood drained from my face to my feet”…………

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