Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Up on the mountain

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



…………. “Whoa” Niall eased me down on to the bench and looked at me “Chelle”


“What did he say?” my voice wasn’t above a whisper


“He told him he couldn’t give out information like that about staff members” Niall looked down at my hands that were still holding on to him “You’re shaking”


“I need…” I struggled to lock my knees and get to my feet “I want to get a few runs in before”


“Oh hell not like this you’re not going up there you are too distracted” he turned me to face him “Michelle Come on that letter that Hads brought here yesterday had a Wisconsin postmark on it”


“You going to come with me” I went to my locker and pulled on my snow pants and jacket “The new snow always makes the runs better… right?” my voice was getting shakier


“Do you need me to get Tore to send your ass back home… because I will” Niall grabbed my arms and shook me a little “Let the wall down Chelle” I shook my head


“I’ll be on the mountain” I pulled away from Niall I was having a feeling like I was trapped and the walls of the locker room were closing in around me. I careened through the outer office Tore calling after me as I got outside and braced my hands on my knees and sucked in lungfuls of icy mountain air.


“Chelle” Tore and Niall were behind me


“Sorry guys I need” I headed for the lift waving at the operator and jumping on the next available seat


“Damn it” Niall ran his hand through his hair “Radio Layton he was going up to the chalet at the top to check the med supplies She didn’t even take her board” Tore went back into the office as Niall went to my Jeep and fetched out the board from the back.


“Hey where is she?” Niall looked round as Hadley pulled up and Beckett got out of the front of her car


“Up there” Niall pointed to the top of the mountain “and what the hell happened with the whole paying for her rent dude?”


“She told you?”


“Yes she told me Chelle doesn’t tend to keep things from her friends other than her past” Niall tucked  my board under his arm


“Is she okay” Hadley pushed in between the two of them


“No she’s not” Niall looked at her and shook his head “there was a call from some guy in Wisconsin asking if she worked here and when I told her about it she freaked out, she lost all her color and was shaking like a shitting dog”


“I need to see her” Beckett moved toward the lift


“Like hell” Niall pulled him back “You’re not dressed for being up there and you do not have a pass and I’m sorry I’m pulling the staff card and you ain’t going near Chelle right now considering you caused half of this crap”


“I’ll get a pass”


“What ever” Niall moved to the board rack and picked up his board and jogged over to the lift hopping on and following me up there”


“What the hell has a call from Wisconsin got to do with any of this” Beckett looked at Hadley


“I don’t know I think it has something to do with the reason she’s so clammed up about her past” Hadley looked to the disappearing Niall on the lift “Look what you suggested was bang out of line but I know she likes you and I know you like her” Beckett pushed his hands into his pockets “I’ll handle the guard dogs that are Niall and Layton, Snowy is well he’ll do what I say anyway” she grinned “and I’ll get you time with her to try to make it up to her”


“Thanks” Beckett bent and kissed her cheek “You think you can run me back to town so I can pick up my car and go get my snow gear?”


“Sure” Hadley nodded…………..




………. “Okay just how do you think you’re going to get down the mountain?” Layton walked over to me as I got off the lift. I looked down at my hands and groaned


“How the hell do you forget to pick up your board” I shook my head “I’m a space cadet today”


“You can say that again… Come on I just made a fresh pot of coffee” Layton pushed his hands in to his pockets and we walked into the top chalet the first aid guys were in there treating a girl as her Dad looked on. “So how was breakfast?”


“Good , hot… Amazing” I smiled “Then it all went to hell in a hand basket” I took off my jacket and sat down “I’m going to become a nun, I’m officially bad news where men are concerned”


“You just haven’t met the right one…hell you have to test drive a few first… it’s like buying a new car without taking it out first never a good idea” He sat down and laughed “So you going to see him again?”


“Not if I can help it but he knows the two places I work so it might be a little difficult to avoid him”


“I had a word with Tore about him kissing you” I hung my head and groaned “He was crawling up his own ass when he realized what he’d done… the guy really does like you”


“I know but he’s been around the mountain and got every t-shirt and then some” I relaxed being up this far from everything with one of my best friends was the way to go about it “I’m just going to be alone with some of the goofiest friends a girl could ever ask for” I patted his hand as the door opened and Niall walked in.


“Hey you’re as ditzy as Had’s sometimes” he held my board out “Beckett was down by the office”


“yeah well public mountain so can’t really do anything about that” I got up and poured a coffee for Niall my hand was still shaking. I caught Niall and Layton look at each other both of them itching to know what the hell was going on……..

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