Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Bite back

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



…………. “You guys coming to the bar tonight?” I asked wanting to get off the subject of either Beckett or the call from hell.


“Of course we have to give you and Had crap don’t we” Layton grinned


“True” I nodded I put my head back against the seat and closed my eyes “I wish I could stay up here and hide all day”


“Well you have a lesson in an hour unless you want me to take it for you?”


“No I need to work, I have rent to make” I sat forward and braced my elbows on my knees


“Beckett will make it for you?”  Niall giggled


“You’ll go down the mountain head first if you even so much as make that joke again” I finished the coffee “He’s an ass” I walked over to where my board was resting in the rack “Meet you boys back at the bottom”


I walked out feeling a little more relaxed. I clipped into my board at the top of the run and put my hands on my hips and looked over the perfect view of the town below and the sun shining off of the snow. This was my deserty island the place where I was untouchable.


“You still here?” I looked round at Niall


“Taking in how beautiful it is up here that’s all” I shrugged


“He’s going to be down the bottom of the mountain waiting you know”


“I know… but I have a lesson so he pisses me off and he’s going to get thrown off”


“He probably wasn’t thinking when he said it”


“Niall it’s no excuse I don’t need some macho caveman not matter how hot and how good he is in bed… he’s all body and no brains” I put my goggles on “See you at the bottom” I pushed off and started down the slope. It  felt so good the noise of the wind rushing by was like a shot of adrenaline Tore was waiting at the bottom as I stopped


“Hey you’re lesson cancelled the kid fell down the stairs of their house and broke their ankle this morning so you’re free to run girl” I got off the board and nodded “Chelle”


“Tore please…”


“No  I need to say sorry for what happened when I took” I held up my hands


‘It’s forgotten” I shook my head “The call you took this morning did they leave a name or anything?”


“It was something like Landry… yeah that was it Brett Landry” I groaned and pulled off my goggles “He wanted to know if you worked here” Tore narrowed his eyes at me “He said you a missing person”


“I’m not missing I’m right here and I know I’m here” I chewed my cheek “Niall said you told him you couldn’t give out that information?”


“I can’t… Chelle you’ve not broke the law or something have you?” I started to laugh and shake my head


“No I promise you I’ve never broken the law in my life… well apart from some underage drinking and a few skinny dipping times” I picked up my board


“Well he got pretty agitaed when I told him I couldn’t tell him… who is he?”


“A thorn in my side…and a skeleton from my closet” I saw Hadley walking over “So it’s okay if I leave right I have to go shopping for something for tonight?”


‘Sure you can go and you will still get paid as they family have said it’s only fair not to refund the money as it happened late”


‘Oh awesome” I walked away from Tore “How’s Snowy?”


“He’s fine he’s finally stopped throwing up” she linked my arm “So did Beckett find you?”


“No I was up top for a while in the chalet.. you feel like going shopping I’m feeling in a kick assed mood for the bar tonight?”


“Oooo sounds like fun” she grinned “He’s got a nice car?”


‘Yes he does”


“Nice body as well and did he really have his nipple pierced” I looked at her “What it just looked sexy”


“Yes he’s pierced and yes it was sexy” I felt my cheeks flame red “and he does have an amazing body and he was well… I’m going to grab my wallet and my cell from my locker okay” she nodded.  I went inside and grabbed my things  going back out to Hadley. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping down town; Before going home and the two of us getting ready for work.


“I think tonight is going to be a good night” Hadley picked up her keys “and we look smoking hot so the tips will be flowing” I high fived her “You’re really trying to send a message to Beckett aren’t you”


“Sort of…” I grabbed my coat and put it on


“What if he came in to the bar and charmed you…” I raised my eye brow and looked at her “I heard you this morning and boy it sure sounded like that boy knows his way around a woman”


“Okay can we change the subject”


“Fine…” there was a comfortable silence as Hadley drove into town “So I have to know this one last thing”



Hadley” I started to laugh



“Just one question” she wined


“What?” we pulled up out the back of the bar and got out


“Did you lick it?” She ran to catch up with me


“HADLEY… and lick what?”


“OMG you went down…” I Gibbs slapped her with a laugh as we went into the bar and into the office to ditch our jackets “Sorry I meant the ring in his… I’ve never had a man with his”


“He likes it pulled” I blushed as I closed my locker. She started to grin “Now can we get off the subject and if you’re so interested hit on him when he comes in This one is one where girl code goes out of the window” I walked backwards out of the office and turned on my heel to step behind the bar and was face to face with Beckett…………



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