Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Princess, Cupcake and Fluffy

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



……………. Snowy walked away and headed into the ski shop. Niall took my board and put it in the rack next to his and some of the others that I knew and we went into the office.


“One hell of a night last night” he chuckled as I signed in


“It was one hell of a night for those of us not working” I smiled “You guys certainly knocked back the Cuervo and the Absolut”


“Shot skis” He h laughed “and come on Body shots pretty much are awesome” I pulled my hat on and shook my head “Oh you know you love it”


“It’s fun when it’s not some of your best friends doing it” I swatted him “You and Jesse were pains in the ass”


“Hey when you have a hot friend then we have to do what we do” he threw his arm round my shoulder as we walked out “and you and Hads work that bar well”


“Snow reckons he’s in love with Hadley”


“Snow is in love with getting his bed warmed by a smoking hot girl”


“Hey she’s a friend be nice to her she’s not a target for you all to get at you know”


“I know” he held up his hand


“You heading to the bar tonight?”


“You working?’


“The only night I don’t is Monday”


“Then we’ll be there and there is a party at our place after hours… Hot tubbing” he wiggled his eye brows


“I’ll bring my bikini”


“OOOO the orange and black one… shows off that fine ass Ma’am” he teased feigning a southern accent as he slapped my butt


“Okay for that it’s going to be a one piece with a shirt over it and same goes for Hads” I scoop snow off the rail and balled it throwing it at him “and she just brought a new barely there hot pink one” I laughed running from him


“Noooooooooooo we need hot girls in the hot tub” he ran after me both of us laughing. It was good not to have a care not to give a damn other than working hard and partying hard “And take the compliment you have a fine ass” I grabbed my board from the rack he reached for his “you never take a compliment”


“Niall you don’t compliment a girl by telling her she’s got a fine ass especially not a friend those are the lines that get you one night stands” he looked at me and grinned “It’s like talking to a walking raging hormone” I groaned


“You love me really” he wrapped his arms round me


“OOOO Group hugs” Snowy yelled I felt another set of arms wrap round me and I got well and truly squished in a double bear hug “Hey Layton, its sandwich time”


“No I can’t breathe” I laughed


“Hot sandwich” Layton’s voice filled the air as I felt the hold on me increased with a third set of arms “Morning Gorgeous” I felt a sloppy kiss pressed to my cheek


“Errrgh that’s gross” I gasped for breath there was a cough and the four of us all looked round at a group of three guy’s standing there looking like they’d fell out the pages of a magazine with how new everything looked that they were wearing.


“We’re here for lessons” one of the cocked his head “on the upper runs”


“I got a bunch of Girls” Snowy shook his head


“I’m in the office” Layton let go of the huddle of us


“You’ve got us” Niall smiled “I’m Niall and this is Chelle”


“Two of you?”


‘Well if you want to go up to the top runs then yup you need to have two of us in case you get into trouble” I nodded “So names or you can get nicknames put on you by us”


“Oh I’d love to see the nicknames you’d come up with” One of them laughed he cocked his head


“Well Princess” I grinned as Niall Lent on his Board and laughed


“Dane she got you there” One of his friends elbowed him “Princess suits you”


“Well you look like a Cupcake to me” Niall pointed to the one doing the elbowing making his friends start laughing.


“Beckett the cupcake Dude fits you well” Dane smiled at him


“Well Cupcake and Princess bring Fluffy there along and let’s get on the mountain” I started to walk away from them and picked up the lift passes for them handing them out.


“Okay three of us on one lift and two of us on the other” Niall was in instructor mode “Chelle” I nodded and moved forward “Fluffy, cupcake go with the hot girl”


“Hey remember what I said one piece and a t-shirt” I looked at Niall


“Already calling Hads” he waved his cell “Princess you’re with me” the lift came round taking us up in the air with a slight bounce


“So you guys here for the weekend?” I asked as the lift ran up the mountain


“No the season” the one we had called Fluffy shook his head “we’re here working?”


“Cool like most of us” I looked at them


“Well Tate here is working for a law firm” Beckett pointed to Fluffy


“Well what about you… a beauty shop” I pushed my tongue into my cheek


“Wow you’re mean” he laughed “but no Construction”


‘In this weather?” I got wide eyed “Damn”


“Well it’s different” he shrugged as the lift reached the top of the run


“Okay girls off we get” I jumped off and waited for them to the side taking a minute to look over the city below and the mountains rising up either side of the Valley, this was my heaven long way from my hell……


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