Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Confusing and worrying

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



………… Becketts hands rested on my hips as he looked at me his face was set hard, his eyes looking dark.


“I came to the mountain and Niall said you’d left with Hadley a few minutes before I got there” He didn’t give me chance to pull away from him “We need to talk”


“Why you want to pay for something else?” I wanted so much to pull away from him but my feet were refusing to move, He closed his eyes and looked like I’d slapped him “Excuse me I need to get to work” Damn my legs wouldn’t move and I was getting butterflies at the sensation of the heat from his hands on my hips


“After work can I talk to you” I opened my mouth to tell him where to go “Please” he frowned at me


“I don’t know”


“Celle a little help here” Hadley called from behind the bar I hadn’t even known she’d gone by me


“Excuse me” I managed to take a step back and get behind the bar and started to work people commenting on my shirt and shorts Beckett and Dane were sitting at a table across from the bar on the far side of the pool table two women made their way across to them. Layton and Niall walked in with a still not too well looking snowy


“I thought I told you to stay in bed” Hadley tapped her foot and put her hands on her hips.


“I was feeling better and I needed to get out for some fresh air and damn you look hot tonight” he grinned as he eased on to a bar stool


“Well you’re not drinking tonight” I pushed a glass of water over the bar in his direction


“It’s okay I don’t really feel like drinking anyway” he smiled at me as his eyes never seemed to leave Hadley. Niall had his back against the bar as he looked around


“Hey you want a drink and where did Layton go?” I poked him in the shoulder


“He went to the bathroom and yup” he looked at me and then back in the direction of Beckett “So who the hell is he with?”


“I don’t know” I busied myself  getting his beer and getting a shot for Layton “So tore apologized to me” I so wanted to change the subject it was hard enough to see the blond draping herself as close to Beckett as she could he kept looking from her to me and fidgeting.


“Well is he trying to piss you off for fucking him and throwing him out?” Snowy grinned making Niall snort beer down his nose


“Hey you want me to throw your ass out in the street because I will” I snapped frowning at him


“Damn Girl laying it on a little thick aren’t you” Layton hip checked Niall out of the way of the stool and pointed to my shirt I turned around and pointed to the ‘STFU” printed on the ass of my shorts “Oh well nuff said”


“Well she has a point” niall nudged him and nodded in the direction of Beckett


“Damn what  did you do to the poor guy?”


“I banged the ass off him and he was an ass” I walked away from them “Had can you deal with the three musketeers down there I really don’t have the patience for them”


“Sure and he’s watching every move you make” she squeezed my hand “much to the disgust of the skislut he’s with”


“I don’t care”


“Sure you don’t” she smiled “You wore the clothes you are to get a point across and get to him and I’m sorry but he’s the only guy to get close to you in a way those guys can’t” she walked away from me.


 I chewed my cheek and looked out across the bar. Beckett shot me a weak smile making me want to go over to him and kiss the living hell out of him to get rid of that girl that was touching what was MINE. I stopped half way to bending to grab a bottle of beer from the fridge, where the hell had that MINE come from… we’d rolled round in bed and I’d had the hottest sex I’d ever known with a man I hardly knew  and he’d annoyed the ever living crap out of me with a single comment.


“Earth to Chelle” a hand waved in front of my face making me jump Tore’s grinning face was the first thing I saw.


Sorry got a few things on my mind… what can I get you?”


“Two pitchers of beer and a shot of patron Please”


“coming right up… hey do you have anyone covering for Snow tomorrow?”


“He’s coming back in. You and he are taking a group out from twelve till three” he lent on the bar and knocked back the patron as I filled the pitchers “And those guys that you had the lessons with the other day want you and Niall again for another go round” he smiled pushing off from the bar with a pitcher in each hand. I walked quickly down the bar and tapped Niall on the shoulder as he was trying to chat up a redhead with more make up than the entire beauty department in Macy’s.


“What?’ he looked at me


“We’ve been booked again by Fluffy princess and cupcake” I cocked my head and looked at him he frowned and forgot about the redhead  as he faced me




“I have no clue Tore just let me know about it”


“Well you’ll have me up there with you and hell if he annoys you tell him you slept in my bed the other night” he started to laugh. The jaw on the redhead went lack and she glared at me


‘Calm down sweetheart” I smiled at her “he’s my best friend and we weren’t naked he’s all yours” niall started to laugh as the door to the bar opened and a young girl walked in struggling with a vase of Flowers and two boxes. Niall and Layton jumped up and went over to help her as Hadley came across


“See they are gentlemen deep down” she put her arm round my shoulders the girl walked over to the bar


“Hi… I have a delivery for a Michelle she works here” she put the flowers on the bar my grip on Hadleys waist got tighter.


“Who are they from?” I said my voice breaking a little as I asked


“It starts with a B” she giggled “give me a minute” she fumbled with the delivery note. Hadley looked at me


“Chelle what’s wrong?”


“He’s found me” I murmured “He knows where I am”


“Here you are it’s from a Beckett” she smiled as she looked at me before the smile disappeared from her face


“Oh god” the relief that washed over me was like a shot in the ass I braced against the back bar and took a deep rattling breath.


“Can someone sign for these” the girl was standing looking around Hadley took the board and signed for then and the girl walked out.


“Damn these are beautiful” Hadley picked up the vase and handed it to me “That’s one hell of a man to do this” I looked up Beckett was standing up in front with his back to the girl that was over there with him and his eyes were fixed on me.


“I’m sorry” he mouthed………….


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