Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Uptightedness

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



…….. “You so have to open what’s in the boxes” Hadley put them both next to me on the back of the bar


“I will after work” I fingered the mauve petal of one of the roses in the vase


“Oh my god how can you wait?” she groaned


“Because I’m not going to give in so damn easily” I pushed off the back bar and rubbed my hand on the back of my neck


“You’re just too hard headed he made a mistake and he was an idiot. Come on he’s a man and they don’t tend to think a whole lot before they speak” she started to flash her brilliant smile at me “Especially after Sex” she walkled away from me to serve Tate as he came to the bar.


“What was that?” Snowy asked as I came round the bar and started to collect the glasses


“What was what?”


“The look of sheer terror on your face when that girl was trying to tell you who had sent the stuff” he rubbed his hand across his jaw


“You’re seeing things, it’s because you’re sick” I couldn’t look at him


“Yeah right does that make us sick as well” Layton held out and empty glass to me “Chelle come on you need to let us in a little.


“I don’t know” my resolve waivered a little I stepped back from them and walked around taking the glasses back to the bar and collecting more


“Hi” I jumped a little and looked up and was looking right at Dane


“Hi… my boss just told me you guys want another lesson?” I wanted to get something out so he couldn’t ask me about Beckett. He nodded


“Well since we want to spend more time having fun and this time of year it makes sense to make the most out of the mountain” he tipped his head and looked at me “My Big brother is a total idiot sometimes”


“Who’s your brother?”


“Beckett” he pushed his hands in his pocket “He’s been a real ass since you threw him out”


“Well when he said what he did it was unacceptable” I shrugged


“Would it help if I said he’s never…”


“DANE” Beckett came over


“Excuse me I need to get these glasses and get back to work so Hadley can have her break” I reached between the two girls at the table where Beckett had been and picked up the glasses. I turned to go back to the bar


“Who the hell dresses like a slut to work?” one of the girls giggled to the other


“She does obviously, screams needy and easy” I went to say something but Beckett beat me too it


“Jealousy is an ugly trait you know and when you have to work hard to pay your bills and you look that damn good then why not wear what you want” He was shaking his head at her “And she’s my girl”


‘Your girl?” the girls voice raised a few octaves “She doesn’t seem all that into you wearing a shirt like that?”


“Well that is none of your business” he snapped I walked back to the bar and looked at Hadley


“You can take your break if you want” I loaded the dishwasher “Snow looks like he could do with hug”


“So does Beckett and that girl he’s talking to looks fit to slap him”


“You’re so nosey” I teased not even wanting to look up at him


“Yes, yes I am” she wiggled her eye brows and grabbed herself a beer from the fridge and went round to the guys Snowy possessively pulling her in between his legs as he sat on the stool I worked the bar smiling and chatting with the customers. Hadley was talking to Beckett in the middle of the room, she was interfering she looked over at me and smiled before walking across to the bar and coming behind to me


“What were you doing?” I wiped my hands on a bar towel as I put away glasses


“That you were going to need a ride home tonight I’m going to Snowy’s” she shrugged


“I’ll come with you?”


“And sleep where on the couch…?” we both looked at each other before she started to laugh and I shuddered


“Hell no there is more DNA on that couch than all the criminal data bases in the US” I pulled a face


“Well Looks like Niall’s hooked up and Layton left he thinks he’s coming down with what Snow just had”


“I’ll call a cab and go home” I shrugged


“Oh for god sake stop being a stubborn ass” Snowy threw a peanut at me “Let him take you home and bang out the untightedness out of you” I looked at him wide eyed


“Dude is that even a word” Niall broke off from kissing the overly painted girl he was with “But I agree with him Chelle”


“I thought you were supposed to be friends” I groaned


“We are it’s just he’s hot, he’s obviously good in bed by the noises that were coming from the bedroom this morning, he has hardly taken his eyes off of you all night and did I mention he was HOT” Hadley laughed Just hear him out and if you are still mad with him kick his ass out in the snow and lock the door”


I looked over to Beckett who was deep in conversation with Tate and Dane


“FINE” I huffed “But I’m holding y’all responsible if anything happens………..


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