Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Apology

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



…….. Hadley and I closed down the bar I locked the takings in the safe in the office leaving Hadley to wipe the bar over. I went and grabbed my jacket and double checked the safe.


“Hey Hadley it’s all done in there I think…” I stopped talking the bar was empty apart from Beckett sitting on a stool at the end of the bar the two boxes and the flowers next to him.


“They left…” oh he sounded like he’d gargled with rocks. I put my jacket on the end of the bar


“Left and they left you here?”


“Well I’m the ride home” a slight smile toyed at the corners of his mouth


“Hmph” I walked behind the bar and cracked the top off two beers and pushed one across the bar at him and wrote it on a piece of paper and dropped it in the register. “So where did your little friend go?’ I gestured with the bottle toward the table where they’d been sat.


“I have no idea Dane’s probably got her and her sister in his bed” he toyed with the bottle “He’s going through his early twenties crisis” I nodded “Can we really talk?”


“I guess… we don’t have a whole lot of choice do we since my so called friends ditched me” I sank the beer and reached for my jacket, Beckett snagged it  and held it out for me his breath was on my neck as he stood behind me.


“Thank you” I was shocked I couldn’t remember the last time anyone helped me on with a jacket


“You’re welcome” I picked up the vase of flowers and he grabbed the two boxes “You think you might want to open these when you get home?” he walked out and held the bar door open while I walked out and locked up the bar.


“I might” I pocketed the keys and he walked over to the sidewalk where his car was sitting, the drive to the house was silent other than the sound of the tires on the road the light smell from the roses mixing with the leather interior smell. Beckett pulled up next to my jeep and shut off the lights and then the engine. “So I take it you want to come in?”


“I want to talk to you and I think we’d begin to freeze in the car” he opened the door and took the boxes from the back as I got out with the flowers and went inside. The fire was low in the fireplace and it was screaming for more wood to be added. I turned on the lamp and walked over to the fire and reached for the wood bucket and put more wood on to it and slid the guard back in place. I stood back up and unzipped my jacket and turned round. Beckett was leaning on the breakfast bar between the living room and the kitchen watching me. “I’m sorry” he pushed off the counter “I really am sorry for not thinking and coming out with such a douche bag comment… I didn’t think of how it might sound it just seemed in my head to be such an innocent comment” he pushed my jacket down my arms and I pulled my hands from the sleeves “What happened to you to make you so defensive about…” he sounded so sincere, I put my hand over his mouth he frowned  at me


“I’m sorry for jumping down your throat” I moved my hand “I’m touchy about things that really shouldn’t be a big deal” I walked over to the breakfast bar and turned the vase round “these are amazing by the way thank you… I’ve never been given flowers before”


“Never?” he said it like it was the strangest thing ever I looked at him and shook my head “Not a corsage for prom or valentines rose?”


“No… do you want a beer?”


“Sure” he followed me as I went to the fridge and pulled out two beers and popped the lids off  I held one out for him he reached for it “So my apology?”


“I’m still hurt by it” he put the beer down


“I can see that by the shirt and the shorts and by the way that is so distracting having letters on that it makes me stare more” I felt the color rise in my cheeks. “Chelle I couldn’t take my eyes off you tonight and apparently I’ve been a real pain in the ass all day” he took the beer from my hands and put it next to his “all I wanted was to have the time to say sorry to tell you I really didn’t mean how it sounded and I want to start over with you” I frowned at him


“Start over… a little hard when we’ve seen each other naked” I had sudden flashes of seeing his body and the ring I knew was under that shirt.


“I know…” he moved closer to me “I just…” he looked like a little boy lost; his words to the girl in the bar came back to me. I put my hands on his face and kissed him, it took a few seconds before he realized what was happening his hands slid round my waist and pulled me against him My arms went up round his neck and my hands tugged on his hair, something about him had me weakened, something about him and how he’d said things in the bar made me see he was different. He pulled back and put his forehead against mine


“Can I try to be the knight in shining armor instead of the…” I stopped him talking as I took a step back and gripped the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off over my head “Damn” he moaned, he reached his fingers out and touched the tattoo on my ribs I sucked in a breath just at his touch “I want you” his voice was more of a growl right here right now”


All I could do was nod as he swept me up my legs wrapped around his waist my hands working on his shirt, he laid me on the couch and  stood up and pulling off his shirt before he lay back on me the rest of our clothes coming off  hands and mouths working like it was the end of the world……..


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