Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Spilling something

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



It is a little short but you'll see why i wanted to get out part of Chelles story to be able to carry on



………… Well didn’t that question slap me back to earth. I closed the lid on the cookie box and got out of bed and put it on the dresser next to the flowers.




“I’ve had a long term relationship” I got back into bed and sat forward and drew my knees up to my chest


“How long?”


“Three years” I looked round at him “Didn’t end well”


“What happened?” he rubbed his hand over the Tattoo on my side


“I was being pressed into something I didn’t want to do” I shrugged and put my chin on my knees “So I walked out” I heard my voice crack “well it was running more than walking”


“Are you alright?” I felt the bed move and he put his chin on my shoulder


“Er… I don’t know” I could feel myself shaking a little “I’ve never… I mean” I moved away from him and got off the bed and grabbed my robe and walked out of the room, I heard Beckett scrabble and got off the bed.


“You’ve never talked about this have you… to anyone?” I picked up the beer we’d left on the counter and drank half of my bottle

“No… and I don’t know why I just told you” I turned around he was stood with the blanket from my chair wrapped round his waist “Damn” I hung my head


“You’re hurting I can see that” his voice was soft and quiet


“I’m not… I’m past being hurt, I was the one that ran, I was the one that left him” I almost yelled at it “I never loved him, I never truly loved him”


“Michelle there is more to this than you just not…”


“I was expected to marry him; I was told it was happening because it was…” I stopped my damn mouth was running away from me “I need to go to bed”


“Can I come with you?” I nodded he held out his hand to me and pulled me with him back into my room and closed the door I shrugged off my robe and climbed into bed Beckett tossed the blanket on the chair and got into bed. He turned off the lamp and pulled me into him “Was he a bad person?” he pushed


“No…. he wasn’t he just became too overbearing along with a few other people and I couldn’t…” the silence fell between us


“You’re Tattoos… are they anything to… I mean I know there are Nickelback lyrics on your ribs”


“I like the band but I like the words more and the one on the back of my neck is… well you do only get one chance at life so don ‘t waste it and go for what you want” I looked at him in the pale light from the window


“That’s what you did?” I nodded “I want to do the same” he touched the side of my face “I want to be there for you” I raised an eyebrow there are two women “I’ve brought flowers for and one was my sister when she was sick in hospital and the other was my mother until you… I don’t know what you’ve done to me but I” I moved and pressed my lips to his. He moaned into the kiss before I pulled back “Okay shutting up” he chuckled we both lay there, I listened as his breathing slowed and became deeper. There was more to the story but how do you tell him… how do you actually tell someone that you were married… married to a man that wanted to get in with my father and his sure fire way in was by marrying me….


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