Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Cupcakes Mom

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



………… The next week it was the usual routine of work and friends only difference now was Beckett was almost a permanent in my bed every night. He got on with Hadley and the guys like they had been around each other all of their lives. Beckett hadn’t pushed me to tell him anything else and he hadn’t spoken to anyone about it either which made me trust him even more.


I pushed my board into the rack as Snowy lent on  the rail


“So I heard on the grapevine you’re going to meet Becketts Mom?” I looked at him


“Who told you that”


“Layton, Niall told him after he’d been talking to Hadley who spoke to Dane” I linked his arm


“Wow you guys are like gossip mongers I swear to god” I laughed “And I didn’t realize I was supposed to be meeting his mom… you know she owns the bakery in town right?”


“Ooooo freebies can I come meet her with you?” he looked at  me and grinned his huge warm smile


“No freebies” I swatted him my phone started to ring. I let go of Snowy and pulled my phone from my pocket


Me * shouldn’t you be working?

Beckett * I had a meeting this morning and I was wondering if you were done with the lesson you had

Me * Just got Done Snowy and I were just talking

Beckett * well how about you meet me at my Mom’s store and we can grab some lunch and you can meet her

Me * you want me to meet your mom?


Snowy grinned at me and nudged me


Beckett * yes I want you to meet my mom she’s taken to grilling Dane about it over dinner the other night, I want you to meet all my family actually, But Dad is out of town working until the middle of the week and you already know Dane so my Mom and my sister are the only two around right now

Me * your sister gets married next weekend I think the last thing she’ll want to do is meet a girl her brother is hooking up with

Beckett * She still wants to meet the girl I’m dating especially because they have hardly seen me in the past week and a half… I did tell them you were keeping me chained up in your bedroom

Me * Oh My God please tell me you didn’t

Beckett * Okay I didn’t say that… but I’m lying

Me * Oh I’m leaving town

Beckett * Oh hell no I’ll follow you

Me * fine when do you want to meet

Beckett * about half an hour at moms shop

Me * alright but I did just come off the mountain and I don’t have time to run home and change

Beckett * is Snowy there with you still?

Me * He’s right here you want to talk to him?

Beckett * put me on speaker

Me * oaky your on


I held the phone between Snowy and myself


Beckett * Hey Snow… I want Chelle to come for lunch how cute is she looking

Snowy * well she’s a little windswept but she’s always looks good

Beckett * see snowy said you look good and I believe him, just get in your car and come down

Snowy * I’ll bring her down because I picked her up for work this morning

Beckett  * awesome Baby I’ll see you there


 He hung up, snowy looked at me




I don’t know where that came from” I held my hands up, “I need to at least brush my hair”


“Well you do need to look good for the future mother-in-law” he laughed as he pulled open the office door “I’ll grab my keys and wait in the truck for you” I groaned and walked into the locker room and quickly tried to make myself somewhat presentable before going out to where Snowy was waiting and I climbed in next to him “Ready?”


“No I feel like I’m being made to walk the plank” I twisted my hand in my lap as he drove into town


“Oh you got mail at the mountain” Snowy looked at me as we climbed out of the truck in the parking lot across the street from the store




“Someone delivered it for you” he moved the liner over the bed of his truck and pulled up a box “I think Beckett likes giving gifts” he handed it to me and took my arm as we went across the street “I’m grabbing a cupcake and a coffee and I’ll leave I promise” he laughed opening the door for me


“Oh hell no you can at least wait with me until Beckett gets here” I hissed at him asi looked round at the people in there Beckett not being one of them “I’m not going to look like an ass on my own”


“Okay” he smiled “You grab that table over there and I’ll get you coffee” I nodded and looked at the women working behind the counter wondering which one was Becketts Mom. I sat down and tugged off my jacket draping it over the back of the chair as I looked at the box there was no return address just a large B in the corner above my name, Beckett had threatened to do something like this when I refused to make breakfast for him the day before…. I was going to have to take that man in hand…………….

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