Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Not him

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



………. “Oh these cookies are so good” Snowy sat down opposite me his mouth stuffed with cookie  two coffee’s in his hand and a cupcake on a plate balanced on one of the cups “I think I’m in heaven” he handed me a coffee and took a huge bite out of the red velvet cake. “So you opened the box” he peered over the table at the box


“I was about to when you came over” I smiled


“Ooo I forgot to ask its Hadley’s’ birthday next week I need you to come shopping with me and help me with her gift”


“Why do I have to help you?” I laughed


“Because you’re her best friend and you love me” he gave me the puppy dog eyes “and I can’t go into Victoria’s secret and go she’s this big” he held up his cupped hands


“Oh Jeez” I groaned “she’s a 32 C”


“How do you know these things” he pulled a face


“Because she’s my roommate and we do joint laundry” I shook my head “Ask Tore for tomorrow afternoon off. I’m only on in the morning and we’ll go shopping”


“Oh you rock” he got up and smushed me in a hug


“You know if I didn’t know better I’d say you were hitting on my girl” a voice laughed from behind us


“Dude I am secretly in love with Chelle and we’re running away together” snowy grinned keeping his arm round me “Don’t tell Hadley”


“I won’t” Beckett grinned as Snowy let go of me


I’ll leave the two of you alone” he picked up his to go cup and the rest of his cupcake “See you later and thank you” he kissed my cheek and walked out


“Hey you” Beckett came over and caught my face in his hands and kissed me taking my breath away “How was your morning?” he asked as he pulled back


“It was fun I love teaching little kids” I smiled “You didn’t wake me this morning when you left”


“I had to be out by five and you looked so comfortable and relaxed I wasn’t going to disturb you” his eyes were on mine


“You’re crazy” I sighed


“No my mom had me tested” he held up his hands “So you ready to meet her and my sister?”


“No” I pulled a face “I’m nervous… what if they’ve been in the bar and seen me dressed for work… Oh what if they were in the bar the other night when it was Bikini night” I chewed my lip nervously


“Okay now you’re the crazy one” he rubbed his thumb over my lip stopping the chewing “And you know something” I tipped my head and looked at him “I can feel eyes burning into the back of me right now” he turned his head and looked over his shoulder “Kit I can see you looking you know” he called across the store making people look around he reached behind him and linked his fingers with mine as a woman moved round the end of the counter her dark hair pulled back in a messy bun but the eyes unmistakably the same as Becketts


“And I was being really good from the minute you walked in” she swatted him and looked round him at me “You do know my big brother is a total ass right?”


“Oh please don’t get in to this” he chuckled shaking his head “Chelle this irritation is my sister Katherine” at that she groaned and rolled her eyes “sorry she hates Katherine so we all call her Hell child” he started to laugh


“Shut up” she balled her fist and punched him in the arm

“Ow see she beats me” Beckett looked at me


“See he’s a total ass and you can call me Kit…” I liked her instantly “I knew it was you the minute you walked through the door” she nudged Beckett out of the way “But I did have to wonder about the guy you walked in with he was hot”


‘Hey you get married in less than a week” Beckett huffed and put his hands in his hips


“Hey” she mimicked him “I can still browse the merchandise even if I’m not buying”


“She’s right you know” I nodded “you never ever stop looking at hot men that take your eye”


“Really?” Beckett pushed his tongue in his cheek


“Oh yeah… you should have seen this one guy on the hill this morning ass like two boiled eggs in a…” I looked at the look on Becketts face “Snowy pointed it out to me” I flushed and looked away from him


“Oh I like this girl already” Kit Laughed


“Yeah so do I” Beckett rubbed his hand over his jaw and smiled


“Mom is in the back you want me to go get her?”


“Sure” Beckett nodded “can you grab me a coffee on your way back and one for Chelle”


“I’m good Snow got me one” I said sitting back down


“Just for me then”


“No problem” Kit nodded and walked off


“You look alike” I picked up my coffee and took a drink


“It’s the eyes” he nodded “People have said it for years” he looked at the package “What’s that?”


“Oh don’t give me that” I laughed “You sent it to me” I tapped the B in the corner of the box “It was delivered to the mountain for me”


“I haven’t sent you anything” he frowned


“Beckett stop” I nervously laughed


“I swear to you I haven’t sent anything since the gifts last week” he looked at me. I felt the blood fall to my feet as my grip on the box shook.


“Beckett” he looked round as Kit came back over with a woman her hair neatly wrapped in a bun at the back of her head her eyes curious as she looked directly at me. Beckett got to his feet and kissed her on the cheek


“Hey Mom” I could tell the tightness in his voice and hoped to good I could get through this with out fretting to much about the package…………..


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