Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Will he go

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



………. “So you are the girl that has my boy in such a tizzy” I felt like I was under the microscope “You know I never thought there was such a girl”


“Mom” Beckett covered his face with his hands


“Well none of us did and I’m sorry Mom and I were kinda waiting for you to come out of the closet” I felt my jaw go slack


“Katherine” Becketts mom tried to keep a straight face and failed


“Oh and here I was thinking this was a good idea to introduce my girlfriend to my family” he put his arm round my shoulders the instant he did it I felt a little calmer


“It is a good idea we’re teasing” his mom put her hand on his arm “I’m Dina” she offered me her hand


“Chelle” I smiled as I shook it “I’d like to ask you to come to dinner tonight?” I watched Becketts eyes get wide


“I’d love to but I have to work”


“On the mountain?” she frowned


“No I work bartending in the evenings” I shook my head


“A hard working girl  I like it”  Dina nodded “How about tomorrow night?”


“I work” she raised her eye brows at me “I have one evening off a week” I shrugged “I have to make rent” I felt Beckett fidget at the mention of rent


“Well did you ask her yet” Kit tugged on Becketts sleeve


“No I was going to today” he sighed “But when I’ve got her naked in bed” Oh god lord ground open up and swallow me I felt the rush of embarrassment  and the heat hit my cheeks


“Oh I’m about to throw up my brother having sex” Kit made retching noises


“Well we all do it sweetheart even me and your dad still get…”


“MOM” Beckett and Kit both looked at her as if she’d killed a puppy


“What?” she chuckled “Okay so at least can you manage lunch tomorrow” she looked back at me


“NO’ I felt awful for having to keep saying no “I have a client at 10 and then I have to go shopping with my friends boyfriend for her birthday otherwise she’ll end up with god knows what and then I’ll be down a friend”


“I’ll tell you what… I’m going to be going to the bar tonight with Chelle so I’ll stay at the house with her if that’s okay and we can all have breakfast” He suggested


“That sounds like a plan” Dina nodded “Chelle”


“I like that idea” I was relieved that  there was some happy solution and it wasn’t like I was avoiding being around his family.


“Awesome” Dina grinned “Now if you’ll excuse me I have a wedding cake to finish” she hugged her daughter with a smile “Kit can you make some soup and sandwiches for Chelle and Beckett”


“Sure” Kit nodded as Dina kissed Beckett on the cheek


‘I’ll see you in the morning then honey” she looked at me


“Yes Ma’am” I smiled at her Kit poked Beckett in the ribs and nodded in my direction


“Ask her” she hissed through gritted teeth


“I will” he hissed back she walked back behind the counter. He sat down opposite me “So was that so bad?” I shook my head


“Well not until you started talking about getting me naked” I ran my hand through my hair


“Well we’re a family that messes around and doesn’t get embarrassed about anything” he grinned “so” He leant his arms on the table “What time do you have to be at work?’


“Seven” I moved in the seat and knocked the box over as Kit came over with the food


“Hey Sis can we get those to go please?” he shot her a killer smile “I want to ask Chelle something” I frowned at the two of them


“I’ll sort it out for you” she nodded and all but skipped away I bent and picked up the box I swear intrigue flicker in his expression


“Are you sure you didn’t send this to me?”


“I was going to send you something but I didn’t get round to it and I’m useless with sizes and I also have to ask you something first” He sighed “So no it wasn’t me”


“Beckett” he looked over at his sister as she held up a bag


“Let’s go back to yours and eat and see what the hell is in there?” he got up and held my jacket out to me


“I don’t want to open it” I admitted as we drove toward the house this time we were in his truck he used for work he frowned and looked across at me


“You’re Ex?” he asked


“I hope not… I need to talk to you some more and I’m not sure you’re going to like what I’m going to have to say” I suddenly felt nervous and sicker than a dog after eating grass. We pulled up at the hose and got out I toyed with the box as Beckett picked up the bag of food.


“Hey?” Beckett came over to me and kissed my temple “Let’s get inside I hate seeing you looking like this” he rubbed the back of my neck.  We went inside and he put the food in the kitchen as I put the box on the breakfast bar and shrugged out of my jacket “So you want to talk or do you want to open the box?’ he looked at me


“Talk” my voice was sounding tight and strangled, I suddenly realized my biggest fear right now was Beckett was going to walk away Beckett pulled out a stool and sat down and waited for me to start  I paced the floor “You know I was in a long term relationship” he nodded “and I left him”


“Yeah you didn’t love him”


“No I didn’t he was using me to climb the ladder at my Dad’s company” I wrung my hands “My dad always wanted a son and he got three daughters instead”


“you have sisters?” I nodded


“We were supposed to find our own careers and I wanted to board and teach that and fill in with other work on the off season and it wasn’t good enough but the man I was with wanted to be the son my dad wanted” I couldn’t look at Beckett right now “Brett was money hungry and saw it as a way to get to the top by being with me and my dad was okay with it as I had no drive to get a real job”


“So he doesn’t think you’re good at doing what you do?” I shook my head


“It’s messing around in the snow not anything serious”


“That’s a crock of shit I’ve seen you teach hell you’ve taught me and you’re good at what you do” I managed to smile at him.


“He went out for a business meeting with my Dad one night and when he came back I was getting married” the words almost choked me to get out “I didn’t have a say in it  and I didn’t want it but my Mom and my sisters said it was the only way to get any sort of acknowledgment from my dad and he promised he’d let me go every winter to Aspen and find a part time job if I went through with it” Beckett was gripping the stool with his hands to the point of being white knuckled. “All I’d wanted for years was my Dad to be proud of me” I walked to the window and looked out “I went through with it Beckett… I went through with it and I married him” the sobs wrecked my body and I crouched down hugging my knees to my chest waiting to hear the sound of Beckett walking out of the house…………


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