Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - fear

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



………. I rocked myself the pain inside was tearing at me, this was the reason I hadn’t wanted to get close to anyone let alone fall in love with someone. I heard footsteps and the sound of a zipper I gripped my arms round my knees harder to the point it felt like my fingers were going to break, he was leaving Beckett was walking out. The footsteps went down the stairs to the mud room and I heard the door open and close. I cried harder and literally crawled to my room, thoughts of Brett flooded my mind with how he’s used me to get at my father and how my father had looked in the rear view mirror of my car as I was driving away leaving Brett. I got on the bed and pulled the comforter over my head and cried into my pillow….




…. Beckett paced in front of his truck waiting for his call to be answered


Hadley * well how did meeting your Mom go?

Beckett * and hello to you as well

Hadley * yeah, yeah I want to know if your mom liked Chelle… well how can you not like her she’s just Chelle…

Beckett * I need a favor from you… there’s something happening right now that’s not good and she’s falling apart, I’m not going into detail because I want to get back to her

Hadley * Beckett is she…

Beckett * I’ve got her its okay I need you to get someone to cover her shift tonight in the bar

Hadley * consider it done… look after her okay and Niall isn’t working this afternoon so if you need him call him

Beckett * I’m going to try to take her to my parents house to get her away but if I do I’ll let you know

Hadley * you’ve fallen in love with her haven’t you

Beckett * I have to go

Hadley * I know you have, it’s okay


Beckett hung up his phone and braced his hands on the hood of his truck and closed his eyes married was the last thing he would have ever expected, another man had already put a ring on her finger, another man had woken up with her day after day, another man… SOME OTHER MAN was the only thing that ricocheted round his head. He inhaled the icy air and pushed off his truck and came back in talking the stairs two at a time shrugging out of his jacket.


He looked round the room his eyes fell on the box left on the counter. He picked it up and carried it into my room. Beckett kicked off his shoes and crawled on to the bed and wrapped his arm over the top of me pulling me hard against him. He tugged the comforter down and stroked my hair from my face


“Chelle look at me… please” he pulled at me turning me on to my back “Is this… I mean is this the thing you’ve been hiding from everyone?” all I could do was close my eyes and nod “No look at me…” his voice was a little sharp, I opened my eyes his face was blurry with the tears that filled my eyes


“I’m sorry…”


“Don’t” he brushed his hand over my cheeks and wiped away the tears “Open the box”


“I don’t want to”


“Michelle you need to open it and see what the fuck is inside this and then maybe we can talk about this because right now I’m confused as hell” He sat up and picked up the box and put it in front of me. I moved and sat up and looked at the box Beckett got off the bed and walked over to the window and looked out as I tugged on the tape and opened it up.


“Oh god” I groaned Beckett came back over I lifted out the note on the top “No” he took it from me his face turned to thunder as he read it I picked up my wedding band from on top of the white fabric of the dress I had to wear when I got married


“What’s that?”


“The ring… god I hate this thing” my words came out interrupted with sobs “ he took it from me and sat down on the side of the bed


‘This was his idea of a wedding band?”


“He said he didn’t want to spend a lot of money as he wanted a new car and I could use it as a wedding and engagement ring” I pushed the box away


“Fuckwit” Beckett muttered turning the ring over in his fingers “You deserve the best diamond there is” he held the ring back out to me I took it and dropped it in the box.


“Why did you marry him?”


“Because I was nineteen and stupid and all I wanted was to make my Dad proud of me” fresh tears threatened to spill over “I did what was expected” Beckett closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose


“Are you… I mean… is it Mrs. Deering?” he looked over to me hurt in his eyes


“No… I left there two years ago I had been putting money in an account for six months” my teeth were chattering like I was sitting out in a snow bank. Beckett reached for the blanket from the chair and put it round my shoulders “No one knew about it I waited to get enough to be able to run… and the day I did My dad turned up at the house as I was leaving and he lost it with me, he screamed at me in the street I wasn’t his daughter and I was no good and a loser and Brett was too good for me, and I couldn’t even get pregnant” Beckett made a sharp intake of breath “Well to get pregnant you needed to have sex” I pulled the blanket tighter round me “and you don’t need to be fitted with an IUD. Brett had the sex drive of a rock and when it did happen it was… urgh” I shuddered and pulled a face “He wasn’t the man I wanted ever to have children with and having the IUD meant no one knew I was on birth control” I wiped my own hand over my face my eyes felt sore and swollen from crying.


“So you and he still…”


“When I left I was nursing a black eye from the swipe my Dad had taken at me, ask Snowy he was the first person I met here and he offered me a place to stay” I looked at Beckett “I managed to get the job on the mountain by showing them what I could do and the job in the bar and I got a lawyer back home where I lived and field for divorce” Becketts head snapped round and he looked at me “I made it so everything had to get sent through the lawyer so Brett and my Father didn’t know where I was, I expected more of a fight than I got but he signed the papers and in six months it was over, I was divorced it was over”


“So you’re not married to this jack ass?”


“No not anymore, but from what I found out, there is some deal happening and It won’t go ahead without my signature on a few forms he and my Dad had set up companies in my name for tax purposes and they want to do something with them but I’m the only one that can sign things off and they must have forgotten about it and it’s hurting them”


“And now they’ve found you?” I nodded “Are you scared?”


“My dad thought nothing of hitting me for wanting to snowboard over business he’ll do what is needed to get it done”……


what was in the box the link is below

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