Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Something is different

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



………. “Get a few things together” Beckett touched the side of my face “You’re not staying here”




“Hadley can stay with Snowy can’t she?” I nodded “Well you’re going to come to my parents with me until I talk to Dane and we sort out our place for you to come there” I frowned at him


“You’re not walking out” I stammered, he smiled weakly and shook his head


“I’m not going anywhere unless you’re with me… you could have told me you know…” I leant into his hand “Your friends would have understood”


“I didn’t want to be that girl that did something stupid and wanted acknowledgement from others, I wanted to be the real me and that is what I have been for the past two years” my head hurt like a bitch I rubbed at my temples “Apart from not telling people about my past I’ve been what I wanted to be”


“And you wouldn’t let a man get close to you”


“No not until…” my eyes met his enough was said in the look between the two of us. Beckett moved closer to me and brushed his lips gently against mine.


“Get some things together please and stay with me until we know if they are around here”


“I have to go to work?”


“No I called Hadley and she’s getting someone to cover for you” I opened my mouth to say something “We’re not going there I know you made rent you told me and one night isn’t going to wipe you out” I closed my mouth and got off the bed I moved numbly round the room picking up clean things and toiletries and putting them into a bag Beckett leant on the foot of the bed. ‘Chelle what are you going to do with…” he poked the box


“Throw them out I don’t want anything to do with them” he nodded and picked up the box and walked out of the room. I grabbed my bag and followed him. My legs felt like the bones were made of rubbed I sat down on the top step as Beckett went out of the door out to his truck. He came back and looked up the stairs


“You okay?” I shook my head he came up the stairs and pulled me up and walked with me down the stairs “Lets get you to my parents and get you in bed”


“Does nothing stop you?” I tried to make a joke


“Not where you’re concerned no” he opened the door and took my bag from me “Chelle” I looked at him as I got in his truck “I… I think I’m…: he sighed and hung his head “Doesn’t matter” he closed the door and walked round to the driver’s door. We headed into the town and then out to one of the more affluent areas before he turned into a sweeping driveway that led to a house out of some ski magazine. I looked at him and then at the house and back again


“This is your parents’ house?” he nodded


“It was finished a few months ago” he smiled “Construction company worked wonders don’t you think?” he smiled as he opened one of the six garage doors and pulled inside.


“It’s beautiful… Wait you built this?”


“My company did” he nodded opening the door and getting out with my bag I got out and waited for him “This way” he opened the door into a hallway that lead into the house everything was wood and smelled warm and cozy. “No one is home everyone’s working” he took my hand and lead me into a state of the art kitchen and opened the fridge and got out two beers and two bottles of water “Let’s go up to my room” I followed him through the kitchen and up a spiral staircase and out onto a landing with doors all on the left side he opened the second door to a room with views of the mountain in floor to ceiling windows across from the bed. “The windows are tinted so people can’t see inside” he put my bag on the couch in front of a fireplace.


“This room is almost the size of half of my place” I looked at him


“You want shower or a bath…?” he fidgeted


“I shouldn’t be here you seem uncomfortable” he looked at me


“I’m not sure how to be right now how much you want from me” he shrugged “I know I want to get you naked and I want to make love with you just to try to make you feel wanted” he came over to me “I can’t imagine how it is to have lived with this, and what it must have taken for you to finally leave” he rubbed my arms “I still want you” he caught my face in his hands and kissed me, he bent and swing my legs from under me and picked me up and carried me toward the bathroom, hands stripping off clothes mouths hardly separating. Beckett put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me gently back from him “Let me start the shower”


 He moved across the room the brown stone had shimmering flecks of quartz in it as he turned on the four headed shower and moved over to the lights and turned them down a slight glow coming from the heads of the shower making this the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. Beckett offered me his hand and pulled me back to him and under the streams of hot water his body molded together with mine as he seemed to need me as much as I needed him he edged me to the wall and lifted one of my legs over his hip before driving his hips forward and pushing himself into me, my mouth broke from his and my head fell back and he surge forward again.


Fresh tears came as  I held onto Beckett the sheer power and strength of his always caught me off guard ever since the first time we’ been together but this time something was different something was making it more than just the lustful got to get him inside of me sex it had been before. Beckett’s mouth was on my neck as the water pounded down on both of us he moved his free hand down my body and lifted my other legs so they were locked round his waist and he moved me away from the wall his arms holding me on him as he pulled my body down on him deeper than I ever thought possible. My body crumpled and let go as I came milking him to the point of release, his head threw back and he let out a guttural moan like I’d never heard his legs trembling under him as he pumped his orgasm into me over and over till we were both gasping for air and he slid down the wall still inside of me as he stroked my back and he buried his head in the crook of my neck……………..

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