Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - a little awkwardness

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



…………..  How we got in to Becketts bed I had no idea.  He lay beck and stroked his fingers up and down my spine as I lay with my head on his chest.


“Can I ask you something?” I nodded as my fingers toyed with the ring in his nipple


“Call this an ego thing but what did he look like?” I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at him “What stroke a guys ego please” he pouted “unless he was movie star good looking then just don’t”


I got out of bed and walked over to where my things were and pulled my phone from my jacket before going back and getting into bed as Beckett held back the covers for me. I moved next to him and sat against the pillows and searched for Brett on my phone. I shuddered as I pulled up the link for my Father’s Financial Company and clicked on the partner’s link and pulled up the picture I knew was there of Brett looking professional. I handed the phone to Beckett and chewed my lip nervously.


“This is him?” there was a hint of humor in the question “Did you… I mean he’s well sort of… Damn girl you’re hot… I’m not saying it because you’re my girl and I’m bias, but I’ve watch men hit on you half naked in the bar and on the mountain when you’ve got more layers on than anything else” he frowned at the picture on my phone “How the hell did this man get near you anyway?” I took the phone and exited out of the picture and pushed it onto the nightstand “I wonder how the hell I got you and not to sound too conceited but I’m”


“Hot as a volcano erupting” I managed a smile at him


“I like that” he kissed my shoulder “So come on why him?”


“We went to school together and our families lived a couple of streets away my Dad played golf with Brett and his father and I guess being round him all the while and seeing what was expected from my Father I sort of, just didn’t look for anything else… I honestly just wanted approval and to be told it was doing okay at something for once in my life and I thought if I did what my Dad wanted and be with a successful man I’d get it” I ran my hand through my hair “I was really pathetic”


“I’m just glad you got away” he murmured pulling me to him and pulling the covers up over us “I’m glad you took control”


“Brett looks like he couldn’t do any damage but he’s got one mean temper… He’ll do anything to get more money in his damn bank account” I sighed and put my head back on his chest


“Yeah well we’ve all got a temper but mine isn’t over money” he clipped my chin “you being hurt will make my blood boil” he kissed me gently “Did he ever get physical with you?”


“No he knew if pushed I would have floored him and he didn’t like even holding a conversation with me when we weren’t in company putting on the face of a happily married couple… we were married for less than a year and we had sex the day we got married and on his birthday three months later” I trailed my finger over the ridges of Becketts abs “We had Sex more that first day when we’d gone for breakfast” Beckett caught my hand and lifted it to kiss the inside of my wrist. “I never thought it could be anything like this”


“Thought what couldn’t” he moved the covers and nudged my legs apart as he eased himself between them


“Being with someone like you, being close with someone’ I ran my fingers down the side of his face “Actually knowing how it feels to be in lo…” I stopped and chewed my lip Beckett frowned at me


“What were you going to say?” I started to shake my head “Come on tell me?”


“How it feels to be in a grown up relationship” I wanted to tell him I had fallen in love with him but it had only been a couple of weeks and he was a man that had had more than his fair share of women and he never kept any longer than six months


“Has it scared you off long term relationships?”


“No… I just know when it’s right I’ll marry a real man”


“Do you think I’m a…” there was the sound of knocking on the door “Hold on” he looked at me “I won’t be long” I nodded as he slipped out of bed and pulled on his jeans and went to the door and opened it I caught a glimpse of Kit at the door before he stepped out and closed it behind him I turned over in the bed and watched the snow start to fall out in the darkening sky, this afternoons roller coaster ride of emotion had wiped me out. My phone beeped I reached for it as it beeped again, and again and again. I swiped my finger across the screen to see a string of text messages from Hadley and the guys. I lay on my back and sent out a group message to all of them


*I’m okay, with Becketts all hell broke loose and my past slammed into town… I promise I’ll tell all of you in a day or so right now I just need to… well not sure what but I love all of you I mean that I really love you all for being there XOXO?*


I hit send as the door opened again and Beckett walked in carrying a tray with two steaming plates on it


“My Mom made a crock pot full of stew for dinner and she sent some for us” I sat up and put my phone down


“Is it okay that I’m here?”


“It’s more than okay I gave them the edited version of why” he smiled at me as he handed me the tray and he stripped out of his jeans and climbed into bed “My mom wants to take the new handgun my dad brought her for her anniversary and shot your ex in the balls” he chuckled as he took one of the plates and we both settled back to eat.


“Did you tell her I was…?” I hated to even say married


“I did and I told her you were also divorced”


“And she still wants me here?” I frowned as I stopped with the fork half way to my mouth


“Yes she does… and my dad is dying to meet you in the morning and Kit is driving me crazy”


“You love your sister it’s in your face when you look at her”


“I do love my sister and she’s marrying an awesome guy this weekend” he tipped his head “Would you be my date for the wedding?” I raised an eyebrow at him “My sister has bugged me since she knew I was dating you for me to ask you to come to the wedding… but I have to throw this out there it is formal as in you’ll have to be in a gown”………….


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