Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Working things through

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



…………..  Beckett took the plates back down to the kitchen I picked up my phone and dialed


Hadley * Hey girl, what the hell is going on you’ve got all of us worried

Me * I need to talk to all of you face to face I’m not going to do this over the phone, I’m okay I’m not hurt or anything

Hadley * good, and you have Beckett


I could hear the grin on her face making me smile


Me * I do, but I he’s asked me to go to his sister’s wedding with him this weekend and its formal…

Hadley * oh shit as in gown and fancy

Me * yup

Hadley * Oh Shopping trip I can feel it coming

Me * I don’t know I can’t afford to splurge on a dress right now, I have a repair bill from my board and the bills are coming in this week

Hadley * isn’t that what credit cards are for?

Me * for you maybe, we should I guess go to the rental place and see what they have

Hadley * just let me know when

Me * sorry for not being at work tonight

Hadley * shut up your man sorted it all out and I get it and he’s head over heels in love with you

Me * Hads…

Hadley * ask Snowy he said he saw it in Becketts face at lunch how he looked at you

Me * I’m going to go I’ll call you in the morning okay

Hadley * okay and we love you

Me * love you too


I hung up the phone and looked round Beckett was standing in the doorway


“Everything okay?’


“Yeah” he smiled at me and came over to the bed “I’m not about to get into an argument but” he opened the dresser drawer and picked up a Black credit card “I asked you to come to my sister’s wedding so I’d like to be the one that treats you to…”


“Oh hell no, I’ll find something to wear that I can afford and not to embarrass you” I bite my tongue as I sounded abrupt and clipped


“I said I wasn’t going to get into a fight with you and what would happen if like the flowers I just got it for you?’


“Beckett” I groaned Feeling vulnerable as I was naked covered with his bedding


“Did your husband spoil you?” I hung my head and looked down “No come on” he was sounding irritated “Did he? Hell the guy wouldn’t even take you to bed. Has no one ever spoilt you?” my eyes shot to him “I’m sorry” he rubbed the back of his neck “I understand pride, but I’m not doing this out of charity I want to do this… I want to be that man that makes you feel like you are the only girl in the damn world. I want to spoil you” He braced his hands on the foot board of the bed “I’ve never wanted to spend money on a girl until you I told you this last week when I sent you the apology and it made me feel good to go buy you flowers” he smiled a little sexy grin


“He brought me my wedding band and that was it” I felt totally caught off guard “My mother’s assistant brought our birthday and Christmas gifts until we were old enough to shop alone and we then got checks, so no in answer to your question, I’ve never been spoiled by anyone” Becketts eyes darkened “It’s not a big deal”


“I think it is” he pushed off the end of the bed “I think it’s a huge deal” I rubbed my temples


“Beckett it’s not all about things like that is you grow up one way you don’t know it any other so you get on with it… what you’ve never had you can never miss” I glared at him “My Dad was a millionaire by the time he was thirty, and yes we never truly wanted for anything my sisters thought it was okay just to ask for money and they are so materialistic it’s not funny they’ll drop several thousand dollars in one shopping trip” Beckett eased down onto the end of the bed and watched me “It never meant anything to me I tried it and it was just stuff so when I was fifteen I got a job on the small mountain where we lived, it wasn’t anything like here but it was fun and I was loving making my own money and being able to buy what I wanted, and  that’s what I’ve done ever since”


‘what about your car?”


“Oh that” I smiled at him I was the wife of an executive in my fathers company so my Dad gave me a car fitting my status”


“Go on” Beckett seemed intrigued


“I was driving round in a brand new Audi R8” Beckett let out a whistle “Eh!” I shrugged “Not that impressive, I’m a snow bunny I want practical so when I ran I sold the car and brought the jeep which is perfect for what I need and so unpretentious”


“So my Mustang is pretentious?” he cocked his head


“In some crazy asses delusional dream” I pulled a face “that sore of car is something else” I shrugged “I love muscle cars if you want something sexy but I’m not a car snob” Beckett was smiling his eyes narrowed at me “what?”


“I love the ‘fuck you’ you left with” He literally crawled over the covers like a lion stalking his pray “Selling a car for something you know they would be disapproved of” I bit down on my lip as he braced his hands either side of me “Turns me on”


“Seriously… breathing turns you on” I slid down under him


“Well only when it’s you doing it” he chuckled he bent his head and kissed me….




…… The alarm on Beckett’s phone went off. I groaned as he rolled over and reached over me some how I’d ended up on the other side of the bed with his limbs tangled with mine. He picked up his phone and rubbed his eyes with hs free hand


“Mom says breakfast in thirty minutes” he pulled back and kissed my stomach


“Oh I ache” I stretched hearing my back crack and click as I did


“Well we did fall off the bed last night” he chuckled “and I landed on you”


“Well technically you were in me when I fell off the bed and I took you with me” I slapped his ass as he got off the bed


“You’re in a playful mood” he walked toward the bathroom


“I feel like a weight has gone” I pushed back the covers and walked over to my bag and pulled out clean clothes


“Well you’re not bottling up memories anymore” I jumped as his hands slid round my waist and his kissed the tattoo on my back “You opened up and you have a boyfriend that dotes on you”…….


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