Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Family breakfast

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



………… “Boyfriend?” I turned in his arms and put my hands on his chest and suddenly got lost in his eyes


“Well I’ve told everyone I have a girlfriend so I’m… well I’d love to know you think if me as your boyfriend” he cocked his head to the side


“We sound like two kids in high school” I laughed


“We can go make out in the back of my Dad’s car if you want he’s got a big Mercedes” he wiggled his eye brows at me


“Ooooo I like that idea as long as you don’t leave a hickie or I might get in trouble” I teased


“I like this you” he put his hands flat on my butt and patted it




“The smiling and carefree Chelle” he let go of me and walked over to a dresser and pulled out clean sweats and pulled them on


“I guess like you said I’m not hiding anything anymore”


“And you have a hot boyfriend that knows how to get you all worked up and…” the door knocked


“I’ll go get dressed” I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I braced my hands on the sink and smiled at the reflection that smiled back. I’d fallen in love with the man in the other room but after everything that I’d come out with and owned up to with him, I didn’t know what he’d do if I told him that.


“Hey baby” there was a knock on the bedroom door “you ready?” I pulled the brush through my hair and opened the door


“I’m ready” he reached for my hand and linked his fingers with mine. We headed down the stairs the smell fo breakfast and fresh baked goods wafted through the house.


“Well good morning” Kit was sitting at the table her hands wrapped round a large red mug “Chelle did he finally let you out of bed”


“Katherine” Dina laughed from the kitchen


“What he’s a walking sex bot where this girl is concerned” she looked at me “No offense “


“None taken” I smiled at her


“Shut up” Beckett rolled his eyes at his sister as he pulled a chair out for me to sit down “And Chelle is going to be coming to the wedding with me” Kit looked at me and a grin broke out on her face


“OOOO Do I get to go shopping with you?” she beamed


“No you have a rehearsal and a final fitting and a meeting at the lodge about the flowers” Dina called out “MARTY GET YOUR ASS TO THE TABLE AND AWAY FROM SPORTS CENTER” I raised my eye brows at the normal nature of this woman in this house fit for a queen “Kit got get your Brother and Davis” Kit got up from the table


“You’ll met my man in a few minutes and my dad” Kit winked at me she walked behind her brother and hugged him making him laugh


“What was that for?” he called after her


“For finding a girl I like” she laughed as she literally skipped down the hallway. I felt my face flush Beckett put a cup of coffee down in front of me.


“Did you sleep okay Sweetie” Dina ask as she put down a pile of pancakes on the plate in the middle of the table


“Yes thank you and you have an amazing home”


“I do don’t I?” she smiled “My husband and my son planned all of this without me knowing”


“It was the hardest fifteen months of my life” Beckett sat next to me and rested his free hand on my thigh while he cradled his coffee in his other hand “Trying to keep her from finding out was like a nightmare”


“I think it’s sweet” I smiled “And look at the outcome”


“Yeah my dad likes to spoil my mom” Beckett looked at me pointedly “and he got the chance to blow her out of the water with this place” Dina rested her hands on the back of the chair where Kit had been sat and smiled


“Well we came a long way since the trailer we brought when we first got married” she laughed “Hell of a long way”


“With a lot of hard work” I looked round at the sound of a man’s voice “You  must be the famous Chelle! I’m Marty” he smiled his eyes creasing at the corners his hair was the same color as Becketts just with a smattering of gray.


“Yes she is” Dane walked by his dad and smiled at me “Morning Chelle”


“Morning” I was happy to see someone I at least knew a little Kit came back in with a look of a love sick puppy as she led in a cute guy


“Chelle this is Harris, Harris this is the girl that has finally made a human out of my big brother”


“Well it’s about bloody time” his accent was just like James Bond surprising the hell out of me “Nice to meet you” he offered me his hand, I smiled and shook it warming to him instantly


“You to and congratulations on the wedding” He smiled wider than I thought possible as he tucked Kit into him


“Oh you two are so loved up it’s almost putting me off of breakfast” Dane grumbled “and now we have these two” he waved a piece of bacon at Beckett and I


“Dane maybe you should be more selective over the girls that you seem to fall on top of in your bed” Marty pulled out a chair and sat down “and maybe you’ll get to feel the love instead of the antibiotics you have to get prescribed for that rash” everyone other than Dane started to laugh


“Oh let it go it was poison ivy”


“Oh I thought her name as Hailey” Beckett fought back the urge to burst out laughing “Not Ivy”


“MOMMMM” Dane pouted and looked at Dina


“You brought it on yourself, now get your breakfast all of you” she put her hand on Danes arm and she squeezed it. The rest of breakfast was easy with questions fired at me but nothing about my past, which I was thankful for. Beckett kept his eyes on me as we all sat talking.


“What time do you have to be at work?” Beckett rubbed his fingers on the back of my neck


“I have a lesson at noon and I’m there until around six and then I’m going right to the bar till close” I got up and helped clear the table


“I think we all need a trip to the bar” Marty looked at me as Beckett started to choke on his coffee


“Dad it’s not a normal bar” Dane was wide eyed


“You make it sound like a strip club” Beckett snapped a little “and it’s far from that” Dina was looking a little confused


“It’s just a bar yes Hadley and I don’t wear a whole lot behind the bar but we are dressed and you can’t see anything you wouldn’t if I were on a beach” I held up my hands “If you guys want to come in I’ll buy you both a drink” I smiled at Dina and Marty


“Thank you Honey” Marty got up from his chair “Now I have a meeting so I need to get to the office, I’m sure we’ll see you soon Chelle” he kissed his wife and grabbed his laptop bag and walked down the hall toward the garage.


“I need to get to the office as well” Dane got up “See you guys later”


“So I hear you’re coming to the wedding with Beckett” Harris asked I nodded


“I know it’s really short notice” Kit got up from her seat “and I know how busy you are when my brother actually lets you out of bed to go to work” Beckett rubbed his hand over his jaw making a rasping sound with the stubble “Sooooo she grabbed my hand “I’d like for you to go shopping in my closet”


“Oh god idea you have dresses in there with the tags still attached” Dina rolled her eyes


“Well nature of the beast when you work in Fashion Mom” Kit sighed


“I thought you worked at the Bakery?” I looked at her


“No I just wanted to meet you so I hung about there yesterday waiting for Beckett to bring you in” She giggled “I work in New York for Bloomingdales as a buyer but with the wedding coming up I took some time off”


“Go shop in her closet” Dina grabbed my arm “it will be perfect as you don’t have much time”


“And considering I got most of the things for nothing” Kit wiggled her eyebrows, I looked at Beckett


“It will save you from trying to find time in the next four days to go shopping” he shrugged “Hell call Hadley and get her over here to help you as well” Kit frowned “Hadley is her Best friend well other than the guys but you’d like her”


“Well bring her over then” Kit pulled her cell from her pocket and held it out to me.


“I would but it’s way too early to call her she worked my sift in the bar last night and I can guarantee that she wouldn’t have gotten home till at least four and as it was Snowy’s place she went to, they wouldn’t have gone right to bed”


“Snowy was the guy with her yesterday” Beckett chuckled


“Damn he was fine” Kit whistled





“Sorry honey but he was and you can look like you were looking at that waitress last night at dinner” Kit put her arms round Harris


“You pointed out her boob job” Harris laughed


“Only because I was waiting for her to fall over” Kit rolled her eyes


“Hey getting off the track here” Beckett interjected “Chelle has to be out of here by eleven to get to the mountain and ready for her lesson.


“Hey you think you could teach me how to snowboard?” Harris looked at me “I’d like to beable to keep up with my future brother in laws”


“I’d love to If you can get away this afternoon I can fit you in for a couple of hours… anything so I don’t ave to do paperwork” I nodded


“Well now that’s sorted SHOPPING TIME” kit grabbed my hand and ran with me to the stairs and up them to her room.


“I think you found your one” Dina walked over and hugged her son “You haven’t stopped watching her… and she gets that smile on her face when she looks at you that is more than just sex”


“I want to tell her I love her but with what she went through and is going through with that excuse for an asshole she married, I’m scared to” Beckett chewed his lip


“Did she divorce him?” Beckett nodded “so she obviously doesn’t love him or want him” Harris picked up his coffee cup “don’t second guess it go with your instinct… I did and I’m marrying a girl I thought was out of my league”…..


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