Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Dress and admission

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



………… Kit opened the door to her room, everything was the same as Becketts room, apart from the décor which was a lot more girly very much the way Kit was.


‘This house blows me away” I said closing the door after myself


“It is pretty good but don’t tell Beckett I said that he’ll a huge head over it and it’s already big enough” she rolled her eyes “But you seem like a girl that can keep him in his place” she looked over her shoulder at me as she pushed opened the closet door.


“I like him the way he is” I shrugged stepping into the closet behind her “HOLY SHIT… I’m sorry” I put my hand over my mouth amazed at the amount of clothing in there


“There is a lot isn’t there?” she pulled a face “I’m sort of a fashion whore I guess”


“Well considering the contents of my closet would fit in the first three feet of this” I laughed “I’d say you were something”


“So you obviously have an amazing figure” I looked down at myself


“Boarding keeps me pretty toned” I nodded but “I wouldn’t say amazing really” She turned and put her hands on her hips


“What ever” she laughed “Do you mind if we come to the bar where you work?” I shook my head


“It’s a fun bar to go to and Hadley and I really don’t wear a whole lot, we’ve had bikini night and things like that” she got wide eyed


“And you are okay working a bar like that” I nodded “Don’t guys hit on you”


“Yep but you know how far to take it and I have as you saw in Snowy yesterday some pretty big friends that handle a few if they get out of control” I sat on the plush squat chair in the closet


“I wish I had the guts to do something like that” she walked over to part of the closet that was filled with long dresses


“Well come in tonight and we’ll get you on the bar and Harris can take a body shot from you” I clapped my hands together


“Body shot as is…”


“You lay on the bar and he has to take the shot off of your body and it’ll make a change from it being me or Hads” I laughed


“Oh I can’t wait to come in now” she hooked several hangers on her fingers and brought them over “Okay let’s see what looks good on you” that started a whole hour of trying on different dresses. Kit flopped down on the floor as I walked up to the long mirror; I peered in even without having my hair done and make up on the dress made me feel amazing as it hugged every inch of my body to mid thigh before the soft flowy material hung and trailed out behind me


“Hello…” the closet door knocked and Dina put her head round “I was going to be leaving for work and wanted to say bye” she stepped inside “Oh that dress is beautiful on you”


“I agree” Kit nodded “that has to be the dress… if you like it that is”


“I love it I’ve never worn anything like this before” I turned slowly getting all angles


“Well I think you’ll make an impression with the rest of the family at the wedding if my brother will even let you met them” Kit giggled


“Are you sure it’s okay for me to borrow it?” I looked at her


“Borrow it you can keep it I never had the boobs for that dress” she smiled at me


“I have to get to work” Dina hugged Kit “Chelle we’ll see at the bar tonight”


“Yes Ma’am” I nodded she walked out I changed from the dress back into my jeans and shirt “Hey do you know how to snowboard?” kit shook her head


“I can ski”


Well come down when Harris comes and I’ll get one of the guys to come help” we walked out of the closet


“Really I won’t break a bone or anything before the wedding”


I promise I’ll keep you safe, I’ll let Niall have you” she raised her eye brow “Niall is awesome with novices and if he comes out with a smart assed comment you can Gibbs slap him” the door to the room opened and Beckett and Harris walked in.


“So how did the dress hunt go?’ Harris put his arms round Kit’s waist


“Amazing Chelle will look stunning” she grinned “and she’s offered to give me snowboard lessons as well this afternoon” she clapped her hands together


“Really?” Beckett raised his eye brows


“Yes, I know Niall has the afternoon off so I’ll just get him to come and show your sister how to do it” I shrugged


“Okay I so want to blow off work now this afternoon and come watch my sister fall on her ass” Beckett folded his arms over his chest


“Bite me” She swatted him


“You’re the boss you can give yourself the afternoon off” Harris looked at Beckett, I could listen to his accent all day


“I would but I have a meeting about the house on the ridge the owner is wanting things changed” he took a deep breath so I might not get done till this evening


“Good last thing I need is to have you laughing at me” Kit pushed him


“Oh I’ll throw his ass off the mountain if he laughs at you” I poked him in the ribs “He still has room for improvement when he’s on a board he’s not all that”


“Okay mortally wounded over here” Beckett pouted “But it really doesn’t help when she is pretty amazing on the snow”

 He kissed the side of my neck “do you have your things at the mountain or do you need to go home?”


“I need to go home and get my things and my other board” I nodded and I have to pick up my jeep because I’m going right to work tonight


“Okay lets go get you sorted and then I’ll go to my meeting” he linked his fingers with mine I looked back at Kit


“Thank you for the dress and when you come to the mountain if you don’t see me go to the office and they can radio me”


“Okay can’t wait” Harris smiled. Beckett and I went out to his truck and he drove me home.


“Call me if you need me for anything” Beckett looked at me as I loaded my jeep with the things I was going to need for the rest of the day “I mean I’ll drop the meeting if…” he stroked my cheek


“I know and I will call if I see or hear anything from him” I pushed up on my toes and kissed him “I’m going to talk to the others as well before my shift at the bar” he nodded “Thank you”


“For what?’ he frowned


“For making me see sense and getting me to open up about things” he smiled at me and kissed me again


‘Yeah well you have to do these things” he walked to his truck “especially for the people you love” he winked and got in his truck and pulled away leaving me a little shell shocked at his statement……………

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