Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - All in the open

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



……………. “Hey earth to Chelle” Tore waved his hand in front of my face “You have some people here to see you”


“What?” I rubbed my hand over my face


“What planet are you on today?”


“Sorry I was thinking about something” I smiled at him “Who did you say was here?”


“Some English guy and a cute assed girl” he pushed his hands in his pockets


“Hey that is Beckett’s sister and the man she’s marrying this weekend” I swatted him “Has Niall gotten here yet?”


“Yep he was in the office when I came out here”


‘Awesome” I Kissed him on the cheek


“Okay what was that for?” He pulled a face at me


“Let’s just say I’m having a really good day” I patted his arm I picked up my board and walked over to the office and pulled the door open Kit and Harris were standing talking. “Sorry I was outside”


“Its okay we only got her a few minutes ago” Kit grinned “I’m nervous”


“Don’t be you’ll be fine” I laughed the door from the Locker room opened and Niall and Snowy walked out


‘Oh thank god you’re okay” Niall pulled me into a huge hug “We were worried about you” he held my arms and frowned at me


“I was with Beckett” I smiled at him


‘We know where you were but…”


“Tonight okay Before I start my shift I want you and Snow and Layton at the bar and I’ll tell you about it” Niall folded his arms over his chest “I promise no more hiding things okay” Snowy looked at Niall


“It’s all we can ask” Niall just nodded “We love you girl” Snowy kissed my cheek “I’m going to Go see Hads”


“Okay see you tonight and don’t get wasted before I get there” I called after him


“I won’t I want to understand what the hell as been happening in your life” he called over his shoulder


“Beckett okay?” Niall asked putting his arm round my waist


“He’s more than okay” I grinned


“Oh you are so loved up I think I’m going to bring back lunch” I looked up at Kit and Harris both watching me


“Up so what” I hips checked him “Now you can help me out a little with a lesson right” I pointed to Kit and Harris. We walked over to them “This is Niall he’ll be giving you a lesson” I looked at Kit “This is Becketts sister Kit and her Fiancée Harris”




“Yes we’re getting married on Saturday” Harris nodded “So please don’t let her break anything?”


“I won’t I’m good at my job” Niall Shook his hand “and As you happen to be Becketts family I’ll be even more careful or Chelle will kick my ass” By the time we were starting to hit dusk we’d got Harris and Kit both on to a secondary slope and they were loving it. We walked over to the office


“Oh that was just so good” Harris smiled as Niall took his board and put it in the rack “I think we’re going to have to come back and do more of this”


“Now I know why Dane and Beckett love to do it” Kit linked her arm through mine “Thank you so much”


‘Yeah right after the dress you gave me this morning I think I’ll be teaching your grandchildren how to snow board” I shook my head I pulled my phone from my pocket “Oh Damn I have to be at work in less than an hour… Guys I have to run and grab a shower and I’ll see you tonight”


“No problem” Harris nodded “We will see you later this evening” I walked into the office and into the locker room and showered  faster than I think I had ever showered and dressed before  running out and getting to the bar as fast as I could. Hadley was already behind the bar stocking the shelves with Snowy, Niall and Layton sitting at the bar on stools




“Oh thank god” Hadley shot out from behind the bar and crushed me in a huge hug “Do you know they things tht have been running through my mind about what might be wrong”


“I have money on that your pregnant” Layton Lent back as I dropped a kiss on his cheek


“Yeah well you’ve just lost that money I’m not pregnant” I shook my head “Had can you take five minutes I need to talk to the four of you”


“Sure you want a drink?” She tipped her head and looked at me


“I’ll take a beer” I nodded and walked over to a table by the window where I knew they all liked to sit I started to get really nervous and I twisted my hands together and jigged my leg up and down Niall looked at Layton and they both grabbed a hand each and held it


“Its okay, this is us” Layton looked at me “Chelle”


“I know” I groaned “And after telling Beckett everything last night this should be easy but it’s still not… you guys mean the world to me’ I smiled at Hadley as she sat next to Snowy “Remember the letter you said came for me” Hadley nodded “It was from someone from my past… My Father has opened companies in my name and he wants to sell them and they are trying to find me to get my signature”


“So why don’t you just sign?”Snowy chewed his lip


“I ran away from home two years ago, when I came here and got this dysfunctional amazing group of friends” I smiled round the four of them and squeezed Layton and Nialls hands “I have only ever wanted to have my Fathers recognition since I was a kid” I let go of their hands and cradled  the beer “And all he wanted was a son to follow him in to the business me and m sisters were just supposed to look pretty and find a man to take care of us, yes my sisters went to Ivy league schools and got business degrees but they’ve never used them they found a doctor and a CEO of a fortune 500 company to take care of them and all I wanted was board” I took a drink I felt a hand rub my back and I looked round Beckett was behind me, he just nodded for me to carry on “But like I said I just wanted to  have my dad say something positive to me. So I married a man that my Dad adored and that worked for him” Niall choked onhis beer and snowy scrabbled to catch his bottle.


“What?’ Hadley blinked absently at me


“I got married but I never loved him at all I just wanted my dad to” I sank half of the beer


“Now the ass hole she married has found her here and he sent her wedding band and sorry excuse for a dress to the mountain” Beckett filled them in, I was thankful for that


“Is he still your husband?” Hadley asked


“No I divorced him two years ago” I put the bottle down “I just don’t want to see him or my dad because it’s payback that after all the mental abuse they are having to try to find me”


“Well if the companies are in your name you sell them and keep the damn money” Snowy laughed “that will screw them”


“Well there is one good thing” Hadley got up and put her hands on Snowy’s shoulders “At least you divorced him so you can marry Beckett” she poked her tongue out at the two of us. Niall swung back and punched Becketts arm


“Well this is uncomfortable” I groaned


“Is that all it was” Layton lent on the table “Because if it is, it’s not big deal but your dad and your Ex are going to have a hard time getting to you… just between how protective we all are it’s bad enough but this guy I think would beat their ass faster than we could blink”


“Damn right” Beckett pulled me up “Anything for this girl” he kissed me “I missed you this afternoon”


“You should have gotten off work and come to the mountain” he walked with me to the bar


“I know… See they all took it in their stride”


“Just like you did” I put my hands on his shoulders


“Well like I said people love you and will do whatever it takes to make you happy… now get to work before my family gets here”…………….

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