Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Bar time

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



……….. Beckett backed away to the table keeping his eyes on me making me blush for some unknown reason. Hadley and I started to work as the first rush of the people coming from the mountain came in. We had it down to a fine art the way the two of us moved to get the job done and still have fun. I got up on the bar and was dancing holding a bottle of Vodka in my hand offering shots. Beckett and the guys were all close together all talking and gesturing and then laughing over something.


“Well this is a little different for the Mountain” I looked round at the sound of Kit’s voice and smiled as she was stood there with her Mom and Dad Harris and Dane were just walking in through the door


“Glad you guys made it” I nodded “Give me a minute” I walked to the end of the bar and got down getting back behind the bar.


“You look so cute” Dina beamed at me


“Hot Mom the word is she looks hot” Beckett walked over and hugged his Mom


“And that’s not a word as your Mother I want to be calling your girlfriend” She laughed


“Well I think she looks hot” Marty laughed “Can we get a couple of pitchers of beer please”


“Sure” I nodded I walked away from them and over to where Hadley was adding change to the register “Well all of Becketts family are in” I hip checked her as I filled the first pitcher


“Where” She looked round me “OOOOO that woman owns the Bakery in town… oh she is a god with cupcakes” Hadley gripped my arm


“OW and that s Becketts mom” I laughed swapping out the full for the empty pitcher


“Ah is that why you’re a little more conservatively dressed tonight” she smirked


“Really look at the shorts I have on” I shook my head “admittedly I wasn’t going to put on my bikin top asi knew they were coming in”


“So who is the guy talking to Dane?”


“That’s Harris he’s the one getting married to Kit Becketts sister… oh and by the way she has let me have this amazing dress for the wedding so I do have a chunk of money now to go buy shoes with” I shook my head “admittedly I wasn’t going to put on my bikin top asi knew they were coming in”


“So who is the guy talking to Dane?”


“That’s Harris he’s the one getting married to Kit Becketts sister… oh and by the way she has let me have this amazing dress for the wedding so I do have a chunk of money now to go buy shoes with”


“OOOOOOO YAY” she bounced on the balls of her feet


“You’re a shoe whore you know that” I walked back to where they were at the bar with the pitchers


“You calling my girl a whore” Snowy walked over and held up three empty bottles of beer I nodded


‘Yes I am where shoes are concerned” I smiled “Okay Kit hop up on the bar will you” I called out “Hey Hadley BODY SHOT” Hadley grabbed the Tequila bottle and walked over


“What’s a body shot?” Dina tugged on Marty’s shirt and he shrugged


“It looks like Kit is about to be the glass for the shot” Niall had walked over Dina looked at him like he had two heads “I was the one that helped her with the Snowboarding this afternoon, I’m Niall”


“Oh she said she had a fantastic time” Dina nodded “I can see why” she looked him up and down making Niall laugh


“MOM” Beckett hung his head


“What Window shopping doesn’t hurt a thing and he has a nice ass not as nice as this one” she grabbed Mary’s butt and squeezed” Hadley looked at me and I just shrugged


“I love your parents” Snowy chuckled


“Okay can we stop the gum flapping” Hadley held up her hands


“Will one of you guys help this lady onto the bar please” I looked at all the guys Niall offered her his hand and Kit got on the bar. I reached for a clean bar towel and put it down to lay her head on “Right lie down” Kit was beet red as she lay back with her hands over her face “Harris come on you’re up” I laughed “Kit you need to lift up your shirt for me”


“Oh God” she groaned as she did it


“Open up” Hadley offered her the lime slice “you need to hold this in your teeth” I tipped her head back and put the salt in the dip at the base of her throat


“Harris get ready you need to take the shot then the salt and end with the lime” I instructed


“Where’s the glass?” Harris frowned


“DUDE you did not just ask that?” Layton clapped his hand on his shoulder “Hey Cup cake what are you and Princess teaching this guy”


“Did you just call Beckett cupcake” Marty raised his eyebrows


‘Yes sir and Dane’s a princess”


“We gave them nicknames when they first came to the mountain” I added


“Hence she now has a cupcake fetish and it’s not for the delicious ones that you make” Hadley giggled looking at Dina and pointing the tequila bottle at me


“Hey can we get the shot done” I rolled my eyes as Hadley moved over and pointed at Harris and then at Kit’s exposed stomach


“You have to take the shot from here and then do what Chelle said with the Salt and the lime” It was hysterical watching Harris do what was asked of him and Kit was trying not to laugh and choke on the lime. I looked up and Beckett locked his eyes with mine and smiled before biting down on his bottom lip sending a shiver through my entire body. Suddenly the laughing made me snap back into the real world as Harris pulled Kit off the bar and into his arms and kissed her while we all cheered and clapped.


“You can go take five” Hadley murmured to me “That man of yours I think is wanting a little attention”


“And snowy doesn’t” I looked at her


“Oh he does but You’re going to close for me tonight I’ve got a little something planned at the house…” she stopped and looked at me “I mean if you’re not coming home that is… or I could”


“It’s okay I’m not going to be home tonight I’m stopping with Beckett… can we go shopping at lunchtime and talk about things” she held my hand and nodded “Thank you” I hugged her


“Go see Beckett” she pulled away from me “He looks like he needs you to breath sometimes”


“Yeah right” I groaned I moved away from her “But I’ll take the  few minutes with him” I walked round the bar and crooked my finger at him. He handed his beer to Dane and walked over to me “I have a five minute break”


“I can do a lot in five minutes” he put his hands on my hips and backed me round the corner toward the office and kissed me……………….

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