Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - dampner on things

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



……….. The rest of the night went so quickly everyone was relaxed and having a really good time Dina even at one point embarrassing the hell out of her kids by getting on the bar with Hadley and I and dancing on it. We closed down the bar and everyone drifted off home while I locked everything up. Beckett put his arm round me as we walked outside and over to his truck.

“Well you have really won over my family” he opened the door for me

“I like then they’re good people and they’ve taken me as I am” I shrugged

“You’re not hard to like” he stroked the side of my face. The silence that fell between us was as if we both wanted to say something. “You want to go back to my parents and share a bottle of wine in the hot tub?”


“Well it makes a change from beer” he smiled “but we can do the beer instead”

“Wine sounds… I trailed off as something caught my eye

“Chelle?” I got out of the truck and walked over to my Jeep where it was parked “baby” there was an envelope under the windshield wiper

“Look” I held his arm as he reached for it and pulled it out “Throw it in the garbage” I swallowed hard “Please” I was almost begging him

“Is it from him?” I nodded

“I recognize my father handwriting”

“We need to see what it is, because if there is a damn place to meet or something they’re going to have to deal with me” He looked at me “I don’t like leaving your car here”

‘They won’t do anything to it they’re not like that” I shook my head. I looked round “Can we go because I feel like I’m being watched” Beckett nodded and pulled me back over to the truck and closed the door after I got in. He pulled away from the bar and headed for his parents house He reached over and took my hand and brought it to his lap as he drove.

“They know my car” I groaned “They know both places where I work”

“That’s a scary thing” he chewed his lip as he waited for the garage door to open and he pulled inside “Do you have work before the wedding” I shook my head

“I’m going shopping with Hadley tomorrow but other than that I’m off until Monday”

“Good and I can go shopping with you” I looked at him and raised my eye brow


“Yes really this asshole is not going to come here and try to scare you and bully you” he snapped a little

“And he’s not dangerous” I bit back “he couldn’t beat a fly with a swat even if her tried and my father is all mouth… and have you not met Hadley I’ve known sweeter pit bulls when provoked” I walked over to him and put my hand on his arm “and what can they do when we’re in public shopping”

“Chelle I don’t know these people and I don’t trust people I don’t know especially ones that are out to hurt you” we walked into the house and into the kitchen

“And I know these people and they are pussies at the end of the day standing up to them outside of the board room and they will fold”

“Fine, but they come near you, you even catch sight of them somewhere and you call me” he faced me and was inches from me

“I will” I nodded “I promise you” he held the envelope in his hand

“Can I open it?” I nodded pulling out one of the stool at the counter and sitting down as he tore open the paper and tipped out the contents a card key for the Ski resort at the foot of the mountain and a piece of paper.


Working like some airhead in a bar half naked, I was right all along you have no class and would make nothing of yourself. Watching you and that over muscled ass making out in the hallway ten feet from the bar was disgusting, Brett is better off without you and I cannot believe you are my daughter letting a man touch you like that in public… Brett said you were an ice maiden in the bedroom that is why you did not have a child and I have to say it’s a good job because you would have failed at that as much as you failed at being a wife and a good hard working daughter.

Michelle you will be at the hotel and at Suite 1193 at noon Saturday, and you will do what we want and you will sign the documentation we require. To save the company you know I worked hard to build these sales have to go ahead sign them and you will never have to acknowledge your family again, but you will forfeit all rights to any inheritance or known bank accounts and trust funds and property given to you.

Noon Saturday

Frederick Deering

CEO Deering Ent.

Beckett looked at me wide eyed; I just shrugged and rubbed my hands together

“It’s a way I can be rid of them”

“I cannot believe that this is your Father writing this” he shook his head “It’s so damn cold and harsh”

“That is typical of him, you should have seen some of the notes I got when I graduated high school not to say congratulations but that he was amazed I’d graduated being as stupid as I was skirting with a 3.75 GPA since middle school” Beckett went to the wine fridge that they had in the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of wine

“Let’s go get in the hot tub before I go to this hotel and kick his ass” the nerve in his cheek twitched.

“Beckett” he looked at me

“Chelle I’m protective over things I care about, how do you think I am over things I love”…………….

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