Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Big step

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



……….. There was him saying that again he lead me through the house everything was quiet. We went into his room and he put the wine down and opened the door to the veranda from his room. He walked out and took the lid from the hot tub before coming back inside and closing the door.


“I would say we don’t need to wear anything if we were at my place then I could make Dane stay away but here…”


“It’s okay I have a bikini in my bag” I pulled it out and walked over to the bathroom


“I’m going to go get some glasses I forgot them” he walked out of the room; I changed and looked in the mirror at my reflection. Could I ask him if he meant it? Could I tell him I was in love with him? I hung my head my stomach was in knots and it had nothing to do with the letter from my father it was everything to do with the cupcake that had walked into my life and knocked me off my feet.


I pushed off the sink and walked out into the bedroom the only lights were from the fireplace candles lit the way from the door of the veranda to the right toward where the hot tub was. I walked out; Beckett was already in the water with a glass of wine in his hand and a second on the edge of the tub.


“Hey” He looked round and smiled as I walked over and stepped in with him “I like the candles”


“I can do the romantic stuff” he chuckled picking up the second glass and offered it to me I took it and took a drink


“I think we need to talk”


“If you’re thinking of going to the hotel alone it’ll be over my dead body, no way in hell would  let you do that and we have my sister’s wedding at three, and I’ll call in your friends if I have too”


“Shut up” I moaned Beckett opened his mouth to say something as I was sitting across from him in the water “this has nothing to do with Brett or my father” I put the drink down


“What’s wrong?’




“Me” he looked wide eyed


“You keep saying things and then walking away and leaving me so confused and nervous and scared” he frowned at me


“Why would you be scared?”


“I’m scared of getting hurt if I admit how I feel. If you’re messing me around and stringing me along” I looked at him he was watching me


“I’m not stringing you along far from it” he moved over toward me “What do you want to admit?”


“You keep saying things about people you love and you look at me” he rubbed his hand over his jaw “and walk away and it scares me… you’ve admitted you’ve never had a serious girlfriend… and if I tell you how I’m feeling you might realize it’s too much too soon” he was shaking with nerves


“Tell me” his voice was low and steady as he put his hands on the side of the tub either side of me “Look at me and just tell me” I took a deep breath before looking up at him


“I love you … it’ just happened I fell in love with you when I was least expecting it and with the things…” I couldn’t say anything else as he pulled me to him the water swirling round us, his mouth captured mine as he kissed me his hands wrapping round me out body’s pressed tightly together so I could feel his heart beating in his chest making my mind want to melt…………….

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