Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Do you?

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



…………… Beckett pulled back I moved away from him in the water and pulled the ties on the sides of my bikini bottoms and pulled them off dropping them over the edge of the hot tub onto the deck, I watched the smile on his lips twitch.


“You’re dangerous Miss. Deering” he all but growled at me


“Dangerous how?” I tipped my head


“You’re like a drug I need” he snagged me round the waist pulling me sharply through the water to him “I don’t like not seeing you, my day at work seems endless, I just want to catch a glimpse of you” his hands moved under the water “I’m trying to work out what the hell you’ve done to me I meet you almost three weeks ago and I’ve…”


“I hope to god you are both wearing clothes” he jumped and looked round as Dane walked out of another doorway a little further along the deck”


“I am she isn’t” Beckett looked at little irritated with seeing his brother as he moved back and got out of the tub to retrieve my bikini bottoms and he handed them to me


“Sorry” Dane held up his hands “I wanted to…” he pulled a girl out of the doorway behind him she was blushing


“Well dude we got here first” Beckett got back in the water with me “And you were interrupting”


“We’ll go and use the…”


“No Dane wait” Becketts whole demeanor changed “How much for a retainer?”


“For what” Dane seemed to change his stance and his eyes became serious


“For some advice and maybe handling something”


“Depends on what it is and who it’s for, normally it’s five thousand” he walked over to the side of the hot tub “But I’m not going to get you off with damn speeding tickets again”


“No this is going to be a fight”


“Oooo you have me intrigued” Beckett looked back at me “You want to try to fight them?”


“I don’t know I’ve not…”


“Dane you think you can go throw on a pot of coffee and meet us in the kitchen in five minutes?” Beckett looked back at his brother


“Daaanne” the girl behind Dane whined


“Tell you what you put on the coffee and give me fifteen minutes and I’ll not charge my consultation fee” Dane bit down on his bottom lip as he looked at the girl


“Really you stopped me when my girl was half naked and you want me to give you time to get…” Beckett just dropped his head and groaned “Fine… and why didn’t you go home tonight anyway?”


“I felt like Mom’s breakfast again” Dane shrugged Beckett got out of the tub and picked up one of the towels he’d set on the rail and held it out for me I climbed out as Dane and the girl disappeared back into his room.


“Beckett” he stopped on his way to the door and looked at me “What are…?’


“Well the guys and I were talking in the bar tonight and they were saying that is you possible could sell the companies from out under your Father and… Him” he couldn’t even say Brett’s name “Then it’s payback for everything they put you through made you do and suffer” he shivered as a wind blew across the deck “Let’s go inside” I nodded and walked in with him. He closed the door and flicked the lock


“I’m taking it that Dane is…”


“He’s a lawyer, him and Tate have opened a law practice here and Dane specializes in corporate” he came over to me “I know Dane and he’s not going to charge you he’s a bone head sometimes but he’s good at what he does and let’s see what he thinks” he tipped his head “I just hate what they did to you and they way you’ve thought you’ve had to live your life… I’ve seen you working and handling people and you’re better than they are and they deserve to be…”


“Okay” I nodded “I don’t hold out much…” I looked at him “What will I have to do?”


“I don’t know that’s where Dane comes into it” he walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of gym short and pulled them on “If he doesn’t think it will work them it’s up to you what you want to do about the meeting thing but you are not going alone” I went over to my bag and pulled out a pair of PJ’s and pulled off my bikini “Damn” Beckett muttered “Then we’re coming back here and finishing what we started” I pulled on my Pants and T-shirt “What were you going to say when we were in the tub before Dane came out” Beckett smiled at me and held out his hand.


“Lets go see Dane” he got the naughty boy smile on his face and tugged me out of the room


“Beckett” I stopped and pulled him back “If I got the wrong idea and if you think what I said is too much then tell me and I’ll give you the room you need and if you need to walk away” I felt a lump come to my throat catching me by surprise. Beckett frowned at me


“You really think for a minute I didn’t like what you said” he put his hands on my hips “You made my year, hell those three words made me want to go to the top of the mountain and yell about it… but I’m nervous and a little scared how I feel, I’ve never like I told you, I’ve never had a long term relationship. The girls I’ve been with have been just a passing thing not to be mean or anything they just haven’t intrigued me into wanting to be with them. You just seemed to come into my life and knocked me on my ass and caught me off guard… I’m in love with you as well”…………….

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