Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Up all night

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



…………… Beckett smiled down at me and bent his head and kissed me, my toes almost curled on the spot.


“Let’s go see Dane” he wrapped his arm round me and we made our way down to the kitchen. Beckett put on a pot of coffee before coming back over to me “I feel like a little kid at Christmas” he chuckled pulling out the stool next to  me and sat down “but it feels so right”


“I know how you feel” I put my head on his shoulder


“I know you don’t have work tomorrow, so you want to spend the day with me?”


“What about work?” I smiled at him “and I have to go find shoes to go with the dress Kit let me have”


“I can take you shopping” he nuzzled my neck


“I’m going with Hadley we haven’t had a lot of time to talk in the last week” I moaned and shivered as he nipped at my ear “You have to work”


“I only have one meeting at nine about breaking ground on a new home” his hot breath made my heart jump “how would you like to come back to my place the one Dane and I have?”


‘After I’ve been shopping I’d love to meet you there if you give me the address” I moved away from him “and you have to stop that or your brother is going to come in and interrupt something I won’t be able to stop”


“Teach him to interrupt us from the get go won’t it?” Beckett got off the stool and came after me. I started to laugh and ran round the table to get away from him


“Shhhh your parents and sister are sleeping” I giggled as I dodged him “Beckett” I laughed as he snagged me round the waist and pinned me against the fridge and kissed me I moaned into the kiss.


“Hey… it’s four in the morning people” Dane walked into the kitchen with his laptop under his arm “Get a room”


“We had the hot tub until you stopped us from getting all…” I put my hand over Becketts mouth


“Well that is true I guess and sorry I took a little longer than I said but she was insatiable”


“Okay I hope you cleared it with Mom and Dad before you brought her back here” Beckett moved my hand and lead me to the table before going and filling three cups of coffee


“Mom will be fine she’s passed out in my bed Mom will be at work before she wakes up”


“Does she have a name?” I asked taking the cup from Beckett and wrapping my hands round it


“I guess so” Dane smirked “I didn’t ask”


“Another notch on the Dane Mackay bedpost” Dane fired up his laptop and sat opposite me “So whats this about?”


“My Father and my ex-husband” Dane choked on his coffee


“Yes she was married” Beckett sighed “to a total douche bag” he added


“My Father has a business and has set up several companies in my name to get round some tax thing” Dane sat back and took note on a yellow legal pad “now they want me to sign the papers so they can sell it”




“They don’t deserve it they drove her away literally telling her she wasn’t worth it and That fucker married her to get a promotion and be close to her father” Dane frowned


“Is this true?” I nodded


“My father had never thought I’d make anything of myself because I wanted to snowboard and just, just be me… ever since I was kid I was told the best I could do was marry a man they could look after me and had the brains because all I had was my looks” Dane raised his eye brows and looked at Beckett who got up and refilled his cup “I married Brett because I thought my Dad would finally think I was something other than a mistake” Beckett leant on the edge of the counter and cradled his cup in his hands


“Did you walk away from the marriage with anything?” Dane looked at me I shook my head


“Well I had a car but I sold it and I took the clothes I liked and my snowboards” I put my cup down “I do have paper work in a safety deposit box in the bank with the details and contracts of these companies”


“Well that’s something” he wrote it down


“Her Father and the idiot are here in town” beckett walked back over and braced his hand on the table “they found out where she worked and sent her her wedding dress and this” beckett reached into his pocket and tossed my wedding band on the table. Dane picked it up


“Oh that was my wedding and engagement ring”


“You are kidding right I have pens with larger nibs than the diamond in this…” Dane pulled a face “Cheap assed bastard isn’t he”


“He wanted a new car instead” I looked down at my hands “Size of the diamond is still bigger than his dick” I muttered


“Well at least you’ve upgraded” Dane chuckled putting the ring down


“If you get me the paperwork you have I can look into this more and see what can be done… in fact what is it you want to do?”


“Sell it out from under them if possible” I took a deep breath “I’ve learnt how life is supposed to be, I have amazing friends and two jobs I love and I have your brother” I looked at Beckett who looked at me and smiled “I’ve actually found the real Michelle Deering, not the wall flower wanting some form of recognition from people who’s many goal in life is a huge bank balance”


“And you’re with him…” Dane put his hands behind his head “The houses he builds aren’t exactly leaving him penniless” I frowned at Dane “Do you read the money magazines?”


“Dude I snowboard for a living and work in a bar at night why would I want to look at the magazines that my father and Ex loved to feature in” I shrugged


“Dane I think you need to shut up” Beckett shot Dane a look as the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs echoed round the room.


“What in the world are you three doing up?” Dina walked into the kitchen


“We haven’t gone to bed yet Mom” Beckett smiled at her and put his arm round her shouders


“Well that’s not going to good if you’ve all got bags under your eyes for the wedding now is it and Chelle was working and had a long day” she swatted Beckett “I raised you better than that young man”


“Ow Mom” he groaned making me laugh “We were doing some business with Dane that was all and we were heading to bed”


“You have a meeting” I reminded him


“Crap” he hung his head “I’ll postpone it”


“That’s not the way to run a business” I chastised him “Where would I be if I cancelled on my clients wanting lessons” I poked him in the ribs as I got up “Well you’d have ended up having a lesson with Snowy and Niall and never met me” Dina started to laugh “Now you need to sort yourself out and haul your ass to your meeting”


“I like this girl” Dina grinned “Not afraid of hard work” Beckett groaned and rubbed his hand on the five o’clock shadow in his jaw. Dane picked up the pad and his laptop


“Get me the papers today Chelle and bring them to the office and I’ll make a start on it for you”


“I’ll get you a bank draft for five thousand as well” Dane stopped and looked at me “Your retainer”


“Yeah right like hell” he laughed “Chelle you’re family” he winked at me “If we win take me out to dinner”……………


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