Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Rally round

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



………….. I stood off to the side of the ski lift waiting for Niall and the others to get to me. I knew I was wrong to have bolted like that so I had to have my game face on when they got to me. I scrubbed my hand over my face as I saw the four of them coming. I moved away and smiled as Niall came toward me a deep set frown on his face.


“What was that?”


“Sorry I’m just tired to many late nights” I shrugged “I’m fine now… and hey I think the shock of Hadley coming here took me by surprise” I moved round him


“Hey” he caught my arm “you have to remember where we are and your head has to be in the game up here”


“Niall I’m fine… My head is in the game, don’t question it okay” he dropped his hand from my arm “Look I love you okay you and the others are everything to me, I promise you I’m all good”


“Okay” he nodded I looked at the three guys “Sorry about that it’s been a long day already… so Beckett remember what I told you about keeping your ass in and moving your hips forward” I dropped my board down and clipped into it “We’ll go down together I can keep you on track”


“Sounds good” Beckett nodded


“How come he gets a one on one” Dane held up his hands


“Wait here and I’ll come back for you” I laughed unless you want to come down with Niall


“Well if he’s getting a one on one I want one with you as well” Tate grinned


“Oh gee way to feel loved” Niall hung his head

“Well Sorry Dude but she’s hot” Beckett winked at me Niall glanced up at me.


“Well that she is you should see her at work”


“Oh my god… hello… I’m right here feeling like a piece of meat” I tipped my head “We’ve done one run and we have spent more time yapping… Now boys book individual privates with me if you want more lessons because it’s what I get paid to do but right now I only saw Cupcake’s run so I know what he has to work on” I edged to the lip of the run “So come on” Beckett grinned at his friends and hurried over dropping his board and clipping on to it “Ready”


“Yes Ma’am” he nodded we both launched and hit the run taking the first sweeps easily until the run narrowed bringing us within a few feet of each other


“Now put your ass in and level your hips” I called out over the sound of boards on the snow “Brace for the bump” He followed each instruction as I gave it “Nice” I smiled feeling a touch of self satisfaction from someone listening and learning something from me. We came to a stop at the foot of the mountain.


“OH DAMN” Beckett pulled off his goggles “the difference was amazing” I just smiled and nodded “How long have you been boarding?”


“Since I was eight so a long time” I shrugged “you did an awesome job in listening and taking instruction” I put my board in the rack.


“Look I’m sorry if we sounded like a bunch of hormonal teens up there…” I looked round at him “It’s just you are pretty” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath


“Thank you for the apology but I’m used to the Frat boy kinda guy you’ve met my friends” I pointed to where Layton and Snowy were talking  


“Yeah but still… are you and Niall… well are you…” He rubbed his hand on his jaw


“Friends yes” I smiled “I’m here to work and I work a lot with both my jobs, Friends are the only thing I have time for” Niall, Dane and Tate all came to a stop “Hey I  need to go do something” Niall looked at me “Hey Layton you have a lesson?”


“Nope I got office duty” he shook his head


“Can you swap with me I need to do something on the computer?”


“Sure… today’s a perfect day to get out here” he nodded “There is just the roster for next week to be finished” I hugged him “Okay what was that for…”


“Because I wanted a hug” I shrugged before I looked round “Layton will finish the lesson with Niall but really if you all did as well as Cupcake just did then you’re good to be up there alone without us” I walked away toward the office


“She okay?” Layton looked at Niall “That fake assed smile ain’t fooling anyone”


“I’m not pushing her you know what she gets like” Niall Kicked at the snow


“You want me to talk to her?” Snowy folded his arms over his chest. There was a cough from behind them


“Sorry” Niall inhaled okay let’s get back up there and we’ll try it again without us giving you instruction to see if you can remember then we’ll try a slightly harder route down”


“So is…?” Dane looked to where I was talking to another instructor


“Chelle’s got something to do” Layton tipped his head and blocked Danes view “Then she probably needs to get her ass home and ready for work”


“But I thought she worked here?” Tate frowned


“She’s got two jobs” Beckett butted in making Snowy, Niall and Laytom look at him “She told me” he shrugged


“I’m going in to the office” Snowy backed up and turned away from them


“And we’re going back on the mountain” Layton grabbed his board


“Oh and FYI and not trying to sound like a jack ass but if any of you are sniffing after Chelle back off” Niall started back for the ski lift “Let’s go ladies”


Snowy walked in to the office as I shed my jacket and pants, he perched on the end of the desk and tipped his head


‘Don’t okay… there isn’t anything wrong I’ve just been over working” I sat down at the computer and pulled up the roster.


“So why would someone who you don’t know be writing to you here?”


“I have no idea” I shrugged keeping my face at the screen “So you guys coming to the bar tonight… we’ve got hot in the snow night?” I wanted so much to forget the envelope and get on with my life “Chance for you to take body shots off Hadley”


“Okay when do we not come to the bar and what is hot in the snow?”


“Short shorts and Bikini’s” Thank god Snowy had attention problems especially if half naked women were mentioned


“So you and Hadley half naked” the grin spread across his face


“Snowy we’re in the hot tub at your place at least four times a week” I smiled shaking my head feeling a little more normal


“Yeah I know but… Damn I need to go roll in the snow” I finally looked away from the computer and balled a piece of paper and bounced it off his head Making him laugh as the door opened


“Hey Snow can you come give us a hand in the shop” one of the girls from the store asked


“Sure…” he got up as she closed the door “And Chelle one day you’ll let us in a little more” he bent and dropped a kiss on my cheek “we love you, you know that” he walked out grabbing his jacket. I put my head on the desk and closed my eyes, one day I might but right now  I couldn’t…………

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