Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - New Day

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



………… “Will you guys go to bed for a couple of hours and I’ll wake you up when I leave for the bakery” Dina came behind Beckett and I putting her hand on our shoulders.


“Okay thanks Mom” Beckett kissed her cheek and put his arm round me and we walked back up to his room. I walked over to the bed and yawned “I guess we really should get some sleep shouldn’t we” Beckett came over and put his hands on my hips. I nodded leaning back against him “I’m sorry we sort of got sidetracked”


“No it’s good” I turned to face him “This needs to be done even if nothing comes of it it’s going to show that I’m done with them and I don’t care anymore” he smiled at me as my fingers trailed across the tight abs “Take me to bed”


I murmured biting down on my lower lip, his pupils dilated and he hiked my shirt up and over my head in one swift movement his mouth bent capturing one of my nipples in it while his hand rolled the other between his thumb and forefinger. I let my head fall back and I closed my eyes as Beckett pushed his hips against me. He backed me against the bed and let go of me  I lay back and scooted up not taking my eyes off of him as he caught the bottoms of my PJ pants and tugged then throwing then in the corner along with my shirt he gripped my knees and  moved them apart. He smiled at me and lowered his head. My hands gripped the sheets under me as his tongue dipped in and out of me and licked over me. I let go of the sheets and gripped the back of his head he pushed two fingers in me my back arched off the bed and I came hard against him.


“Damn” I moaned as he moved over me and pushed down his shorts I wrapped my legs round his waist as he pushed into me moving at a slow languid pace he braced his elbows either side of my head looking at me as he moved, this was a whole different level of sex making me feel somehow closer to him. His pace increased and he dropped his head to the side of my neck as he came I wrapped my arms round him and held him to me as he stilled and rolled to the side taking me with him.


“I know it’s the wrong time to say this right after mind blowing sex” he smiled “but I love you”


“Say it when you want I like hearing it” I touched the side of his face


“Well I have a feeling I’m going to be saying it quite a lot” he nuzzled in to my side


“Can we get under the covers?” he eased out of me and got off the bed one side as I got off the other and we pulled back the covers and got back in and snuggled down together. Beckett wrapped his arms round me. Sleep came quickly to both of us.



… “Beckett… Honey it’s eight thirty” Dina’s voice cut into my sleep and I felt Beckett stir and move behind me.


“Hey Mom” his voice made goose bumps spring up on my arms


“Coffee is here on the night stand and I’ve left some muffins in the kitchen”


“Thank you” I felt him roll on to his back “It’s alright for Chelle to sleep for a while longer isn’t it?”


“Of course Your Dad is working from home today so she’ll be alright when she needs to leave”


“Thank you”


“You’ve found a really nice girl there”


“I know and I actually grew some balls and told her” Dina let out a squeaking noise “Shhhh” he laughed “Now Mom go to work because I need to get up and get showered and ready to go to my meeting”


“I’m going and I’m proud of you for becoming a man”


“Gee thank’s mom” he groaned I heard the door click closed and pushed back into him “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you” he moved and put his arm over me


“It’s okay”


“I have to get ready for my meeting” he pressed his lips on the back of my neck “You go back to sleep”




“But nothing… you get some more sleep I’ll set the alarm for eleven and it gives you time to get up and go to the bank to get the papers and meet Hadley and take them to Dane”


“I like the idea of more sleep” I yawned “Some hot man wore me the hell out early this morning”


“He’d like to wear you out as often as possible” he chuckled “but for now go back to sleep and know that I love you” he kissed  my neck again and got out of bed I snuggled back down under the covers and drifted back to sleep. The alarm woke me I groaned and rolled over taking a few minutes to realize where I was. There was a note propped up on the pillow where Becketts head had been, I picked it up.


Hey Baby,

I could have spent the day laying here with you waking up and making love to you like last night but like you said last night that isn’t the way to run a business. So I’m out to work but you don’t have your Jeep here so take my Mustang keys are on the nightstand and go do what you need to. I’ll call you as soon as I’m done with the meeting.


I love you even writing it has made me smile


Beckett xxx



I smiled and slid out of bed  and walked over to the bathroom and showered and got dressed before making a call to Hadley that I’d pick her up from Snowy’s place. I was nervous that I was going to take on too much trying to take my Father and Brett to task but I had nothing to lose and I had people around me supporting me……….

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