Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Dane's office

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



………… I pulled up outside the guys house and sounded the horn and pulled my phone out of my purse


 * Mackay and Westbrook Attorneys at law

Me *  Hi Dane Mackay please it’s Michelle Deering

 * one moment


There was a click and I was put on hold


Dane * Chelle?

Me * hey, I went to the bank and I have the papers

Dane * awesome I’ve cleared most of my afternoon so I can get going with this

Me * I’m picking up Hadley now to go out. I’ll be at your office in about ten minutes

Dane * I’ll be here waiting


I hung up as Hadley got in the car


“Hey girl you look like you’ve been up all night” Hadley grinned at me


“We were” I pulled away from the house “We just have to swing by Dane’s office and give him something”


“Okay” she nodded “Are we grabbing lunch while we’re out?”


“Hell yeah” I glanced at her “You feeling okay you’re looking a little pale?”


“I think I’m getting sick” she chewed her lip “But what you gonna do. So how is Beckett?”


“He’s good” I couldn’t help the smile that came at the mere mention of his name


“Oh Spill it you’ve never looked so damn mushy and happy since I’ve known you” she laughed


“I fell in love okay” my face flushed “I never thought it would happen and I really never expected to fall in love so damn fast”


“Well you have one hell of a hot looking man and I’m trying to convince Snowy to get pierced” she wiggled her eye brows “It looked so damn sexy on Beckett”


“You are kidding he cried when I had to pull a splinter from his finger and yes it is rather sexy” I giggled high fiving her “I was wondering if I got mine done”


“OW” she rubbed her own chest “that we should leave to the men just go get another tattoo”


‘Oh where is your sense of adventure” I pulled up in a parking lot of an office building “You were up for anything a week ago”


“Hey I only did that dare because I was getting a coach purse from the guys for doing it” she got out with me and we walked toward the building “and it was worth it ask snowy” she poked her tongue out showing the bar in the middle of it.


“Ew” I wrinkled my nose at her “I’ll pass on that” I pulled open the door and walked over to the desk


“Can I help you?” the girl sitting there looked up at me and Hadley and tried not to pull a face at the way we were dressed.


“I’m here to see Dane Mackay”


“Take the elevator to the second floor and turn right when you get out”


“Thank you” I tugged Hadley toward the elevator


‘Stuck up bitch” Hadley muttered


“Ignore her” I sighed pressing the button


“So what are you giving to Dane?” she looked at the large envelope in my hand


‘Something I hope to piss off my Father and Brett” we stepped inside and rode up to the second floor


“And Dane’s helping how he seems like a bit of an ass… no offence “


“Danes a Lawyer” Hadley inhaled and choked on her gum


“Wow teach me to never judge a book by its cover” I banged on her back as she coughed “I thought you had to have a brain to be a lawyer”


“Oh it shocked me as well but he’s good from Beckett said” we opened the outer door and stepped in to a modern looking reception a model like girl sitting at a glass topped desk.


‘Okay well she doesn’t surprise me after the bimbo he left the bar with yesterday” Hadley whispered


‘Will you shut up” I groaned “Hi I’m here to…”


“Chelle” I looked round as Dane walked out of an office “I was just talking about you” he laughed


“I dread to think” I frowned


“No Beckett is waiting on me to send him a couple of contracts so he can get out of his meeting” He held open his office door “Come on in” Hadley and I walked inside “Coffee?”


‘No we have some things to do” I shook my head Dane went behind his desk and sat down. I handed over the envelope


“Everything in here?” I nodded “Is there things with your signature on?”


“It’s all got my signature on there is no mention of Brett or my Father”


“Okay well that’s a plus” he flipped through them “Can I call you if I have any questions?”


“Yes no problem but I’m not sure what I could tell you I basically was told to sign things and that was about it” I sighed


“Chelle don’t worry okay if I can get these sorted and make sure there is no way your father can claim them…” he smiled at me “So you  told my big brother you fell in love with him are you sure you’re sane?’ he chuckled


“He told you?”


“No my mom called and told me so I had to give him ten tons of crap”


“Dude that’s just mean” Hadley groaned “I think they look and are amazing together”


‘I wasn’t saying they weren’t, but it’s fun to wind Beckett up”


“I have this for you” I opened my bag and pulled out a think Bank envelope and pushed it across the desk


“What is it?” Dane picked it up


“Five thousand dollars almost all of my savings” I murmured “I can’t expect you to do this without paying it’s not my way”


“And I said I’m not going to charge you” Dane became serious “and I meant it… the chance to fuck over some big egomaniac and a guy that didn’t by his fiancée a diamond worth anything, especially when I think my client is a pretty awesome person and she’s dating my brother” I opened my mouth to say something as he pushed the money back in my direction “I told you last night you’re as good as family and if I can pull this case off you can pay me and take me for dinner but you want me to take money now then I won’t deal with the papers” I frowned at him “I don’t mess around  Chelle” I picked up the envelope “and it’s not  I don’t think you can’t pay… hell I’ve seen how hard you work, I know you can afford this” I looked down “Now go shopping and have fun and I’ll catch you tonight if I have any news on this” he taped the papers on his desk………..

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