Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Money and misery

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



……………… Hadley and I walked around down town window shopping more than anything when the price tags on most things we’re as much as my rent was for a month.


“Where the hell am I going to find total Bang the ass of me shoes for a cheap assed budget?” I groaned as we walked out of a store I linked her arm


“Girl did you not just go to hand over five thousand dollars to Dane?” She stopped and put her hands on her hips ‘Hell I wish I had that in a savings account”


“I know but I might need it for…” I frowned “Okay I can’t think of a reason yet but”


“But you need some shoes that is going to make that man you have want you as soon as he sees you in them” she shook her head “Splurge a little it won’t kill you”


“I’ve never…”


“So help me live like the wild girl I know you are I’ve seen you shake your ass on the bar more than once and hell you and Beckett all but screamed down the house when you” I put my hand over her mouth her eyes twinkling”


“Fine” I smiled “you are a bad influence” I moved my hand


“I know Snowy tells me all the time” she giggled pulling me back inside one of the stores we carried on shopping Hadley putting a serious dent in to her credit card as I found a pair of shoes I felt amazing in and tried not to cry as I handed over just over a thousand dollars. We walked out and went to one of the bars to grab some lunch. Talking to people we knew from our bar while we waited. My phone rang I pulled it from my purse


Me * Mr. Mackay your meeting finished

Beckett * yes finally, it feels like my head is going to explode

Me * hard morning?

Beckett * people who can’t make up their minds over what they want, but I think they have it down to a few choices that they are going to mull over till next week because I told my office to hold everything unless it is a life or death emergency.

Me * Beckett…

Beckett * what my sister is getting married in a few days and the whole family is coming into town


I suddenly felt nauseous, his family would be at the wedding Oh god lord and if he’d never been anywhere with a girl


Beckett * Chelle… Hey Chelle

Me * Sorry I got… did you say all your family is going to be there?

Beckett * you know it’s going to be a big wedding

Me * Oh great

Beckett * you’re nervous

Me * I am now

Beckett * they’ll love you… I do

Me * I love you too


Hadley choked on her beer I swatted her


Beckett * so where are you?

Me * Wickets just by your moms shop, we needed a beer after spending the money we just did

Beckett * did you find shoes?

Me * oh yeah I’m still reeling from handing over the money

Beckett * see I should have been a better boyfriend and spoiled you

Me * Hey remember the rent thing and I threw you out, I can buy my own shoes

Beckett * I wasn’t saying you couldn’t… I’d like to treat you to something

Me * Treat me to a repeat of last night and we’ll call it good

Beckett * I’ve been trying not to think of that all morning because it would have been the end of me


I smiled at the sudden deepening to his voice


Beckett * you mind if I come and join you and Hadley?

Me * No feel free we’re just eating

Beckett * okay I’m going to be there in about fifteen minutes

Me * Love you

Beckett * love you too



I hung up


“He’s told you he loves you?” Hadley pointed at me with a French fry


“Yes he has”


“OH SHE SHOOTS SHE SCORES” she got up and danced round the table I groaned and hung my head


“Will you sit your ass down” I smacked her ass as she wiggled it in my face


“I’m so happy for you”


“I’m dating the guy he hasn’t proposed?” I picked up my fork and took a bite of the pasta  on my plate “How is things for you and Snowy?”


“It’s going well” she flushed “He gives off the whole Dumb blond all I do is Snowboard kind of vibe, but you can hold a conversation with him and  talk to him about anything”


“You mean you’re not just doing it for the hot sex?” I teased


“No… well yes the sex is amazing but I think it’s going to be more than just a way to get laid” she took a deep breath “I told him this morning I loved him”


“What did he do?” I picked up my beer bottle and took a drink


“He looked at me like a lost puppy before he hugged me and told me he felt the same and he…” she reached into the neck of her t-shirt and pulled out a chain with Snowy’s ring on it was a ring he’d always worn as long as well knew it


“Damn he’s asked you to go steady with him OMG” I put on my best bimbo voice and put my hands on y face


‘Oh shut up” she laughed “he’s sweet and he’s Snowy for god sake”


“You’ve got a good guy there” I took another forkful of my lunch


“I think we both landed on our feet with the men we have” I picked up my bottle and clinkedit against heres “Hell makes up for all the damn assholes in the past”


“Amen to…….” I trailed off as the door to the bar opened “Oh god” my appetite vanished and I felt like throwing up the lunch I had eaten


“What’s wrong?”  Hadley looked at me and followed where I was looking


“That’s Brett” I murmured “And my father”……….

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