Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Safety

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



……………… I could feel my heart thumping in my chest I gripped onto the table


“switch seats with me then you’ll have your back to them” Hadley truly looked worried for me I nodded and we moved so I had my back to them “Please tell me you’ve changed your hair at least?” I nodded


“Please keep your eye on them if they head this way”


‘Don’t worry about it I will” she reached over the table and squeezed my hand I was a nervous wreck the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up “Call Beckett”


“He’s already on his way” I rubbed my hands over my face “I didn’t know how I’d feel seeing them again but…” I held out my hand flat and watched as it shook


“You’re not here alone right I’ll kick ass if I have to no one upsets my best friend and gets away with it and I’m damn sure there are a few people in here we know that will also help us out” I nodded “They went and took the booth in the far corner” she watched them as she carried on eating “I’m sorry you are so out of his league” she pulled a face making me smile for the first time since they’d walked in


“Hey Baby” I jumped as I felt a hand on my back and lips press against the back of my neck


“Sit” Hadley hissed at him pulling him into the seat next to here


“What’s…” he trailed off as he saw my face “You still not over the shoe price” I shook my head


“Brett and my father are over there” I muttered looking down at the half finished food in front of me and pushing it away


“What?” his voice hitched


“The ass and the older ass that fucked over your girl are sitting in the booth over there” I shot Hadley a look “Well what you want me to be polite about it and you’ll be waiting for a lifetime” she held her hands out. Beckett looked round his eyes locking on to where they were sitting eating. His entire face seemed to darken and his mood changed the air seemed to become heavy round us.


“Can we just leave, I’m not ready to face them right now” I touched his hand making him jump and look at me


“I agree she needs to get the hell out of here” Hadley chimed in “Take her to where ever you need to but keep my best friend Sane please”


“Oh I will” Beckett looked at her “Chelle lets go” I’d never felt so relieved to leave somewhere in my entire life. I kept my back to the corner and I picked up my things Hadley put her arms round me and hugged me “Call me later okay”


“I will” Beckett picked up my bags and put his arm round me


“I’m praying that they don’t see me”


“Yeah well you think they’d start something in here?” He looked at me


“I don’t know” I chewed my lip


“Well let’s go… you okay to drive my car?” I nodded reaching into my pocket and pulling out the keys Beckett walked me to where the car was parked and waited while I got in “I’ll go get my truck and you can follow me” I nodded And waited and watched him cross the street to his truck and get in I looked over at the bar and was half expecting them to walk out, the sound of a horn made me jump and I looked round to where Beckett was waiting. I followed him through the town relentlessly checking the mirror to check we weren’t being followed but there was nothing.


We pulled up to a house that wasn’t anywhere near the size of his parents but it was big enough for a family of at least ten to live in comfortably. Beckett got out of the truck and came over as I turned off the engine to his car, he opened the door and offered me his hand.


“You doing okay?” He put his hands on my hips


‘I don’t know, that scared me. I had it in the back of my head that because of the note and to dress and they were here but I never expected to see them in a damn bar”


“Well you’re away from them now and you have me all to yourself and you don’t have to worry about anything” he smiled at me “Now you want to see where I live?” he gestured to the house


“You have to be kidding right?” I swallowed as he led me to the steps and up to the ornately carved heavy double wooden doors


“What?” he chuckled


“This house is Sick from the outside and I’ve seen the inside of your parent’s house remember” I waited while he unlocked the door and one of them open


“Well my Mom was the one that decorated their house this was all me and well Kit helped a bit” he shrugged “so it’s not quite the classic look Mom does so well” he rubbed the back of his neck as he closed the door behind me “I hope you like it”…………….

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