Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - more in love

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



………….. The house was the perfect a total Guys house but without being a frat house. Huge leather couches were in front of the stone fire place. The view from the floor to ceiling windows had a perfect look over the entire valley. The kitchen off of it was like a smaller version of his Mom’s. I looked over my shoulder at Beckett as he dropped his keys into a bowl on the end of the kitchen counter. His face was still etched with anger his eyes dark and menacing.


“This is more than amazing” I put my hands on the back of the couch “Is this another one that you built?”


“Yes Ma’am” he smiled walking over to the fridge and pulling out two beers he offered one to me I came forward and took it. “It was only finished a few months ago”


“And you and Dane live here?”


“For now?” he tucked a piece of hair back behind my ear


“Are you selling it?”


“Hell no” he chuckled “Dane’s Loft Apartment is almost ready downtown”


“You again?”


“No this is defiantly more City than anything I do” he shook his head “So this is all mine in another few weeks”


“Thank you” I sighed leaning in the counter


“What for?”


“Not going crazy in the bar just when you saw them” I put the bottle down and looked at him


“Well I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take everything I had not to go over and redecorate with the pair of them” he literally growled I put my hand on his chest making him look at me “Well I’m sorry but what they put you through is ridiculous”


“I had something to do with it as well you know, I agreed to the wedding and to sign the papers”


“Only because you wanted to be treated like a daughter by your Dad” he shook his head “I’m sorry when and if I ever have kids as long as they are happy in what they decide to do I’m good with it” he put his drink down next to mine “Yes you gave in to what they wanted but at least you realized it wasn’t right and you did something about it and got out of there and you followed this” he put his hand over my heart “Mushy I know but true none the less” he put his hands on my hips and lifted me to sit on the counter and stood between my legs


“Damn you know how to make me smile” I rubbed my hands up and down his arms


“Look forget we saw them and remember when you do have to go face to face with them I’ll be right there with you”


“Do you think this has all happened way to fast?”


“Me and you?” he tipped his head I nodded “I don’t know I’ve never wanted to spend as much time with anyone before, it sort of feels natural to me” he shrugged “are you feeling pressured?”


“No” I smiled “far from it I’m just… well I’m a snowboard instructor and you are…” I gestured round to the house


“What I build houses” he shook his head “When I get the chance I’m out there with my Work crew building, you’ll never get me in a suit and tie for a meeting, that’s not me and not how I’m running my company and people like that, yes I build homes that range from a hundred thousand dollars to over ten million dollars. But I’m down to earth and would rather spend the night kicking back playing pool in the bar than going up to the ski lodge with all the other rich asses”


“Down to earth is an understatement” I took a deep breath

“Well you want to take a look round?”


“Sure?’ I nodded, he took me round the entire house there was three bedrooms each with its own bathroom. The entire place was just plain amazing we walked back out into the living room Beckett walked over to the fireplace and started to make a fire as I sat on the couch. “So I’m not working tonight what do you want to do?”


“Well one, get you naked and get you on the floor in front of this fire” he jumped on the couch next to me and put his head in my lap I ran my fingers through his hair “and two, I think we need Dinner and then get naked in my bed” he grinned up at me “and yes I’m trying to make you forget the day you’ve had including the being shoe whore” he teased


“Oh did you really just say that?” I pulled a face at him and grabbed the ring in his nipple through his shirt and tugged on it


“You know what happens when you do that” he bit on his lip “And I can tell by the bag the shoes have got to be hot” he reached up and put his hand behind my head and brought my mouth down to meet his. I kissed him and then pulled back


“I’m sure you just want me for my body” I teased. Beckett made me feel so much at ease like every problem I had was nothing.


“Well I do, and your mind” he moved and sat up “And because you’ve got me wrapped round this” he lifted my hand and kissed my little finger. I moaned as he took it in his mouth and sucked on it gently he kept his eyes on me. “I can’t get enough of you” he said linking his fingers with mine “I  Love you and I’m here for you no matter what” the look in his eyes took me by surprise he was so open and honest, it made my heart beat a little faster as I wrapped my arms round him and pulled him to me hugging him as hard as I could.


“Take me to bed” I murmured in his ear “I love you and I need to have you now”…………

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