Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Friends are the best

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



………….. “Are you going to let me make dinner?” I asked as I lay in his arms in his bed

“You cook?”

“Yes I cook” I swatted him as he laughed “I’d like to do something for you”

“Baby you just did” he put his arms behind his head and looked at me

“Sexual favors don’t count” I shook my head “and you did make those omelets for me the first time we…” my mind drew a blank just thinking about our first attempt at a date that ended up in us in my bed.

“That was one hell of a date” he chuckled as if reading my mind “But if you want to cook hell go for it I wouldn’t mind a night in”

“Amen to that” I rubbed my hand over my face “I also have to go home at some point”

“Why?” I looked at him

“I need clothes and well it’s my place”

“And you agreed to stay with me until we know your Dad and his little lackey are out of here” he reminded me “and to tell you the truth I’d rather have you here even after they have left” he rolled onto his side and looked at me “Kinda like having you in my bed when I wake up kicking my ass to get to work” I felt my jaw slacken a little

“I don’t… I mean… move… wow” I sat up

“Look, quick? Yes, scary? Hell yes” he sat up with me “But what the hell is life without a few chances being taken”

“Will you give me time to think about it?” all he did was nod

“I have to go see my Mom about something do you want to come along?”

“I’ll stay here and make dinner if that’s okay… and then it means you’ll come back to me if I tell you that you can have dessert in bed” well didn’t that make him sit up and smile

“I won’t be long, do you want me to swing by your place and get anything?”

“No I’ll go over to morrow and get my car and some other things otherwise I’ll be struggling to get ready for the wedding” he slipped out of bed and grabbed his jeans from the floor and pulled them on “Are you wearing a tux for the wedding?”

“Oh yeah” he groaned as he pulled on his t-shirt and a hoodie “Monkey suit is a must” he looked over his shoulder at me “Not looking forward to that part but it’s what my sister wants so I can put up with it for a day”

“I think you’ll look cute… well hot…” he stopped and faced me

“I’m getting ready to see you in a dress” he lent on the bed “And I hope you can dance because I’m wanting to be dancing with you that night” I felt my cheeks flush as he bent and kissed me “Anything to help get the thoughts of having to meet your Dad before we go to the wedding out of my head” he straightened up “I’ll be about an hour” I nodded at him “Make yourself at home”

I watched him walk out of the room before I got out of bed and walked over to his closet and opened the door there was typical Beckett clothes he wore every day and then some button down shirts. I grabbed a powder blue one and slipped it on fastening it up before retrieving my underwear from on the lamp in the corner of the room where he’d thrown them. I made my way down to the kitchen my phone was ringing in my purse. I picked it up and went over to the fridge as I answered it.

Me * Hadley sorry I should have called but I sort of got distracted with… well a nipple ring

Hadley * Nice… so your Daddy and that thing with him we’re just in here asking for you

I glanced at the time not realizing it was already after seven and Hadley was working at the bar

Me * what did you tell them?

Hadley * nothing just you weren’t working here anymore and I had no idea where you’d gone

Me * did you behave?

Hadley * of course but it took Niall and Snowy everything not to get out of their seats and throw them out on their asses and Snowy wants to talk to you

Snowy * hey girl

Me * hey

Snowy * what the hell kind of mind bending drugs were you taking when you agreed to marry that weasel

Me * Snow…

Snowy * hell Chelle they give me a severe case of the hee-bee jee-bees and not in a scary way just in a creepy way

Me * I know

I sighed and slid down the fridge until I was sitting on the floor

Snowy * Promise me one damn thing… now make that promise all of us including yourself, that you will not give up Beckett and you will never ever go back to whatever rock it was they crawled out from under.

Me * Snowy I swear I’ll never go back there and I’m happy with where I am now

Niall * better had be girl because Beckett is a really good guy and by the way I took you jeep to our house

Me * Thank you I’ll get it tomorrow, I’m at Becketts place right now and I’m going to be staying here for a while

Hadley * moving in with him?

Me * why’d you ask that?

I felt my cheeks flame red as if I’d been caught out

Snowy * because I want to move into your place with Hadley…OW Had what was that for?

Hadley * we were going to ask her face to face dumb ass

Me * hey guys… its okay… Look Snowy I’m good with you moving in… I have to go and thank you for not throwing me under the bus with…

Hadley * we’d never do that and you go have fun with Beckett and have a good time with those hot assed shoes and Beckett this weekend

Me * I’ll try… love you guys

I hung up the phone and pushed up off the floor and put my phone on the counter as I moved round making dinner for the two of us. My mind working overtime about should I move in with Beckett and how the hell was I going to come out the other side of this meeting with Dad and Brett as sane as when I went in…………..

links for Becketts house and the outfits Haldey ang Chelle were wearing are in i think the 5th comment downcheeky

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