Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Now that's a diamond

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



…………. “Sorry I took longer than I expected” Beckett called out “But Mom sent me home with a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake for dessert” he walked in to the kitchen “Damn it smells good in here” he put down the  cake box on the counter and moved behind me putting his arms round my waist.


“It’s just a stir fry” I shrugged “Hadley called while you were out”


“Oh yeah?’ He let go of me and sat on the counter while I put the food out


“Guess who had been in the bar asking about me?” I looked at him, Beckett frowned


“Seriously…. What the hell”


“Don’t worry I have awesome friends and they didn’t say anything” I picked up the two bowls and walked to the table and set them on the mats I’d found. Beckett went to the fridge and grabbed two beers bringing them over


“The fact they are trying to find you before the meeting they set is them trying to get to you” he sat down


“I know intimidation is their only tool” I shrugged “They obviously didn’t expect to come here and find that I have friends… I had select friends before” I took a fork full of food and took a bite


“Now you have friends that would do anything for you, and a boyfriend that they will have to go through to get to you and his tough assed lawyer brother” Beckett reached for my hand as he started to eat “Damn this is delicious you rock” he ate more


“Oh and Snowy wants to move in with Hadley at the house”


“Nice they haven’t been dating much longer than we have, have they?”


“No they were breaking one of my snowboards with hot sex before I met you, and snowy has been in love with her for months” I smiled leaning back and taking the cap off of my bottle and taking a drink


“I think it’s sweet” he wiggled his eye brows at me as he forked more food into his mouth




“Yeah just going for what they want”


“I’m still thinking about it” I got up to get the pan of stir fry “I promise you I’m giving it some serious thought” I put the pan on the trivet on the table and he took more before offering it to me I shook my head.


“I was talking to my Parents about what happened this afternoon when you were at lunch”


“Do they think you’re now dating a crazy person?” I finished my food and pushed the bowl away


“No not at all, but they do also know that we’re going to meet them before the wedding on Saturday” he got up taking my bowl as well as his and the pan and rinsed then before putting them in the dishwasher “My Mom wants to be there to give them a piece of her mind” he laughed grabbing a dessert plate and brining over the cheese cake


“Oh I’d pay to see that” I smiled


“Oh I wouldn’t, my mom scares the life out of me when she’s mad”  He put a huge slice of Cheese cake on the plate and offered me a fork “Lets share this” a comfortable silence fell over as we ate dessert. Both of us cleaned the kitchen and I put on the dishwasher while he added more wood to the fire and turned off the lights. I walked over and sat on the couch he came over and resumed the position from earlier and lay with his head in my lap.


I rested one hand on his stomach while I played with his hair with my other hand the only light was the bluish glow from outside and the snow and the flames licking at the wood in the fire. He reached for a remote on the table and hit a button music started playing low enough that it was just in the background. I put my head back against the back of the couch. This was the first time ever that I’d felt like this. The first time ever it felt romantic for me, just making Dinner for Beckett made me feel good and sharing dessert was something they only did in movies or so I had thought.


“Hey, what’s wrong? “Beckett twisted in my lap and put his hand up to my face and wiping my cheek “Are you scared?”


“What?” I put my hand on my cheek and felt wetness


“You’re crying”


“I’m happy” I smiled at him “I didn’t know I was crying and the furthest thing from my mind was them” he eased up and kissed me “I just want this all done and over and to be able to go back to work and have fun again without looking over my shoulder”


“Well Dane is working on it, Kit took him some dinner to the office so we should hear  something from him soon” Beckett got up “My Mom did come up with a good idea just to tick off your Ex” he went to the hall colset and dug in the pockets of his jacket and came back with a box in his hand and sat next to me “Wear this and we can show them you upgraded big” he opened the lid of the Box


“HOLY CRAP” I gasped looking at the flawless cushion cut diamond ring


“It’s my Mom’s anniversary ring my Dad brought her last year” Beckett smiled “But they both said to use it”


“I… Wow” I swallowed


“I’m not proposing… but they don’t have to know that do they” he pulled the ring from the box and slipped it onto my ring finger “Damn looks good though, way better than the thing you had before………

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