Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Next step

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



…………. Beckett walked down the stairs and into the kitchen his hair tousled from sleep.


“Well good morning?” Kit was sitting at the counter talking to me as I moved round making breakfast


“Why are you here at” he picked up his phone and looked at the time “Damn it’s after ten” he scrubbed his hand over his face “You let me sleep in?” he walked round and kissed me


“You were dead to the world and I heard my phone ringing” I shrugged “And Kit brought over the dress” I pointed to the dress bag draped on the back of the couch


“And now I’m staying for breakfast, don’t you have to work?” Kit smiled at her brother as she wrapped her hands round the coffee cup in front of her


“No. I’m off till next Tuesday” Beckett walked to the fridge and pulled out the orange juice and poured three glasses “Someone is apparently getting married and I have to be there” he sat on the stool next to his sister


“Chelle, what the hell do you see in this guy?” Kit laughed “In fact how the hell did you get this girl to fall in love with you?” she looked at her brother


“I put on my award winning smile and got her friends on my side to bug the crap out of her for me” beckett looked at me and wiggled his eye brows “and a breakfast date is one hell of a first date” I felt my cheeks flame red


“EW… you didn’t not on the first date?” Kit shuddered


“Hey you’re in my house now so get used to embarrassing crap” Beckett patted her back


“HELLO, YOU GUYS BETTER NOT BE NAKED” Dane’s voice carried from the front door


“Jeez call Mom and Dad and we’ll have a family breakfast”


“They had locked their bedroom door and there was strange noises coming from inside” Dane walked in “But I did find…”


“Morning” Hadley walked in “I called Dane to find out the address of this place” she was looking round wide eyed “and I brought your jeep there was another note under the windshield wiper, but it snowed and all the ink ran” she blurted out


“Did you see who did it?” I took my keys from her and put them in the bowl with Becketts keys


“Niall thought he saw something but by the time he got out of the house they were gone” Hadley shrugged “and damn is this house for real” I smiled at my ADD riddled friend


“You want to take a look round?” Beckett smiled


“Hell yeah?” Hadley grinned


“I’ll take her” Kit got off the stool and grabbed the dress bag “I’ll hang this for you as well” Dane put his laptop on the counter top as Kit and Hadley walked out of the room.


“You want some coffee?” I offered


“ Dane put his laptop on the counter top as Kit and Hadley walked out of the room.


“You want some coffee?” I offered


“Please?” Dane nodded


“So did you manage to find out anything?” I put the food out and handed Beckett a plate as Dane sat down


“Oh Yeah” Dane smiled “considering they are such businessmen they got sloppy” he opened up his laptop “Hell I spent the night in the office because I really want to screw these people”


“Amen to that” Beckett added “Did you see what is on Chelle’s finger?” Dane looked at me and then at my hands


“YOU PROPOSED?’ he spluttered making Beckett and I start to laugh “DUDE nice move” okay that shut us both up and we looked at him “I’m so calling Best man”


“He didn’t propose” I shook my head ‘the ring is your Mom’s”


“Oh… well okay my bad” Dane fidgeted  “Sorry”


“It’s okay Bro. now what did you find out?”


“Well I found out who they were planning on selling these two companies to and I got in touch with them and told them I was the lawyer for the true owner of the company and I could act for you” he stopped and looked at me” and I wanted to call you but I had to act quickly and I hope you don’t mind”


“I just want to get at them” I leant on the counter opposite the two of them


“Well that’s what I thought so I negotiated a deal with them for you for ownership of the companies” he pulled up files on the screen “I found out your Daddy and the dipshit wanted a little over six and a half million” I felt my jaw drop “For one and three point two million for the other” Beckett coughed in to his coffee


“Dollars?” I croaked


“No Jelly beans” Dane smiled


“Hey” I frowned at him


“So just under ten million dollars?” Beckett rubbed his hand across his jaw as he forked up scrambled eggs I put another plate down in front of Dane


“OOOO food thank you” he rubbed his hands together and picked u a fork “Hey if he didn’t propose then can I because you are awesome making breakfast” Dane grinned


“Hey” Beckett literally growled at him


“I was messing around” Dane frowned “Lighten up…”


“Hey hello” I waved my hand in front of their faces “We were saying… well you were saying”


“Oh right sorry yes” Dane got up and got the bag he’d brought in with him and fetched out an envelope “These are leagal watertight sale documents” he looked at me and laid them out in front of me “I undercut your father which made the buyers jump at it”


“How much did you tell them?”


“Seven point two million” Dane smiled “They want these papers back by noon”


“Are you sure it’s alright, I mean it’s legal?” I looked at the papers then back at Dane


“Totally I got Tate in working with me By the way if you go ahead and sign these and get the money then you have to buy both of us dinner and have us as your attorneys” he smiled. I looked at beckett


“He wouldn’t screw you over Chelle I swear to you” Beckett looked sincere “but it’s up to you” he put his hand over mine


“Chelle they used you to avoid certain taxes setting these up in your name but there was nothing tying them to either company set up” Dane picked up his coffee “Like I said they got very sloppy and they might have already realized this with how they are trying to find you, but you are one step ahead. One thing is I want to be with you and with him when you go meet them tomorrow, better to have your Boyfriend and your lawyer backing you right” All I could do was nod


“Chelle” Beckett squeezed my hand


“Do you have a pen?’ I said taking a deep breath


“I do” Beckett pulled one from his bag. Both Beckett and Dane were perfectly still as I put my name where Dane had indicate with tags and initials in other places. I pushed them back toward Dane.


“Is that all I have to do?” I asked nervously


“No I need a bank account number for you so you can have the money put directly in there” He signed where he needed to sign and put the papers back into the envelope and into his bag “And then I just need to get back to the office?”


“Scan and fax them from here” Beckett suggested “Use my office”


“Okay good point” Dane smiled taking more food on his fork “All I need is the bank details and I’ll go in his office and get all these dealt with” I walked over to my purse and pulled out my wallet and handed over my check book. “Don’t look so nervous I’m very good at what I do” Dane squeezed my arm and took the check book from me and took his laptop and bag with him and went into a room to the left of the kitchen I hadn’t noticed before but it was an elegant modern office. I felt hands on my shoulders.


“You okay?”


“So who gets the money?” I turned in his arms and frowned up at him


“You will, but Dane can help you make the most out of it” Beckett hugged me to him “I love you… it’s going to be one hell of a day tomorrow”


“You can say that again like the rest of our relationship it’s been a whirlwind”………………

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