Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - Hit's home

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



…………. “Okay I’m starving” Hadley and Kit walked back into the room


“I’ll… er…. You want…some…” I stopped and took a deep breath


“Are you okay?” Hadley looked worried


“She’s fine” Beckett didn’t take his eyes from me


“Yeah I’m fine” I smiled at Hadley until this was all done and dusted I didn’t want to say anything in case it didn’t happen “So Eggs and Bacon okay?” I walked back into the kitchen Hadley was still looking at me a little puzzled, Beckett walked over to Hadley.


“Can I talk to you for a minute?” She looked at him and nodded the two of them walked out into the hallway as Kit talked about the wedding at ninety miles an hour showing how nervous she was.


“Is she really okay?” Hadley asked pushing her hands in her pockets “Because I swear to god is you use her, or hurt her in anyway shape or form I will frost your damn cupcake and it won’t be pretty” She poked him in the chest making him smile at her


“Hadley I promise I’m not going to hurt her, I love her and I heard you and Snowy are set to move in together” Hadley nodded “Well I’m trying to get Chelle to come move in here with me” Hadley raised her eyebrows “What?”


“Quick isn’t it?” She cocked her head “I mean all you’ve done is… Well to put it bluntly… Banged the ass off my best friend for the past month” Beckett took a deep breath


“And I understand that but we also talk and she has got me wanting to ditch work just so I can stay with her, I’d freeze my ass off all day on the mountain if I could, and drink myself stupid every night to have her serve me in the bar, and hell I let her drive my car without a second thought” that made Hadley soften “This shit with her Dad and the guy she married is about to hit the fan and I’m hoping it’s going to go the right way for her but I need you and the guys to be there if she needs more than me.


“You are kidding right” he put her hand on her hips “We’ve always been there for her, hell the guys were there before I was friends with her and they love to death… never doubt that we would be there she’s our friend” she poked him again “and damn this is one hell of a house… she deserves someone like you, you know that, it’s about time she was happy”  Hadley put her arms round him and hugged him “But I will kick your ass if you step out of line” Beckett stared to laugh


“That I really don’t doubt” he put his arm round her shoulders as they walked back into the kitchen Kit and I were waltzing around the living room. “What the hell is going on?” he laughed


“Practicing” I called out as I dipped Kit


“I’m trying to remember how to make my feet work” Kit grinned “and damn your girlfriend can dance”


“Hmmm didn’t know that” Beckett came over “May I?” He held out his hand


“Sure you can dance with your sister” I nodded


“Dork he’s talking about you” Kit backed away from me. I felt my cheeks flush as Beckett pulled me into his arms and started where Kit and I had left off.


“See I swear to god it should be you getting married…” Dane called out Beckett and I stopped dancing and looked at him I gripped onto Becketts arm


“Well” Beckett asked for me.


“I’d like you to sign into your Bank account Miss Deering” he put his laptop down in the counter and turned it to face me. I walked over and sat down and logged onto my online banking. Suddenly every breath seemed to be knocked out of me as I saw the figures in my account.


“Chelle” Hadley put her hand on my shoulder, I just pointed to the screen “OOOO the bank screwed up and put that in your account… you have to call them or you could get screwed for it”


“Hmmm” I couldn’t form words


“It’s her money” Dane explained “Let’s just say it was what was owed to her for the years of crap she’s had to take”


“But that’s over seven million dollars in there” Hadley squeaked “I mean it’s… Well… DAMN” She sat down on the stool next to me


“I think you need this Kit put a glass of brandy in front of me”


“Kit it’s eleven am” Beckett groaned


“And” I said picking up the glass and knocking it back “And you’re sure it’s legal”


“I’m positive it’s legal” he laughed “Hadley you need that ride back to your place”


“Sure” Hadley nodded “Hey call if you need anything”


“I will” I kissed her cheek “Dane thank you”


“Yes Ma’am” he hugged me “Kit let these two have some time”


“I was going to” Kit grabbed her coat from the back of the couch and put it on “We’ll see you at the wedding tomorrow” she hugged me “and good luck with the meeting”


“Thank you and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow” I smiled at her Beckett walked them all out before coming back to me.


“You want me to clean up the kitchen” he asked tipping his head and looking at me


“No, you have work to do don’t you?”


“Nope I did it all I just need to check my e-mails, but I think we both go out for lunch” and maybe how about we go boarding this afternoon and let you get some sense of normal”


“Sounds perfect” I nodded “Beckett”


“Hmmm” he picked up the plates and started to load the dishwasher “You still want me to move in?” he stopped and looked at me


“Hell yeah… especially now you’re rich” he teased I frowned at him “Baby I’m kidding we have almost matching bank accounts girl I’m not after you for your money” He wiped his hands and came over to me taking the dirty cups from my hands “I want you for you, so Sunday how about we move you in here?”………….

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