Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - Big brothers and questions?

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



………… The rest of the day I didn’t have time to think about the money or the meeting with my Father the next day. Beckett kept me occupied we went to the mountain and I ended up giving him a lesson along with Niall and Snowy who of course had been told about the events of that morning so it ended up with them making a huge deal out of the ring that Beckett hadn’t allowed me to take off.


“Oh my god, you three are pains in the ass” I laughed as I walked into the Ski lodge and ordered hot chocolate for all of us


“Well Come on what the heck do you expect when you have a chunk of ice sitting on your finger” Niall hip checked me before taking two of the cups “and you were the only girl out there with us so we have to pick in you because we’re your friends and you can’t be as mean to us as you can to Cupcake” he laughed


“Why would I be mean to him I’m moving in with him on Sunday and I checked the roster you and Layton have the day off so you get to help move my things” I patted his cheek and picked up the two other cups and walked over to where Snowy and Beckett were taking up residence by the fire place. “Hey, We’ve got Niall and Layton to help move my things this Sunday” I sat down next to Beckett and handed him his drink


“No wait you tricked me in to it and I never said I would” Niall groaned as he gave Snowy his drink


“I’ll make dinner if you help out and stop giving me so much crap about a ring that isn’t mine’ I wrapped my hands round the cup as Beckett sipped his drink with a smirk on his face


“You know we’ll be there to help you” Niall smiled “So you guys going to come to the bar tonight?”


“No we’re going home” Beckett looked at him “We’ve got a meeting at noon and then my sister’s wedding….”


It’s going to be one hell of a long day” I chewed my lip


“But it’s going to be a good day” Beckett looked at me “We’re going to make the most of it” he reached for my hand and squeezed it


“He’s right Chelle don’t let them intimidate you” Snowy moved forward and put his elbows on his knees and  for once the fun Snowy was gone. “Time for them to get what’s coming to them” Niall was nodding with agreement “We know what happened with Dane and what he’s done and you deserve it and hell if Beckett needs back up if they try to screw you over then all he has to do is call and the three of us…”


‘Four” Beckett chimed in making the guys frown at him “Hadley”


“Damn I forgot about my girlfriend for a minute” Snowy smiled “But we’ll come running”


“We love you” Niall sighed “You’re the sister none of us wanted and all of us got” he laughed making Beckett smile “Thanks for the hot chocolate and a good afternoon” he finished his Drink “But we need to go and give Hadley crap at the bar” Niall and Snowy got up; I stood up and hugged them both. Niall was right we were like brothers and sister even if they’d all hit on my more than once. Beckett patted his lap to me as the guys walked out. I sat down and snuggled into him.


“You’ve got some amazing friends” his fingers stroked up and down my back


“Pains in the ass most of the time but I agree they are amazing” I nodded “You think we can go home and just have a good night”


“And what do you consider at be a good night Miss. Deering?” He chuckled, a low rumble in the tone of his voice


“Dinner in front of the fireplace” I turned on his lap to look at him “Instead of beer a bottle of wine” I watched the smile twitch on his lips “Candles and the flames the only light” I moved my head and nipped at his ear making him jump a little and catch his breath “And then…” I moved my hand between the two of us trailing my fingers over the ever growing bulge under his snow pants


“Okay let’s get gone and we’re grabbing Chinese for dinner” he swallowed hard I got up smiling and walked to the door. Beckett caught up to me and put his arm round me as we went out to his truck. We went and fetch Chinese food for dinner and took it home. Beckett lit the candles and stoked the fire as I put out the food. Bringing it over to the coffee table and setting it down as he opened the wine and poured it in to the glasses.


“Why did you make me wear this all day, I’ve been a nervous wreck in case I lost it” I looked down at the ring on my finger… was your mom drinking last night letting you take this” He sat back and picked up his glass


“Well she’d had a glass of wine with dinner like she does most nights” he shrugged “and it was sitting in her Jewelry box”


“Hell how do you leave a ring like this in a box” I let the light of the fire catch the facets in the stone “I’d be showing it off everyday


“Well she only wears a plain gold band when she’s baking” Beckett explained “”So her engagement ring she’ll put on when she gets home and this is for special occasions” I looked at him “Then won’t she need it for tomorrow, for the wedding”


“No she’s going to wear an emerald one to match the dress she’s wearing” he shook his head “So I’m guessing we can freak out my family” I wiggled his eye brows


“Oh hell no, I’m meeting your family in one go and I’m not playing a trick on any of them” I shook my head “Dane’s reaction this morning was insane”


“So you wouldn’t marry me?” he leant on the table


“I want to live with you first remember I’ve been burnt by the marriage thing once because I wasn’t one hundred percent committed and I never lived with Brett beforehand” I shook my head “I know I love you like I didn’t think possible and you’ve never had a long term girlfriend” He nodded


“Okay you have a point” he laughed “But I can’t see you being a plain diamond girl”


“I don’t know, I like different, but I’ve never had the money for diamonds so to be honest I’ve never looked at them”……..

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