Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - One tries it on

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



………………. I finished the roster and tidy up the mess that Layton had left all over the desk my head was starting to throb.


“Hey I thought you were on the slopes today” I eased back in the chair as my boss walked in. “You and Niall had three guys and then you have a couple of  beginners” He rubbed his hand over the five o’clock shadow on his face. Tore Harper for a guy touching forty had girls slack mouthed when he walked into a room and he was amazing on the slopes.


“I was out there, but I’m getting the headache from hell” I pinched the bridge of my nose “So Layton went out for me and I have the roster done for the next two weeks and I re filed the stuff you guys have just shoved in the cabinet”


“You don’t look to good” he put his hand on my forehead “Hmm no fever”


“I think I’m just tired, you know I work the bar at night so it is sort of catching up with me when I’m having to be here so early” I chewed my cheek …and it seemed like I hadn’t moved far enough away from my past


“Okay well how about you don’t come in before ten in the morning” he perched on the edge of the desk and looked at me “Chelle you are one of my best instructors so I need you here in the busy times”


“I know and I’m sorry to let you down you know this is what I love to do but I need the bar money to live” I looked at him


“We’ll work it… Look take the rest of the Day… did you bring your car?”


“No Snowy picked me up”


“I’ll take you home grab your things” Normally I’d fight against going home but I just wanted to curl up in bed and have a few hours to get my emotion in check before I went to work again. Tore and I walked out of the office Layton was standing talking with Dane and Beckett.


“Chelle?” Layton called out


“He’s fired my ass” I smiled “he’s taking me home” Beckett and Dane looked like they’d both been slapped


“Oh Okay See you around then” Layton laughed “and Tore about time you got her lazy ass away from here”


“I know right” Tore grinned as he too k my board from me and opened the door of his Hummer and put it in


“Call if you need something Chelle” Niall walked over his hand wrapped around a steaming cup


“See you guys later okay” I climbed into the Hummer and waited while Tore talked to a girl who pushed a piece of paper into his pocket before he got in “Jail bait”


“S’cuse me” Tor reversed from the lot and pulled out onto the road


“The fifteen year old that just put her number in your jacket … Jail bait and you could be her Dad” I wrinkled my nose


“I’m not interested in her” Tore Chuckled “I know when they are underage… There are girls round here that are more for me” I looked at him and raised an eye brow “Okay I’ll let it go” he held up a hand


“Thank you” I rubbed the side of my neck


“I can give you a head massage if you want… guaranteed to relieve tension headaches”


“I thought you said you were going to let it go” I groaned


“Chelle come on you know... I want… I mean” I closed my eyes and started to shake  my head as he pulled up in front of the house


“Tore I don’t want…” he moved a little faster than my mind had time to understand he cupped my face and brought his lips to mine, I moaned into the kiss the softness of his lips wiping my mind of everything before I snapped back to my senses and pushed him back “Seriously Tore” I pushed open the door “I’ve told you I’m not interested and you have to keep pushing it… I really like you but I don’t want a relationship and I do not need a man in my bed”


“What about my bed” he looked a little hurt


“Thanks for the ride Boss” I slammed the door and walked into the house closing the door after me and locking it cursing as I took off my jacket


“Chelle is that you?” I looked up the stairs as Hadley put her head over “Was that Tore bringing you home”


‘Bringing me home hitting on me” I put my boots on the rack next to my other 4 pairs and took the stairs two at a time


“He hit on you?”


“He kissed me” I walked into the kitchen and put on the coffee pot and braced my hands on the counter “Looks good in here I’m sorry we jumped all over you this morning”


“It’s okay… and he kissed you Damn he’s fine for an old man” I looked over my shoulder at her “Well he is”


“Are you trying to sleep your way though the resort”


“No I just like window shopping” she smiled “So why are you home this early”


“Didn’t feel too good” I filled my coffee cup “I’m going to Curl up in bed for a few hours. You have the lunch shift as well as the night one?’


“I was getting ready to go” She nodded I  headed for my room and saw the letter that Hadley had brought to the mountain sitting ontop of the mail pile “Oh I was  going to put that back in the mail box but I had missed the mail man” she went into the bathroom and started to put on her makeup “I’ll drop it in there in the morning”


“Hmmm” I ran my fingers over the writing “I’ll do it, I have to the post office anyway before I come to work tonight”


“Okay” I picked up the letter and closed my bedroom door behind me tossing it on to the bed. I paced the floor the letter seemed to scream at me to be opened “Fuck” I dropped down on the bed and tore it open, my heart beating out of my chest as my hands shook to the point I had to put the envelope down and take a deep breath before I could pull out the folded sheet inside………

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