Is the snow whiter?

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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Feeling the nerves

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



………….. I woke up with Beckett curled round me the early morning light streamed through the windows. I inhaled deeply loving the smell of Fresh linen on the bed and just the masculine scent of Beckett, I pushed back against him and felt his arm tighten and his lips press against my shoulder


“Good morning” he murmured


“Morning” I rubbed the arm round me


“My body doesn’t want to wake up” he groaned “You wore me out”


“Seriously” I laughed “I think you’ll find you were insatiable”


“Okay true but you weren’t too far behind” he rolled back and looked at the clock “I think we have time for a shower and some breakfast” I started to move under the covers raining kisses down his sides till I got to his hips “What are you….” He gripped the sheets and sucked in a breath as I took him in my mouth “Damn” he pushed his hips forward meeting and matching the movements of my head. 


“Hey Guys, you awake” Dane’s voice called from the living room “I brought breakfast and Coffee and GET THE HELL UP WE HAVE THINGS TO DO”


“I’ll kill him” Beckett growled as I moved from under the cover “I’m kicking him out as of today and he’s going to sleep on the damn streets”


“Like he’d be out on the streets” I flopped against the pillows


“You go shower and I’ll go kill my little brother” Beckett kissed me “Love you” he got out of bed I smiled as he bent and picked up his jeans from the floor and pulled them on.


“Are you going Commando in your Tux later?” I giggled


“When have you known me wear underwear?” he stopped at the door and looked at me “When I have a girl like you waiting in bed for me another layer of clothing would be just frustrating” he winked at me and pulled the door closed behind him. Beckett walked down the stairs to find Dane sitting already in an impeccable suit.


“Well I hope you’re going to be wearing more than just your nipple ring and your jeans” Dane sipped his coffee


“Well when some asshole comes in right when my girl was… Being extremely good, I ain’t going to be getting up and getting dressed you’re damn lucky I took a minute to calm down”


“Look you can bang her off every surface in this entire house after this meeting” Dane shrugged “She has to be prepared for it. Remember this Beckett these men ran her life and controlled her for so damn long she’s tough I get it but they had some hold on her that is going to bring back some memories” Beckett rubbed the back of his neck


“I know” he sighed “I guess I’m just worried about her”


“You think… You’ve been together a month and she’s moving in tomorrow, she’s wearing a ring in her finger that I understand the reasoning about winding the asshole up, but I heard she was wearing it yesterday on the mountain” Beckett smiled


“How did you hear that?”


“I was in the bar with Harris last night and was talking to Niall” Dane pushed a coffee in Becketts direction


“Fine I like the way it looks on  her finger if you must know, I like the fact I put it there” Beckett walked to the windows and looked out.


“Dude who the hell are you and where’s my Brother?” Dane picked up one of his Mom’s Raspberry white chocolate muffins and took a bite out of it


“That girl… I mean she’s just… I need her in my life. I can’t tell you what makes me so sure” he looked at Dane “I’m scared Dane, I’m scared I’m going to screw things up with her and she’ll be gone”


“Wow you fell hard and fast didn’t you?” Dane tipped his head


“Unbelievably so, you should go check out the browser history in my laptop in my office and go see what I was looking at when I was on a conference call with some clients” Beckett walked over and picked up a muffin and walked over to the couch and sat down.


“You been on that porn site again?” Dane chuckled sitting opposite Beckett and getting the finger for it. “So what have you been looking at?”


“Well it’s…” Beckett sat back as I started down the stairs “Hey Baby you all good?”


“Yes, shower’s free for you. Morning Dane”


“Morning Chelle, there is muffins and Coffee in the kitchen on the counter. Then we need to go over a few things” I nodded at him and walked into the kitchen. Beckett got up and came over to me


“I’m going to go in the shower, I won’t be long” I nodded “If you want to wait to talk to Dane you can wait till I come out”


“I’ll be okay” I hugged him “The nerves are starting to kick in”


“Don’t worry you have Dane and I there to have your back they can’t hurt you or do anything to you remember that” he kissed me “I love you”


“I love you too” I followed him back to where Dane was before he went upstairs. “Looking very professional Mr. Mackay” I laughed nervously.


“Why thank you Ma’am” his smile was as calming as his brothers “How you feeling?”


“Like I want to throw up” I curled my legs up on the couch and held the coffee close “My hands are clammy”


“You pregnant?’ Dane cheekily poked his tongue in his cheek


“I’m not even answering that” I hung my head “do you think they’ll say anything?”


“Oh I think they will say a whole lot, especially that the company that you sold too yesterday, were going to let your Father’s company know they were going to begin legal proceedings over the deal they were trying to set up because the companies weren’t theirs to sell” Dane lent his elbows on his knees and looked at me “I’ve gone over the paperwork again and again and so has Tate and we even took it to the guy we both did internships with and he said it’s watertight. They can scream shout and threaten whatever they want there is no court in this country that will take their side “Let’s just see what they say okay and you can throw it all back at them”.


I looked at the fireplace and took a drink and prayed that he was right……………

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